Friday, April 5, 2013

5B's newspaper by Lila

5B Newspaper

In 5B, we have recently started our very own newspaper! During our persuasive writing unit, a couple of kids wrote a letter to Mrs. Scott and our ideas just kept growing from there! Our first issue was published in February, yet was a bit sad. It contained only one page of small articles, two pages of comics, and one page of credits. Our next issue was published in late March. It showed a lot of improvement, with two pages of news, two pages of comics, one page of fake ads, one homemade word search, and one page of very challenging math problems. We are all working on our April issue, and everyone is taking part in the process.


Transition Time by Wooyoung and Izze

5th Grade going to 6th!!!

Are you sure you’re ready for 6th grade? Are you prepared for the whole new adventure? Well, if you read this, you will surely feel more prepared and positive about transitioning to
6th grade.
You can feel scared about going to a whole different
environment, but Wydown has lots of great teachers that will
encourage you to go to the way that you will enjoy in the
future. The Principal in Wydown is Mrs. Goldberg, the Spanish
teacher is Senor Johnson, the Literacy teachers Mrs. Simpson,
the Orchestra teachers are Mrs. Tourville, Ms. Geiler and Ms.
Hoffman, the Social Studies teacher for 7th and 8th grade is
Madame Snelling, etc.
14 of 18 students in Mrs.Barnes’ class said that to select
electives that you would like to do for half-semester or both
semesters. Even though you have to do math, science, literacy
and integrated arts, it’s a great opportunity for you to make
your choice.
Most of the 5th graders have been in Glenridge since
kindergarten, so we’re all very sad to leave, and we’ll miss
Glenridge for sure. But we’re all thumps-up for the challenge
that will await for us in the fall!

-Wooyoung and Izze

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break by Jayla

This spring break was awesome! You can go  on many different trips! Like, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Boston and Washington DC. There all fun places to go!
Were did you go this Spring Break? I went to Indiana.  I had so much fun!  I got to see my family and friends, and lots of other people.
But spring break can also be sad because it’s only for a week and you miss a lot of school friends.  Spring Break was sad for me because I had to say goodbye to my aunt she moved. I miss her so much!
You can also get a surprise during spring break, like a new family member that pops out of no wear!  YEAH
Now I’m going to ask you again how was your spring break my friend.