Friday, October 31, 2014

Writing: The Broken Window

    This is a story that I thought funny and enjoyable to read.  So that is why I am sharing this story with all you.  I enjoy it because it is a story I will never forget.

The Broken Window
                                           By Jean

    One day I was playing tennis against the wall.  It was really fun.  I was alone outside because my sister was watching T.V. or sleeping, my brother was most likely playing video games and my mom, well you know how moms are wanting to sleep in as long as they can, but surprisingly she was up.  
    Anyway, I was having fun playing because I could use some exercise.  But it was really annoying when the ball kept going under the car or in the street.  But it was Ok because it was really fun.  
    The ball hit the windows a few times but thankfully they did not break.  That was a relief for me because I would feel so guilty if I broke the window.  Sometimes I hit the ball hard and it went over my head.  Others were soft and bounced right back to me, and some were just right and I could hit it again without it dropping.
    But then I hit the ball wacky, wild and out of control, and in those few seconds when the ball was in the air I knew what was going to happen like if it were in slow-motion.  Then crash!  It happened once again: a broken window.
I started desperately to pick up the pieces but then I got cut on the foot.  I was even more nervous now because I cut my foot and it might get infected from the dirt on the ground.
Now I was scared, questions were flashing through my head. Will I get in trouble?  What will my mom think?  Will I be grounded? Or will she understand that it was an accident?
    I was running towards the door, my hands trembling when I was opening the doors.  I had to tell my mom.
    "Mom." I said.
    "Yes." she said back.
    "I broke the window again." I said.  My voice was trembling.  I was relieved when I got the response.
    "I understand that it was an accident so it is Ok."
    "I am really sorry." I said
    "It's OK." My mom said.
    And it all turned out being just fine in the end.  
    Did you ever break a window?

Social Studies: Speeches

By Neha

In social studies this week we have been doing speeches on our talents, interest, and hobbies. The variety varies from Harry Potter spells to history facts to making brownies. Each speech is different in it’s own ways. And for a change you kind-of get to be the teacher!
    The speech includes four parts, an introduction, a thesis, the steps or a development, and finally a conclusion. The introduction is usually a question or a statement. The thesis is telling the audience what you will be performing or doing in the development. A development is the steps that show the listeners the informational facts. This step of your speech is most likely the longest part and the most interesting. Last but not least is the conclusion. In the conclusion you restate your thesis and end with a reminder, tip or a thank you.
    Just remember rehearse your speech before performing, make sure you know what to do, have all your props(if required), make it 2-3 minutes, be comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people  and have fun! Now ask yourself this. Will you be able to do this?  How?

Social Studies: Secret words

Secret words
By Miguel
    We have been doing secret words during social studies these past weeks.  
    The point of secret words is sort of like a speech.  The teacher gives you a secret word, for example pencil.  You quickly make up a speech and include that word in the speech.  Try to hide it VERY well.  
    I loved secret words, they were so tense!!!  After you finish your speech, everyone tries to guess the secret word.  For each table group that gets the secret word right, you get 20 point for your team.  For each that guesses the word right, the team that got the secret word right gets 10 points.  
    Did you like secret words?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

PE: Halloween Obstacle Courses

Halloween Obstacle        
By Taayan

    For the past 3 days, we have been doing halloween obstacles. You get numbered of from 1-9 and then you go to your station. Once you finish 1 station, you go to the next station. Stations 1 and 2 require scooters. Stations 5 and 8 require ropes. Now let me tell you the stations.

At station 1,you take the scooter and you ride straight back until the there are no more mats. At station 2,you zig zag through  the cones and at the end,put your scooter back. Station 3,you go through the domes and jump over the mats. Station 4,you crawl under the brooms. At station 5,you swing with the ropes across the mats. Then at station 6,you crawl through the hula hoops.
At station 7,you crawl under the table. Then at station 8,the use the rope to swing into the round mat. Finally at station 9,you take a basketball and dribble the ball around the cones. So these were all the stations.
Which station would you like to do?  

