Monday, September 30, 2013

Ice Cream Social

    The Ice Cream Social

    2013's Ice Cream Social was a blast! Even though the snow cone truck could not make it we still had very good popsicles from the store. In addition to the popsicles we had some fifth grade parents and their kids working at a booth selling rainbow looms, athlete necklaces and logo loop headbands. The best part about it was that all proceeds went to the fifth grade fundraiser. Also the book fair was going on. We were selling books and donating some to our teachers. Overall, I would say this year's Ice Cream Social was very good.
   The Amazing Kindergarten Buddies!

        BY :Emma

    "Ok everybody, line up..." Mrs.Barnes says as everyone gets up, anxious to get to kindergarten."...If this is true for you" she continues. Everyone sits down again.
"Line up if you want to leave now." Everyone gets up again and gets in line.
"Let's go." Mrs.Barnes says and leads us out.     
 When we got to the kindergarten classroom everybody went in and started talking with the kindergarteners. The teachers explain that we are going to do crafts and other projects with them. We are also going to be doing it every first Friday of every month. After that, we went outside and picked our partners. We also ate popsicles. We had a wonderful time with our k buddies and all of us can't wait to do it again.          

Picture Day

            Picture Day by DJ

    I don't know why people make such a big deal about Picture Day. All we do is take Pictures of ourselves and put it on the school wall, and use it for library passes and stuff. Some people wore a whole new outfit like dresses and skirts. Some people wore nice shirts but regular basketball shorts, because there only taking pictures from the neck up. I mean you can barely see the shirt. I thought that it was going to take forever but it only took about 3 minutes. I was shocked! I didn't know what kind of smile to do so I just smiled regular. Picture Day.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Talent Graphs

  The Talent Graph by Manny

  I loved doing the talent graph. It is where you're handed a graph and there are 12 columns. You need to label 10 that the teacher said are mandatory. Some of the mandatory ones that our teacher said were math, reading, writing, science, social studies, responsibility, attitude, organization, and time management. There were some optional choices, too. Some of them were music and spanish. The talent graph was really exciting. Our classmates used different colors to complete their great looking talent graphs. Maybe someday, you could do this too.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Writing Our Stories by Aidan and Quinn

This year we are working on personal narratives. A personal narrative is a true story about you. Some strategies are thinking of a first time or a last time you have done something. Other strategies are using emotions to remind you of times in your life. And notice small moments! Even though small moments don't seem big you can write lots about it. For example,  blowing out candles on your birthday. And you should write in 1st person, point of view. 

Dot Day!

Dot Day
          By: Abigail and DJ

    This year's Dot Day had to be the Dottiest Dot Day of all time. We had all grades wearing Dots, even teachers! Our school lunches were dotty too. For example we had cookies with sprinkles which was delicious. In P.E. we played a game called hot "Dot". You had to shoot the balls in the hoops to get the polly spots. In science 5B did lots of two coordinate

graphs which means you need to use Dots.
    Over all we had a very good Dot day it was awesome.        

Claymo Letters

        Tillis Park Letters             

 On the day we went to Tillis Park, every fifth grader from Glenridge Elementary received letters from their parents.  The letters had different topics on them.  The parents wrote letters that were very inspiring to the 5th graders.  Afterwards we were officialy true CLAYMO leaders.

    Written by: BingBing and Kaleb

Monday, September 16, 2013

Claymo Meeting

      First Claymo Meeting by Ildiko

    The first Claymo meeting was good, but not the best. I could not keep the little ones quiet because I was alone, my partner went home.  I was alone and with a partner it would be easier than alone. So we only got through half of the lesson. I loved seeing the little ones working together so I grouped up the 4th graders with the 1st graders. Then we filled the poster with ideas to be better in an assembly.  Some kids made pictures and some kids wrote words. Then the meeting was over I was so sad because we had to end.  We could've kept on going and going till the end of the world, but sadly our time was over.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Trust Training

Trust Training
By: Daboh and Sam

Our grade went to Tillis Park to become CLAYMO leaders. Our favorite activity at the retreat was something we call Trust Training.  It starts where you would choose a partner and one would be covered with a blindfold.  Then the other partner would guide the one blindfolded through a bunch of cones set up on a sidewalk. This may sound easy but you couldn't touch your partner while guiding he/she through the cones.  You could only use words. Also, you could not let your partner touch any of the cones nor go off the sidewalk. That was where the trust part comes in. "When I was the blindfolded partner got so nervous, then the next moment my partner said I had gotten to the end. That was why I liked it. I knew my partner had my back."

Inside-Outside Circle

The Inside Outside Circle
By:Mya and Eva

The In/Out circle was a good challenge.  It was fun because it taught us about life and joining a group.It also made us feel weird to do that, because though you know it's a game, it's still kind of crazy and laughable.

