Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book Review: Devil's Arthmetic

The Devil's Arithmetic
By Jane Yolen
Review by Miguel

This book was pretty good.  I’d rate it 7.5 out of 10 stars.  The historical part is good, but the entire time travel idea wasn’t good.  It should have been a dream or something.  
Hannah doesn’t like history, or family history (which I both love).  At every years Seder, it has been the same: boring family history and reflection.  But this year something else will change her life forever…

Would you read this book?

5B FUN on the last Day!

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and have a great summer! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

5B's Best Books

5B’s Best books
Blog By Migl

This is a presentation where we put our favorite books.  It’s pretty full.  I wrote about The Silmarillion, the best book on earth.  This book was written by JRR Tolkien, and edited by his son.  Pretty cool, huh?  
    Here is the link to the %B’s best books:  I probably will write another review on another book.  

What book did you write about? 

CLAYMO letters

CLAYMO Letter blog post
By Migl

For the last couple days, we have been working on letters to the future CLAYMO leaders.  Mine starts like this: “Dear Future CLAYMO leader,”.  I think my letter was awesome, and it is awesome.  
    Some people haven’t finished their CLAYMO letters.  I’m not mentioning names, but I think I know who.  But anyway, my letter is definitely the awesomest letter of all because it is.  Writing the CLAYMO letters was fun.  Mine is in this font, which is called “Comic Sans MS”.  
Is your letter awesome like mine (I mean less awesome)?
What font is your CLAYMO letter in? 

Field Day

Field Day (tomorrow, 22/5/15)
Blog by Migl

Tomorrow is our last field day (dramatic music, please).  If I could use emojis here I would, and there would be a million sad faces.  Or that (below).    

Just in case you don’t know what field day is, field day is a CLAYMO meeting when CLAYMO groups get together and play stuff at stations.  My favorite station is the water squirting station, but they are taking that station off because the field was too muddy (what they all say).  But field day is fun!

What’s your favorite station at field day? 

Reading Like a Fan

Reading like a fan
Blog by Migl

A couple of days ago, we started Reading Like a Fan, which is where everyone picks an author, and they, with their group, discuss the style of writing of that author.  I have Stuart Gibbs.  His books are usually about kids who are pretty much boring and ordinary, but find themselves in an adventure.  The other people in my group are Anette, Emma, Taayan, and I.  I’ve read Belly up, by Stuart Gibbs, and I’m reading Spy school.  Both books are good.  
    Stuart Gibbs’ books are usually around 4 stars; great, but I could enjoy them more if they were longer.  Point is, the’re good!  
Who’s your author for Reading like a Fan?

100 Word Challenge: Miguel

By Miguel (aka Migl)

One windy day, I decided to watch a soccer game on the tv.  It was my brand new tv.  My favorite team, Santa Fe, was playing against their rival, Millonarios.  At the stadium, the wind was calm.  But then the ferocious wind blew the players off the field.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  And then, the wind came to the city.  The entire city got lifted off the ground.  Luckily no one was hurt.  But unluckily, my new tv broke!!!  I decided to watch the game on my phone.  But then, the ferocious wind broke my not new phone!  NOOOOO!!!!! 

Barnes' Bucks Auction

Barnes Bucks auction
Blog by Migl

Today, we did our first Barnes Buck auction.  If you don’t know what a Barnes Buck is, a Barnes Buck is something that Mrs. Barnes gives you when you do something good.  Now, at the Barnes Buck auction, we could have spent our money to buy or auction stuff.  
I auctioned off 4 baseball cards, and Soren bought them for 7 Barnes Buck.  Aaron offered 6.  I was going to auction my Mickey Mantle card, but, I learned that it could be worth something (like, $10-$100).  I bought a yellow highlighter from Jonah.  
What did you buy/auction off?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Orchestra Performance

Orchestra Performance
Blog by Migl

Yesterday (May 19th, 2015), the Fourth graders, fifth graders, Vibravo, and Chamber, all played in one concert.  I play in Vibravo, the extracurricular middle school orchestra.  I am a 5th chair first violinist, the best elementary violinist in Vibravo.  
    Vibravo played 3 songs, Wood Splitter Fanfare (Tommy Lana, Lulu, Jai, Larry, and I are playing this for promotion.  It’s a fun piece.  The second song we played is called Concert Piece for Strings.  Yeah, they HAD to give it such a bad name.  I didn’t really like this song as much, but it was good.  The next song, Stairway to Heaven, was composed in 1971.  It’s an old rock on, and I didn’t really like it; it was alright, I guess.
Do you play any musical instrument?  If so, which one?

Math: End of Year Test

End of Year test
Blog by Migl

Couple of days ago, we took the last math test of the year.  It was pretty UNfun, but I’m glad I got over it.  This will partially affect where we are next year in math classes; advanced or not.  Compared to the first math test, this one was really challenging.  But, alone, it wasn’t as hard as I expected.  I hope middle school math will be fun!  Do you guys like math tests? 

