Tuesday, March 15, 2016


When the connection broke I was devastated, I was talking to my mom. She was on a business trip and I urgently needed to talk to her about something I could not talk to with my dad. “Dad the connection broke again!” I shouted. As I waited for the connection to get back on I wandered around the attic floor where I pretty much did everything  “ Dinner's ready come.” My dad yelled up. I trudged down the stairs and ate dinner. Then I took a shower brushed my teeth then plopped into bed then, finally the connection came back on.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mary Poppins


I think that the play was very well done, with mary poppins coming up and down from all directions, it made the play seem and look like something that i would expect from a theatre. the play had many songs and people that could sing the songs that you could always hear the people singing. although, at the end i think that part of mary poppins dress got attached wrong and the coat got torn, i'm not sure, but i think that happened. my favorite part was that I got front row seats and the one guy who was always painting things. well, that's all for now, bye!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Planetarium

the  Planetarium was awesome. We did all sorts of things like using the power of air to make hoops, we walked over a highway with little glass patches that you can walk on. Those really freaked me out. Some people to stand on a scale that told them how much it would cost to go to space.

Later on we went all the way to the top of the science center and we laid on the ground and look up at the ceiling. Soon the show began. A person [I don’t know what her name was] showed us so many constellations in the sky that was projected on the ceiling. At the end of the field trip the hole grade stood in front of this big [well to us it was big] jet and took a grade photo. In the end I think the science center is a place that you should go to to just have fun.


5th Grade Field Trip by Ava

Our trip to the Planetarium was fun! We got to observe MARS and what was on it, and we got to go to the STAR SHOW and the MAKERSPACE.  My personal favorite was the STAR SHOW, because it was SO in-depth, and I thought that it was very cool. The Planetarium is basically connected to the Science Center. When we got off of the bus, I was paired with my friend Ollie. So we got to stick together the whole time! We headed up to the MAKERSPACE first, and it was so cool! There was a build-your-own-ship station, there was a test gravity station where you place the sphere a little tube, you pull a lever, it floats, and then you can try to make ithrough a little hoop. Next to that, there was a MARS exhibit. It included a wheel, with sand. It was basically like a stamp,with a ‘redo’ button.

Next was the second part to the MARS exhibit. There was a REAL ROVER! You could control it, and it was super cool! Then, everybody in the grade went to the star show. I was 15 minutes late (Ask me why…) and then I went to the star show. When I walked into the pitch black room, I could literally not see ANYTHING! So instead of the mats that were sprawled out across the floor,  I Just sat down on the ground. After the Star Show was over, we were dismissed to go check out little space things, in a room behind us. I found my friends, and then we checked it out together.

5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip

5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip

Today (leap year 2016) we went to the planetarium and saw stars and exhibits. We were required to either make a blog post or a trivia with 5 questions. I chose to make a blog post. During the show we learned about Orion,Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. We also learned about the difference between a star and a planet in the sky, stars twinkle and planets are just kind of dull. Also we learned that when you look at mars in the sky at about 6:00 am it always appears red; And we learned about how to find polaris or the north star using Ursa major(big dipper).Before the show we were doing sailboat racing and torturing the teachers on the bridge by standing and jumping on top of the glass windows. Riley C. managed to get satellite rover things to stick its arm out.

the planetarium



       the planetarium was really fun, we got split into two groups, one group went to the maker space,the other group went to a place called mission mars. my favorite place was mission mars because we got to control a small rover in a fake mars environment, but if you went over to the glass barricade, the rover there actually moved! i was thiiis close to using it but we had to go. the other place was pretty cool to, we got to see how a rovers legs moved, we made sails ans flew them over vents, and we got to even create our own simulation of a rover on mars! it took us awhile,but we soon managed to do it.we ran out of time again and had to go to a show. 

the show was also pretty awesome to, it was all about the sky and how we can see different constellations in the sky. we saw orion, my personal favorite, and the best star name out there, serious. 
we learned star from a planet because  stars twinkle, planets do not.
there was so many constellations we saw that i never heard about, like one is not a constellation because it's just a line. but finally, we had to go home, we all had to do questions, or do a blog, and i hoped you enjoyed this blog.