Thursday, February 27, 2014

Writing: A Typical Mystery, Part 2

A Typical Mystery:Part 2 by Manny 

    I can’t believe someone just stole the Golden Apple! It didn’t make any sense. How could someone do that? Or at the very least, steal it successfully?
    “I’m really confused. How could anyone do this?” Elsa pleaded, worry and sadness in her eyes. Happy looked at me with wonder. What are we gonna do? he probably thought. I looked at him with the same thought. Silence filled the Jewelry and Treasures Shack. No one said a word. We were just thinking frustratedly. I then saw Happy hop up and down, up and down.
    “What is it, Happy?” I asked him. I think we were going to get good news. If he was hopping up and down, like that, I knew we were in for a treat.
    “Oh come on, Brad! You should read my mind! You know me well enough to know what I’m thinking. Anyways, we can go on a quest to find the Golden Apple. We can go on a quest. We can find more members of our group! We can get Goldilocks!!” Happy said excitedly. He told me that he was friends with Goldilocks when I first found him. I haven’t met her yet I would like to though. I glared weirdly around the shack. I wasn’t recovered SO much that I could go on another quest. Yet, I needed to help this magical and great forest. I decided to agree with Happy. “I think it’s a good idea. Going on quests with Happy are really fun. When you get hurt, he’ll be right there do ask if you were okay.” I said that with a smile. He deserved those compliments, and I’m glad I gave them to him.
    “I think Brad and Happy are correct. We need to go on this quest,” Rapunzel said. She was very serious at saying this. This was probably the first quest she would be on. Unless you don’t count the one from her movie Tangled.
    “I agree,” piped up Elsa, “This is something we need to do for our forest. This is a must task.” After we all agreed, we headed out to find new members of the group.
    “Another day, another quest.”

Claymo: JumpRope

Jump Roping in Claymo by Manny

    In Claymo on the 26th, Claymo groups went out on the blacktop and some other places to jump rope. It was very fun and I wish I could do it again. Jumping rope is one of many hobbies I like to do. I like the feeling when you jump, but you can’t see the rope! That feeling is very unusual and funny at the same time. Let me tell you a little more about it.
    BingBing and I had everyone in our Claymo group, but it took a long time. Once we got everyone to keep their mouth’s silent, we talked about our upcoming activity of jump roping. It was a very fun activity. Once we got outside, we went one place in the shade, but soon moved over into the sun a little bit. We all had a great time jump roping. It was very active and exciting. Everyone had a good time, and I was happy with that.
    As we kept on going, I kept track of the jumps in my head. It was a very large number for the amount of people in our group. It turns out, our group got 343 jumps!! It’s a very large number and I wasn’t surprised we got there. We all did really well, and had a lot of fun. Did you keep track of the total number of jumps? Did you have fun?

Quad Blog Partners

Quad Blog Partners by Manny 

    During the afternoon, we had reading/writing time. During that time, a few people got picked to tell Mrs.Barnes what partner you wanted to be with. I wanted to be with Bailey, only because of her name. So I told Mrs.Barnes, and thankfully no one picked her.
    Once we told her, she gave us the iPad to comment on one of their blogs about some characters point of view from a book called The Tunnel. Once I got on Bailey’s blog, right away I liked it. Because if I picked someone with okay punctuation and grammar, I wouldn’t be happy. She had a few run-on sentences, but only a few. I was happy that she wrote well though. I finished commenting, gave the iPad to Mrs.Barnes, and went on reading. It was very fun to have a new partner from the U.K. Who’s your partner?

Poetry: Bagels

Bagels by Manny
            How do can I not eat you today?
            You smell so good
            You taste so good
            It’s all perfect
                     How can I not bite you today?
            The crunch is rough
            The butter/cream cheese is smooth
            It’s all good

            How can I not have you today?
            The taste is sweet
            The crusty parts are crunchy
            It’s all amazing
            What will I do without bagels?

    I love to eat bagels and I would like to dedicate this poem to St.Louis Bread Company. Their food and bagels are so good. My favorite type of bagel from the Bread Company is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. What’s your favorite type of bagel?