When Presidents Lie

When Presidents Lie
By Eric Alterman
Post by Migl aka Miguel

In this book, Eric Alterman explains deeply why presidents lie, when presidents lie, how they lie, what they lie, and more.  It includes the Yalta Conference, Cuban Missile Crisis, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Iran-Contra Scandal, and Bush with the post truth presidency.  I’d rate this book 3.7 out of 5 stars.  Sometimes, the chapters got boring.  But mostly, it was great!!!  
    I would recommend reading this book in middle school, because it is pretty complicated.  But my favorite chapter was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Well, if I went to detail with that, uh, you’d want to read it NOW!!!  

Would you read this book?  Do you like history and politics?

Copa Libertadores and la Copa America

Copa Libertadores and la Copa América
Blog by Migl

    Okay, so I’m splitting this up into 2 sections: Copa Libertadores, and la Copa America.  
    First of all, you’re probably wondering, what is the Copa Libertadores?  Well, it’s a South American soccer tournament.  One of my favorite teams, Independiente Santa Fe, a Colombian Club soccer team, has reached the quarter finals!!!  They are going to play Internacional, a club team as well.  Before I get any further into this, there is a big difference between club soccer teams and national soccer teams.  National soccer teams cannot play against club teams.  For example, Real Madrid is a Club team, and the best one.  Colombia has it’s own national team .  These 2 teams can’t play each other because they both have James Rodriguez, a Colombian soccer player.  You can play on any club team, but you may only play for one (or 2, if you have my case) national team, which is the country you are from.  Point is, this is really exciting for me!  
    Anyways,here to go to a website with all of the scores of la Copa Libertadores, and a table.  Would you follow Santa Fe (they are in the top 5 south american soccer teams!)?  

Okay, this is the second part of the post.  La Copa América, like la Copa Libertadores, is a South American soccer tournament, except this is a national team competition.  There’s 12 teams.  The Tournament starts June 11.  I’m cheering for Colombia (duh), who won in 2001.  
Will you pay attention to this tournament? 

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

Science unit Mixtures and Solutions
Post by Miguel

Today (May 20th, 2015) was officially our last learning day in the science lab.  And tomorrow, is officially our last day taking an elementary school science test (dramatic music, please).  Pretty sentimental, huh?  
Well, as you can see, this science unit is on mixtures and solutions, pretty much chemicals.  We learned about an item’s solubility, and chemical reactions.  I’d rate this unit 4 out of 5 stars.  It was fun, but could have been better.  
Did you like Mixtures and Solutions?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Neha

As I stood there standing infront of the big wide turkey, I felt peterified. I wanted was some nuts for my stew. I did not  know it was this guy's food. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"
I screamed as the turkey bent down to peck me. " I am not a piece of food". I bolt in the other direction droping everything I am holding.  I run into the forest stopping at a lake to catch my breath. Suddendly, a big chicken stomps by. I get on top of it.Fighting the turkey in a ferirous battle. At the end the turkey gets scared off.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Book Review: Evil Spy School

Evil Spy School Book Review By: Emma Raine

Image result for evil spy schoolEvil Spy School is the third book to the spy school series, so it is by Stuart Gibbs. Honestly, I think it is the best spy school book out of the bunch by far. So it is of course about Ben. During the spy school finals/ fake battlefield, he is on the same team as Erica Hale, his friend who is also the best spy-in-training out of the whole school. They are also on the same team as Warren and Zoe. Warren and Zoe are (trying) to operate the paintball mortar, (I forgot to say so but it is only a stimulated warfare where all the students have only paintball guns) but they cannot figure it out so they ask for Erica and Ben’s assistance. It is a critical part of their team's attack so they abandon their posts and go help. Erica and Ben go there and operate it but what appears to be a paintball mortar shell is a LIVE mortar shell and Erica realizes this after Warren lights it and then Ben aims it away from the students but unfortunately at the principal’s office.

The office explodes and the principal is furious but Ben is the one who takes the fall. The principal who is very close minded and cares only about himself NOT his students expelled Ben on the spot. Then SPYDER invites Ben to join their school, hence the book’s name Evil Spy School, and from then the story unfolds. I love mystery/spy/Stuart Gibb books don’t you?

100 Word Challenge: Izzy

100 word challenge
I was having a picnic with my dog rose and the weather was great. Then it started spitting rain, and I took out the umbrella I packed just in case and that seemed to protect us.  But the ferocious wind blew away the umbrella and rose started to rise, higher and higher with the umbrella. The next thing that I knew was my 13 pound dog was flying in the sky like superman.  The food was not moving but my dog was.  I was scared! Than I ran as fast as i could the she said in perfect english,
"You can't catch me little girl".