Writing: The Three Colonies of Mars

The Three Colonies of Mars
     By Miguel

    The game room was totally destroyed.  The monsters body calmly laid by the boxes.  I could feel it.  The horrible rash    on the side of my head
    “The ship… conversation… a leader……” moaned Eeélk.  When he said “monster”, his voice filled with anger.  The pain was not only in his voice, but all over him.  
    “NO!  DON’T DIE!” I sadly screamed.  
    “I have to… Wakie… tell Iick and Taák about this -”
    Then, his head fell.  His eyes closed.  
    “NO!” I sobbed.  I felt a tear of grief roll down my cheek.  
                    2 days ago…

    “We have reached sector 3,009,851.” I told Captain Eeélk.  When all the ships landed, Captain Eeélk would take the credit, by becoming General Eeélk.  All over the new planet, Ships loaded with a nation were docking.  
        Captain Eeélk slowly walked to one of the most serious-looking officers.  
    “Telephone Admiral Iifern all ships are landed.” Captain Eeélk told him.
    “Yes, sir.” the officer replied.  Then the officer walked to one of the X-36 power telephones.  I silently, but quickly followed him.  The officer then dialed the admirals number.
    “Sir, all ships have-” he was cut there by chaos on the other side of the line.   
“What’s up?” I slowly asked the officer.  
I still hadn’t looked through the window.  
“The admiral's ship is… destroyed.” he responded.   
”What?!” I silently whispered with intensity to him.  “Replay your message!” I commanded in a low voice.  All X-36 Telephones can replay their messages.  Then, I heard it all.  The explosions, the water sprayers spraying water.  The ship had seemed to explode from so much panic.  I paused.  I felt a tear of deep sadness roll down my cheek.  Now I was really confused.  
    “I am telling Eeélk about this manner.” I told the officer.  I slowly turned around and quickly walked to Eeélk.  
    “Can you identify that ship?” he asked me.
    “The late admirals.” I replied to, him pointing to the wreck.  I felt so confused, I wanted to rush to the sight, but I didn’t.
    “Did you say the late admirals ship?”
    “Yes, apparently.” I said with a sad face.
    “Immediately land.” He lousily, but sadly ordered to the crew.  So it was this moment, yet timeless in space, that Captain Eeélk became General Eeélk.  Suddenly, there was a thud.
    We’ve landed! I thought.  But my mind couldn’t help thinking about the late admiral.  
    “The fact that he is dead-” he started
    “Is too sad” I interrupted.  All around us officers were rushing to the sight of the planet.  Red and rocky. Not too cool.  Most thought.   Not what most of the officers were expecting.  They expected a planet that had waterfalls, streams of sun… and endless paradise.  Where the officers worked, you could not see anything happening outside of the ship.  
Some were inching towards my conversation with Eeélk.
    “If only one of our generals would be ready for admiral rank.”  He moaned through his mouth.  But no one was.  His eyes turned red (this happens with this species when they are sad).  Mine were redder. He walked to the special closet where all the outer space bodysuits. Eeélk grabbed the suit that was under his name and put it on.  I grabbed mine too, to see what Eeék was going to do.  
Then, without any body signal, he walked to the self-activated platform, which was 30 meters away from where he was standing.  
Then, he walked down.  I quickly followed him.  The platform made a clicking noise when our magnetic boot hit it.   
When he was one step away from the surface of the planet, I shot forward and we stepped the surface at exactly the same time.  He didn’t seem to notice that.

Three months  later, everything was under control, that is, except for leaders.  A meeting was made to fix the problem.  And this is how it happened:

(from Eeélks view) Iick, Taák, and I arranged a meeting. Iick spoke first.                                    “We have three choices.  Either we duel each other, choose one great leader, or each of us takes one third of military and people.”
    “All of us take one third of military and people.” I immediately answered.  
    “The same as Eeélk.” replied Taák shortly after I did.   
    “Then that it shall be.”   And at this moment, the three colonies were born.  