100 Word Challenge: Daboh

100 Word Challenge
                                                           By: Daboh

Theo wanted to know how the earth really came to be. So he did. But he got a fantasy book from the library instead of non-fiction.  “ Long ago the earth was no more than a tiny speck. Then suddenly a  really tiny tractor from the future and started digging through the earth enlarged it. Then suddenly the earth came to be. All caused by the little tractor.”, said Theo. “ WOW! THe world came to be by a tractor from the future!” he shouted. “ Be quiet!”, somebody next to him hissed. But he just grinned and walked out of the library not knowing a thing.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Writing: A Typical Mystery, Part 1

A Typical Mystery:Part 1 by Manny
    I rapped up homework quickly. It was very easy for me. And surprisingly, I didn’t get that much. I suddenly started to feel sick. It must’ve been the leftover Papa Johns’ pizza I had for snack a few weeks after coming back home from my big journey bringing Happy and freedom back to the forest. We met the whole cast of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Queen Elsa, Rapunzel! It was a terrifying yet amazing adventure to be on.
    “Mom, can I take a walk around the street?” I asked. I was really hoping she would say yes, because I really needed to see how well the magical forest was doing.
    “Sure baby, but come back soon. It’ll get dark out pretty soon.” I nodded and said thank you before I was on my out the door. The wind was chilly. In the forest it was hot. I guess it would be great to have a change of climates pretty easily. Anyways, I was standing in front of the well. I was ready to jump in and see the forest. I took a deep breath, then finally jumped in. My eyes were closed. I suddenly landed with hard thud as I got up slowly. This time, I landed back in the forest, instead of the middle of nowhere. I looked up. Nothing was around or in front of me. I started to panic.
    “Oh wait, I need to walk further into the forest to see the small village,” I said to myself. I headed straight forward with head held high. This was the moment where I’d see my old friends and also see how they’re doing. I kept walking till I saw houses and houses close to a river. That’s where I saw Rapunzel’s house. Steadily, I knocked on the door. I then saw Rapunzel peep through the peephole and a HUGE grin spread from ear to ear. She opened the door and gave me a big hug. She squeezed and squeezed, until she finally let go.
    “I’m so glad you’re here! Let me tell the others. Guys, Brad’s here!!!” she screamed. Happy came scurrying all the way from the upstairs rooms to the front door.
    “I can’t believe you came! It’s so exciting that you’re here. Hold up, Queen Elsa will be on her way. She came walking down the stairs with a knowing grin. “I just knew you’d come. C’m here.” We gave each other a hug. We were very close since she saved my life in the battle against Rocket.
    “Well, how’d you know?” I asked her with a smile on my face.
    “I just had a feeling!” she answered. I was as glad to see her as much as anybody. She’s less outgoing than Rapunzel, but you get my point.
    A long chat went on and on and on about how good their life was now. Things were looking very good. I was overjoyed to hear that.
    “We also found a very rare and amazing once in a lifetime thing. We have a apple tree, and it grew a GOLDEN APPLE!!!” Happy informed me. That was great that they found a treasure. It’s not even once in a lifetime, it’s never in a lifetime until you come here.
    “Do you want to see it?” Elsa asked, budding her way into the conversation. I replied yes and they led me out the door. I was excited to see this new golden apple they found. I followed them into this weird shack I’ve never seen before.
    “Here it is!” Rapunzel said. I think she was showing the wrong thing, because there was nothing on holder. I looked at her. Wait there was nothing on the holder. Happy noticed and said,” The Golden Apple has been stolen!!”

Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea Play by Manny 

    The 5th grade play we did was Princess and the Pea. I enjoyed that we did that play for the annual 5th grade play. I supported the idea from the beginning. We’ve worked really hard on memorizing lyrics and the actors worked hard memorizing lines, and lyrics too. Some of them had solos.
    Anyways, the play went well. I was very happy with our performance. There were some mis haves with the sound and such. But the actors and actresses handled it well. I was nervous even just to perform! I was in the chorus, so I only got to sing 4 songs. But we did them successfully, which is always great. My favorite character in the play was Gillian. The character of Hannah was too shy. Not Abby, but the character she played. By the way, the songs and solos were great. I enjoyed doing the play. Did you like doing the play?