    The In/out circle was really fun because we got to go in the middle of the circle,and ask people to join the circle.  People can say no, yes, or yes with a condition.It was also really fun because if someone asks you a question and you do it, it can be embarrassing.

    The in/out cirle was the best thing we can think of because we now know how to handle little problems.  Like when you say,  "Can I play with you?" and the other person says, "NOOOOO!" you can just either leave it alone or tell someone the same thing.  That is why the inside outside circle was so fun, good,and a challenge.

The Circle of Web

The Circle of Web
By:Emma and Diniti

    The compliment circle was the last and the best . All of the kids split into 3 groups with a teacher. Each group had a ball of yarn. The teacher would throw the ball of yarn to a kid while he or she held on to one end of the yarn. Then she would say a compliment about the kid she threw it at. Then that kid would pick another kid then say his compliment, throw it and it keeps repeating till everyone has taken a compliment and given a compliment. At the end, everyone got a piece of yarn from the web and tied it on their wrist. The reason that we did this is to symbolize the web that ties us together.

Leadership Tiles

      Leadership Tiles
      By: Abby and Sofia

    On Wednesday September 4the the CLAYMO retreat took place. Overall, one of the best activities was the leadership tiles.  From blue to green to brown, leadership words were everywhere on the tiles. Each student was handed a tile with a color word on it. Then they got the marker or markers their tile said. With the marker or markers, the students wrote leadership words on their tiles.
    When these tiles are put together they form a picture. The students were not told the picture. Students are anxious to know what the tiles form. The tiles will be put up in the library soon.
    Leadership is a very important skill, and we hope that the younger students will follow the examples these tiles have.

By:Sammy and Shane

 We were making lanyards and roleplaying for our first Claymo meeting. Lanyards, are what we were at our Claymo meetings.  It had a piece of paper inside of a little pocket that had our name on it.  We decorated it the way we liked. We also had role-plays, like speaking to the little kids about the Claymo promise. On Shane's lanyard you can see what Shane likes best is baseball,video games and spending time with family and friends. Sammy's lanyard shows  he likes climbing,snowboarding,art and having fun. The Claymo promise means take good care of yourself, all the people around you and all

the things around you. Claymo stands for care lots about yourself & many others.

       Typed by Shane               Narrated by Sammy

Rock, Paper, Scissors TAG

     Rock Paper Scissors Tag  

          By: Ethan and Sarah
 On the fifth grade CLAYMO retreat, during our recess activity, we played a game called Rock Paper Scissors Tag. There were two teams and they huddled up at the beginning.  There they chose if they were going to do Rock, Paper, or Scissors.  Then the teams would do what they chose.  The team that won would chase the other team, and try to tag then until the whistle was blown. Then the people that got tagged would go over to the other team.  It would start all over again and the object of the game was to get everyone on the other team to their team. We didn't get to finish the game but everyone had a lot of fun.


    Dancing by Quinn and Ildiko

    When we were dancing at our retreat, we danced to The Cubic Shuffle and The Macarana. When we danced we had to have a lot of space. There were always more girls than boys.

    Quinn said, "I was getting bored with it, so I started to spice it up a little. For the kicks, I jumped and snapped my fingers. And for moving side to side, I jumped and put my hands up in the air like I just didn't care."

    The Macarana was fun  because it's the Macarana! You put your hands out, then turn them up, then on your shoulders, than on your head, then cross your hands on your hips, the uncross, then shake your butt.

Helpful Posters

   Helpful Posters by Manny and Ned

The helpful posters were very exciting because we got to find out what are first Claymo (Care Lots About Yourself And Many Others) lesson! We got an assigned rule to write on a long poster. In Claymo, you are assigned a group when you are in kindergarten and when you get to grade 5, you are the leaders of that group!   There were two different kinds of posters you could choose from. One about being helpful in a playground, and the other is about being helpful in an assembly. These posters are going around the school! The posters were a blast. You can learn from the posters that we made.  It was a good experience doing these posters!

Partner Walk

Partner Walk  by Aidan and DJ

    The partner walk was exciting, we got to do lots of talking. We were trying to learn more about your partner. For example, we had asked them our goals for life. Also to reflect on yourself and find out how good of a leader we are. The teachers walked around to a certain spot, and we had to follow the path. We had cards with questions to ask to our partner, and got new ones when we ran into a teacher. There were lot of interesting questions and you wouldn't want to know what was on those cards. But all we know is The Partner walk was awesome.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Year, New Kids, New Stuff

Welcome to the 5B blog - a place to share information, communicate with the world and learn about life in 5B.  We're just getting the year started and hope this blog will be a place for students to highlight their thinking and connect with one another.  Stay tuned for blog posts soon!