    Three hours after everything was settled, a citizen saw a strange creature.  She stared at it, confused.  She slowly got drawn to the creature.  
    What is this? she thought.  the creature was blue and had pink polka dots. Then without warning, it turned around and ran to her house.  Luckily, there was a police officer around!
He drew out his Z-99 laser pistol and aimed at the monster, and shot three times.  The monster had managed to dodge all of the shots.
    “What the?” he exclaimed under his breath.  Then the hair on his back crawled.  Suddenly, he turned around and activated his black F-27 taser.  The creature moaned and fell to the ground.  The police officer fell to the ground.  The creature had killed him so fast, the police officer hadn’t seen it!

    Meanwhile, I was playing poker with Eeélk at his house.  Eeélk also had a bright side which was full of love for the game of poker.  His room was filled with boxes Eeélk hadn’t yet unpacked.  He had unpacked a table and a deck of 5,000 cards (that is how much cards a alien game of poker has)
”You need to work on your poker face, Eeélk.” I told him.  
    “I sure do” he said.
I slowly rolled my dice.  
SLAM!  The walls burst open and I immediately pulled out my Y-74 twin pistols.  I heard a roar.  My hand stayed clutched to my pistol.  Then, I saw it.  A monster with pink polka dots.  There was a scar on his left arm that had to be made by a taser. The monster charged at Eeélk.  Eeélks body then got tossed away like a doll.   I screamed in horror and saw the blood gushing out of his forehead.  
I fired three times at the monster.  Then I shot to my left and my right, closing in on the monster.  It was obvious that I was going to die.  But I Was not afraid to die.  
    “Grrrrrr...SNORT!” went the monster.  POW! went my pistol when I shot it.  I shot the monster on the forehead.  The monsters body fell to the ground.  The next thing I did was to rush to Eeélks aid.  
    “The Ship… Conversation… a leader… monster… hurt… help…” moaned Eeélk.  
    “NO!  DON’T DIE!”  
    “I have to… Wakie… tell Iick and Taák about this manne-” Then, his head fell.  His eyes closed.  I felt a tear of grief roll down my cheek.  I slowly reached to my X-37 telephone and dialed Iick’s number.  
    “Iick, come to Eeélks house quickly.  It is an emergency.  Tell this to Taák, too.” I told him.  
    “What’s up, Wakie?”
    “Something related to Eeélk.” I responded, trying not to give everything away.  
    “I’ll be on my way. Bye!” He was eager to find out.  And here the conversation came to an end.  
Half an hour later, Iick and Taák were at the site.  
    “Where’s Eeélk?” asked Taák.  
    “Over there.” I responded.  I pointed to Eeélks body.  It was lying by the side of the room farthest away from the door.  
    Taák and Iick gasped.  Eeélk was dead.  
    “Wh-what’s that?” Iick asked painfully.  He was pointing to the monster.  
    “The creature that killed Eeélk.”    I replied.
“It should be named  Eeélks Killer, or the Terrorizers.” Taák exclaimed.  This is  probably the saddest moment in all my life, and it probably always will.  Tears were falling from all of our eyes.  
    “We must do a funeral.” I told Iick and Taák.  They immediately agreed.  How it happens is something you should find out later.  Even though Eeélk was dead, I had done the impossible.  I literally was the first person to skip a rank.  
    “The funeral should be about a month from now, at the main military center.” Said Iick, wiping a tear from his eye.  How it happens is something you should find out later. 