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

The Tarantula, Part One

    It was a regular Sunday morning, or so I thought. Mom was at her work, and dad was running errands. My little brother Will, was at a friend's. I decided to have some fun with Will's tarantula. I would put it through a series of tests, I called Spider Games.
    So I took the spider(Spidy) out of his cage. I placed him on the floor. Then I went to make lunch. When I came back, Spidy was gone. I smacked my forehead, could I get more dumb? I pictures Spidy digging, pushing through the earth. I ran downstairs, and got a butterfly net.

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

The tractor was pushing through the earth, at full speed. Help! Help! Help! The people inside screamed.
But no one heard them.

In the cozy little town of Singtan, there was an eerie silence. The boy who was afraid of water had just been buried. Like I said, there was a silence. A silence disrupted all too suddenly by a tractor flying over the hill, engines screaming in protest, the worst were the screams. Help! Help! Help! And more blood-curling screams resounded around the alleys of Singtan.      
Suddenly the town erupted. Literally erupted. The town blew up. The people in the tractor died. Bye

100 Word Challenge: Diniti

Cynthia stabbed the earth. She placed the seeds and covered them with dirt. Grandpa told her to plant them when she was sad. Grandpa died, and she had never cried harder. Cynthia had planted the seeds beneath the apple tree.
    Cynthia woke up to the sound of rumbling. She sat up just in time to see a emerald stem growing, pushing through the earth. The leaves flourished, and a blue glowing flower bloomed. As it opened, a hologram to flicker from the middle. It was her Gramps, smiling at her, Then he, and the flower was gone. All that was left were seeds.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Reading to Sookie

Reading to Sookie by Manny 

    During a fun and crazy reading time, Mrs.Barnes took some of the 5B kids to read to Sookie. He/she is a very cute dog, and Sookie got to lay silently on our laps when it was our turn to read to him. I should slow down and tell you it from the beginning. 

    “The next group that’ll be reading to Sookie is Mya, DJ, Steven, Manny, and Quinn.” We all cheered and headed on out. It was a short way down the stairs, and we all raced through the library to read to him. Once we got there, two people needed to read theirs. So they did, and soon the woman talked about the adorable dog. It was exciting, to be in a presence of the cutest dog ever. I volunteered to read first. The lady asked if I wanted Sookie to be on my lap. I answered yes and there he lay, on my lap. I read my page, and I was reading “The Wishing Spell” by Chris Colfer. After I finished, I enjoyed petting Sookie and listening to great books. I thought Sookie was the best dog ever. Did you enjoy reading to him?

Poetry: Sun and Moon by Manny

                 Sun and Moon Poem by Manny        

 The sun is very pretty
        At night it sleeps
        It looks very shiny
        It's a sight to see
        In the morning it is bright
        It shines a yellow flare
        I love the sun

         The moon comes at night
        It shines a white light
        It looks like white milk
        Except that it's in the sky
        I have many thoughts about it
        The moon comes in different shapes         The moon...
       What do you like about the sun and moon?

Book Review: Henry's Freedom Box

         Henry's Freedom Box by Eva

We read a book called Henry's Freedom Box.  It was about a boy who ships himself to freedom.  He is African-American and his family gets sold at a slave auction. Yes, they are slaves.

If I were a slave I would not wanna get sold to another family.  I would also not want to work to death.I would do what Henry did, I would ship myself to freedom.  I think it's called Henry's Freedom Box because he ships himself in a box!

Have you read this book?

100 Word Challenge #2: Abby

        100 Word Challenge
        #2 On the same Prompt

I was just walking home from school one day and I fell into a pot hole. I was screaming my head off. I still had not hit the ground yet. It must be a portal I thought. Was I pushing through the earth of was I falling into a deep hole? Would I ever get out? Would anyone notice that I was gone? There were so many things that I wanted to know. I wanted answers fast. I stared to cry as I was still falling. Was I really falling? What was I supposed to do? I was so scared. Then it hit me.

100 Word Challenge: Abby

100 Word Challenge
    As I was pushing through the earth's center, I found it. All of my life I had tried to get to the very center of the earth and I had just made it. I had also found a treasure chest. I opened it. Was I to open it? I did. I opened the chest and guess what I found!? It was not gold but it was not silver ether. It was the best thing in the world. I had found a real live panda baby with magic powers. Did it have magic powers to live in a box? I wanted to know the truth.

100 Word Challenge: Aidan

I was playing football with a kid named Matt. I had the ball and he slapped it out my hand and the ball fell in the sewer. May dived after it and went in the sewer. I grabbed a shovel and was pushing through the earth and I found him. We had no way to get out so we made a rope with bacteria and climbed out. Not so bad over a football we both said and laughed. That was the most fun I've had in a long time we had a deal that what happened in the sewer stayed in the sewer.


100 Word Challenge: Emma

Princess and the Pea
              By: Emma

    The Fifth grade musical is coming up!
All the fifth graders tried out for parts in the musical but only some got in. We got to chose a monologue to memorize. both of them were from Charlie brown. We also got to sing part of a song from the Play book.
     Before we did all of that though we had to actually chose a play. All of the three classes chose between ponochio and princess and the pea. We got to listen to the songs and hear the diologe. And the vote went to... Princess and the pea! We got our parts and started to practice. Now February 24, 2014 the day before the play, we're ready!

 Does your school have a play or musical? 

100 Word Challenge: Eva


EARTH QUAKE!!!!,Oh whoops just a drill I guess.So we were outside having recess when a truck came along carrying manure,we all gagged at the smell.I  t was hard to believe the smell smelled soooo bad,but it did.I came back inside I had to get away from the smell blegh!just then some thing tripped me!I looked down only to see a mole hole,I thought they called pest control for those last year!So I went in to Mrs.Walker,our teacher.She said to leave it it was only one.The next day I was playing chase with Brianna and I had a felling some thing was digging through the earth.

100 Word Challenge: Timothy

It is  very interesting to follow a plant through it's life cycle.  For the first few weeks, nothing seems to happen.  Then, all of a sudden, the plant starts pushing through the earth.  Then the real magic starts to happen.  In a month, the plant starts to grow a flower. This flower will eventually turn into the fruit of the plant.  This is the part that holds the seeds.  An example of fruits would be an apple.  Apples hold the seeds from the apple tree.  Animals then eat this fruit, then dispersing the seeds with their droppings.  Even though few seeds make it through the animals digestive tract, and even fewer find a good place to grow, the plant produces more than enough
fruits to reproduce.

100 Word Challenge: Manny

               100 Word Challenge by Manny

    Pushing through the earth was what Matt felt like doing. His hands dug into the soil as he lay down in front of a river.
    Matt had food with him. He was on an alone picnic. He did that a lot, since he had no friends. He breathed a long sigh, he ate a lot, so he decided to stop eating. The wind was nice and breezy. He finally sat up and looked straight ahead.
    "Well, I'm off home." That is what he said as he got up and headed home. It was a quiet walk home. It's almost silent.

100 Word Challenge: Mya

 Pushing through the earth was what Jason was thinking of when his mother told him that he can't go to John's birthday party.He was mad and wanted to just snick off and go to John's birthday party. Then he thought of the best plan he thought of in a while.His plan was to snick off and go to John's birthday party. The reason why he really wanted to go to John's party was because John was Jason's BFF! And John just wanted him to go.So once Jason's mom left to visit his grandma,he snuck out and went to John's party.But then...
              To Be Continued!

100 Word Challenge: Shane

    As the crowd roars everyone else starts to calm them down."Please be quiet everyone!" said the group leader."We shall keep mining and somehow find gold or silver. The more we mine, the sooner they let us go and get paid. "Got that!" The crowd gets louder and louder in agreement and starts mining. As they are pushing through the earth all the miners get into an argument. Whichever miner gets the most gold or silver gets all the gold and silver. All the miners get back to work and works faster. At the end of the day no one had won.

100 Word Challenge: DJ

    I was reading about how much sink holes were forming on the earth. I was so amazed because I thought this world will come to an end one day. I was thinking a whole lot of what ifs. I was wondering if it would happen in St. Louis. One day I was walking to a store to get milk. I felt the ground shake as if I was on a roller coaster then the ground beneath me fell. I landed on my back. I stood up and pushed on the walls. Wondering what happened. Scared, I pushed it felt like pushing through the whole earth.