SS: Speeches to Inform

Social Studies Speeches to Inform

In social studies we are doing a informational speech. This is part of our stepping stones. The speeches are fun and easy. You just teach people about a topic or how to do a thing in 1-5 minutes this is the rubric:

What we are graded on
Circle did poorly and did not show the concepts 0 points
Check did okay and covered what was mostly needed 15 points
Star good job went above and beyond 30 points
No introduction or just Hello.
Greeted us and said a little something.
Had a full greeting and intrigued us fully.
No thesis or didn’t mention it clearly.
Said “Today I will teach you about this” not specifically telling us the subject.
Clearly states the Thesis in a proper way.
Does not give us any information or does not show the steps.
States some steps or does not fully inform.
Clearly gives step by step instructions or gives us a lot of rich information
No closure or just thankyou and goodbye.
Says “I hope you enjoy, have fun, thankyou goodbye.
Thanks, Wraps it all up like a gift.
    it is fun to do your speech because it is a way to inform the class on a talent and have fun. I enjoyed speeches where people looked like they were actually part of the speech. I like presenting speeches although I get nervous. Do you like public speaking?

Social Studies: Explorer Trading Cards

Explorer Trading Cards
By Miguel

Today during social studies, we made explorer trading cards!  My explorer is Pizarro, so I made a trading card for him.  The explorers neck tutus were REALLY hard to draw because they curved up and down in a confusing pattern.  
    All of the trading cards had some of the explorers info on them, like date of birth, where he explored, why he explored, etc.   I thought that was a very cool thing seeing everyone else’s trading cards!!!
Did you like drawing your explorer on the trading cards?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games book review
By: Emma
I read this AWESOME book by Suzanne Collins called………… (drumroll please )

The Hunger Games, It is a great book with a lot of good details a memorable plot, and its one of those books you will never forget.  It is about this girl, Katniss and she lives in a country called Panem and there is the Capitol and there are 12 districts that all labor away but the Capitol lives in comfort and peace.

Katniss lives in District 12 and they are all very poor and a lot of the families are starving. The Capitol once a year have something called The Hunger Games which is basically where the Capitol draws names from  people who are 12-18 years old,one boy one girl from each district and they are forced into an arena and have to fight to the death and the last person standing wins and gets a big house and tons of money back in their district. The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books, what is yours?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Music: Halloween Songs

Halloween Songs
by Ariana

In music we are doing Halloween songs. But not just any Halloween songs the good ones. Like This Is Halloween, The Adams family theme song, Witch doctor, Purple people eater, Little Shop of Horrors, and best of all the Thriller by Michael Jackson. It is fun to sing along with everyone else. Your voice blends in perfectly with everyone elses. Melody and Harmony. Thanks to our awesome music teacher...Mrs. Williams we all have fun.
    It is a fun learning experience for somebody to sing to some fun creepy songs. You feel the music in you as your mouth makes the melodic words and they flow out of you with ease. What is your favorite Halloween song?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Math: Alien Math

Alien Math
By Kane

In math class with Mrs. Slodounick, we’ve been doing Alien Math.In Alien Math we get to learn about how to count add and multiply in base 6 and 2. Its kind of complicated but its really fun.
 Base 6 numbers
Base 2 numbers
Do you Know how to count in a different base?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PE: Capture the Ball

                                 Capture the Ball
            By Taayan

        Today for p.e., we played capture the ball. It’s just like capture the flag,but you have to capture balls and they are 4 of them. These are the rules.

        There is a jail. If you get tagged opponent field,you go to jail. If somebody from your team tags you from jail,you go back to your side. Then there is 2 guards for 4 balls. If there is 1 ball left,there can only be 1 guard. If you get the ball from the opponent side,you can throw it to a teammate or run it to your side. If the ball drops or touches the ground before you reach your side,you have to give it back to the opponent side. We had a lot of fun.
Would you like to play?   

Book Review: Jane in Bloom

Jane in Bloom
by Kate

    Jane is a great realistic fiction story written by Deborah Lytton. It will make you cry but also make you laugh. This is a story that will teach you how important a relationship with a sibling is. As Jane’s twelfth birthday approaches, her “perfect” teenage sister, Lizzie, goes through a phase where she refuses to eat because she believes she is overweight and she is not. Then, something happens that Jane will never forget. Jane is finally able to move on and she starts to make new friends and her relationship with her Dad completely changes.
    This action-packed adventure will bring lots of surprises and suspense. You will just have to read it to find out! Can you relate to Jane?