100 Word Challenge: Ned

100 word challenge:Ned

Flamingo Joe was pushing through the Earth in his high tech spaceship.His spaceship was destined for the moon,if he got there he would be the first flamingo named Joe to get to the moon.His spaceship was pink and it had a face of a flamingo on the top.
The thing was that the flamingo was actually a big duck with a flamingo costume on,but no one knew about it so they just thought he was a flamingo named Joe (which by the way is a weird name for a flamingo).His actual name was O duck.He had a criminal background.

That's The End

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Writing: A Typical Mystery Summary

A Typical Mystery Summary by Manny 

    A Typical Fantasy is the first series that I finished writing myself. I felt that the first series wouldn’t be complete without a second one. So I decided to write a second series called A Typical Mystery. Now, you must be wondering what it’s about. Well now, you won’t have to wonder anymore because the summary is about to be told. So listen closely...
    After Brad got home from his incredible journey bringing Happy( a squirrel), and freedom back to the forest, he was curious to see how the magical forest was doing. He went there and Happy and his and Brad’s other friends he made said that an apple tree grew a golden apple. It became the most expensive gift the forest ever got. But someone stole it in the next day. Who was it? Where did they go? Find out when I put it on the blog!

TV Review: Jessie

Jessie by Manny 

    Jessie is this Disney show that I like to watch. It aired on September 30, 2011. I remember because it was the day before my birthday. Jessie has bad humor, horrible actors, and, too much of mentioning famous people that young kids don’t know of. But I watch the show, and I’m gonna admit that it’s okay. Now, I’ll tell you all about the show.
    Jessie is this 18 year old who goes to New York. She is from Texas, and talks on and on and on about her boring life in Texas. She then gets offered a job as a nanny. There are 3 kids that are adopted. One is Luke, the other one is Ravi, and the last one is Zuri. Also, the parents have one original kid, and that is Emma. It’s mainly about her tough life as a nanny. It seems like a good plot, do you think so? Anyways, even though the show is bad, I enjoy the messages that the show brings. In TV shows, what hidden messages have you found?

Writing: A Typical Fantasy, Finale

A Typical Fantasy: Finale by Manny
    It was very emotional for me. Just to leave them and find my way back home. Happy looked into my eyes with tears on his face.
    “But you CANNOT GO!!!! It’s not the same without you!!!” Happy screamed. I could feel his pain. I had the same feeling. I couldn’t leave them. I brought him back in the forest. Together, we SAVED the forest. What could I do without Happy and his friends?
    “I’m sorry, but I have to. I have to go back in the real world. See my family, get back to school, all that stuff.” I didn’t feel good saying it, but I had to go. I started to say my goodbyes to everyone. “Thank you for saving my life. I owe you big time”, I told Elsa.
    “You saved my life too. I owe you big also.” We shared a hug. Then I went onto Rapunzel.
    “Rapunzel, you are my favorite Disney princess. It’s been good meeting you. I’ll miss you.” Rapunzel was about to cry. We’ve only known each other for an hour, and she still felt sorrow.
    “You brought Happy home. Everyone loves Happy. I can’t thank you enough. But I can thank you with this.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. And there goes my grin. We then hugged each other. There was no other appropriate way to say goodbye at a time like this. All we could was hug. The most tough, emotional, and most difficult thing was saying goodbye to Happy.
    “Oh, Happy. Happy, Happy, Happy. We’ve gone...on a long and tough journey together. I’m glad that you are back at the forest. In yo-in your home. I’ll miss you.” He climbed onto my arm, and gave me a pinch on the arm.
    “OUCH!!” I yelled.
    “It’s how I show affection. A sharp, pinch on the arm. I’ll miss you too. You’re my best friend. Even if you’re a person. I’ve never had a friend better.” Happy had a smile on his face now. I did too. Suddenly, I started to swirl. I just let it swirl me. I knew what was going to happen. I would be lifted back home. My home, sweet home. I was lifted in the air, and I was swirled in a small tornado.
    “Bye!!!!” They all screamed. I looked down and waved. My eyes were forced shut, like last time. Everything had happened so slowly, yet it’s never been faster. I bumped into Happy, mistrusted a guy named Rocket, got locked in a house, broke out, brought Happy home, and killed Rocket. I’ve never had a dangerous time like this. Ever.
    My eyes were then forced open. I was on the sidewalk. I looked behind me. There was the well that I fell in. Time must’ve not passed. I walked all the way home with a smile on my face. What a day! I got home and knocked on the door. I heard fast footsteps.
    “Hey Mom!” I said. I gave her a hug. I was so happy right now. I felt like I could hug anyone!
    “Oh hey sweetie. How was your day?” Mom asked.
    “It was pretty normal, actually. Like every school day.” I hid a smile on my face.

TV Review: Treehouse Masters

Treehouse Masters by Manny 

    Treehouse Masters is this show I sometimes watch with my mom. I like the show very much. It’s on Animal Planet, or channel 282 if you have DirecTV like I do. It’s a show about these families who want to recreate their treehouse. This team, with the lead guy Pete, come there and try to fix everything. It’s entertaining. Let me tell you a bit more about the show.
    Pete loves treehouses. He has his own treehouse with his family. He says he thinks that treehouses and art and other stuff like that is an art. Do you agree with him? Anyways, it takes a lot of work to make the treehouse. Pete has this crew with him and they work really hard. Once they’re done, it shows that the work paid off.
    Pete has a love for treehouses. He knows everything about them! I would like a treehouse, but I live in an apartment so, I can’t have one. But the show is great and I like to chill out and watch it. Do you have a treehouse? Do you think the show sounds cool?

Sunday Workouts

Sundays Workout by Manny 

    My dad and I go out on Sundays to the Center of Clayton to work out. It’s for my tennis, so I can get stronger. It’s really fun, I get to run around the thing, use weights, and many other things. Do you go to workout sometimes? Well, if you don’t you should! You can get healthy and stronger.
    So, when my dad and I go over there, he has me jog around the thing about 2 times. Then, I have to run around also. It’s really fun, but you get tired easily. Anyway, we then lift weights. I use 3 pound weights. We do bicep curls, a movement where you lift the weight up, and rest them down close to your shoulders. I forgot to add, we also use mats to do push ups, planks, and other exercises. I believe you should workout too. It’s really fun, and you can get healthy with fun exercises. What do you do on Sundays?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Biography: Chris Colfer

Biography 13:Chris Colfer by Manny 

    This person is my favorite actor and soon to be author. He is very successful. His name is Chris Colfer. Chris Colfer is an actor, writer, and producer. He’s also very good at singing. He plays Kurt Hummel on the Fox hit TV show Glee. I like to watch Glee. It’s a very popular show. His character that he portrays is one of my favorite’s on the show.
    Chris Colfer won a Golden Globe Award for his works in Glee. His speech was about kids and how they can do something great, because Chris didn’t expect to win! No one would, unless they’re cocky and boastful. Also, he wrote a series called The Land of Stories. When I found out that he wrote a book for grades 4-6, I said that I NEEDED to read the book! I got it from the library on Friday. The first book, “The Wishing Spell”, is the #1 New York Times bestseller! That is great for his first novel.
    Chris Colfer is inspiring, amazing, and a great actor. He has taught me to keep believing, be creative, and many others. He’s very successful at what he does. He knows how to write, to produce, sing, and act!! He’s incredible. Are you inspired by what Chris does?

Writing: A Typical Fantasy, Part 8

A Typical Fantasy:Part 8 by Manny 

    It was crazy, seeing Rocket again. It was like seeing the devil, but much worse. I swallowed with nervousness. What’s next? That’s the question I kept asking myself over and over and over. It looked like Rocket had something in his hand. I’m not sure what it was, but I’m sure he was going to find a way to hurt us.
    “Guys, back up slowly”, Rapunzel suggested. I would back up fast. It’s not like he couldn’t see us. He could.
    “Guys, come on. COME ON!!!!!!!” I yelled. Together, we burst out the back door. It wasn’t gonna help, because Rocket could easily run around the house to the back. But that didn’t matter. I looked around and didn’t see anything. But then I saw a flash of Rocket sneak up behind Elsa. He covered her mouth and led Elsa back into the house. Happy and I rushed over as quickly as we could. Happy scurried and jumped quickly onto Rocket’s legs. He quickly clawed his sharp nails onto the legs of Rocket. I bit his hand.
    “Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Rocket screeched. He must’ve been in pain. Soon, I heard Rapunzel bursting through the door with her hair down. She held a frying pan and knocked it on the side of his head.
    “A frying pan is always a helpful weapon.” I laughed at that, and quickly got serious. Elsa was on the floor, breathing slowly. To our surprise, the other Disney and classic stars came. I saw the whole Mickey Mouse crew come and help us out. Daffy Duck was stomping on the guys foot. Minnie took a swack at the head of Rocket’s head with the same frying pan. As everyone helped, Rocket soon got up, limping and throwing them off of him. He came for us and pushed on the ground. I was frightened. I looked up in the bright sky. Was this it? I soon saw Elsa in the distance. She built a snowball at him and said this,”Hey, weakling. Come after me!” Rocket charged at her right when she made some ice and it was sharp, with one throw she could knock Rocket. Forever. Everything was happening at once. Will Rocket die? It was scary, and we all closed our eyes, afraid to see the death of Rocket. We then opened our eyes. There he lay, on the ground. I stared, even though I shouldn’t have.
    “Lets throw him in the river!” Happy exclaimed.
    “No. It’ll get all bloody,” piped up Elsa. We decided to take him farther in the forest and bury him.
    “We killed him!” I said happily. But then, I looked at Elsa, and Rapunzel, and Happy. I had to go home.
    “Now that you’ve taken me home, what do you do now?” Happy asked.
    “I have to go back home. So I guess this is goodbye.”

6th Grade REgistration

6th Grade Registration by Manny 

    In August, the 5th graders of Glenridge will go to Wydown Middle School. We have electives to choose from. You can choose a full year elective, or two semester classes. You have to give it Mrs.Barnes when you’ve picked your choices. You also have to get it signed from one of your parents.
    This is what I picked. I picked drama and chorus. They’re both semester classes. I think I wouldn’t like anything else to choose from. Also, for a language, I picked Spanish because my mom is fluent at it, my brother took it, and I feel most comfortable doing it. I wouldn’t feel good with french. My mom also wants me to be fluent, so that’s why I chose Spanish. What electives and language did you choose?


My First Series! by Manny 

    I have recently finished my first series that I wrote by myself! I’m so happy. I call the series “A Typical Fantasy”. It’s about this boy named Brad who falls into a well and ends up in this weird world with mountains of snow. He has to lead a talking squirrel back to the forest where they face danger and Disney stars. I think you should read it. I’ve printed out the first 4 parts of the story. If you want to read it, it’s on the blog. Or, if you don’t visit it that much, then I could give a few copies.
    “A Typical Fantasy” has just one main genre, and that is fantasy. Also, there is adventure. Happy and Brad face cold weather and harsh winds and there’s a little battle with some violence at the end. If you like Disney stars, fantasy and adventure, then you should read the series. Oh I forgot to say some of the themes and topics of the book. Well first, there’s friendship, risks, and it takes place in the mountains and a beautiful forest. I think you’d enjoy my series. It seems like it has a lot of topics and things that most kids in 5B would like.

Math: Decimal Tests

  Decimal Test by Manny 

    All the math classes in 5th grade had their math tests on decimals on Friday, the 21st. I felt comfortable overall with my test. It was fairly easy for me. Was it easy for you? I hope it was, because Mrs.Barnes said it was only a review of what you know. That is why it was so short. I also felt good with the whole unit.
    I liked doing the test. Not because it was easy, but because I put hard work in my study guides and packet throughout the unit to come prepared for the test. I also was responsible with moving myself when my table was a little chatty. I always went to the back table, I felt the best there. And most people were sitting at the safe seat.
    The decimal test never stumped me until Mrs.Barnes pointed out a mistake in one of the problems. But I still felt very good, fixed the mistake, and had a very productive math time the last 45 minutes. The pressure was off of me when I finished the test. I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I checked over it. The decimal test was fun, and I’m happy that it came out like that. Did you like the decimal test?

Art Shields

Art Shields by Manny 

    In art the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working on these shields for the play on Tuesday. It required a lot of directions, and we’re glad that we got all of it done. They were really fun to do. Let me talk you through all of it. So first, we had to fold the shields in a certain way. I forgot what ways, but I know we still did it. Then, we needed to put the tape on the shields. It was to keep the paint to not touch each other. Then, we painted it this brownish goldish color. After we were done with that, we used letters or symbols on each of the 4 parts.
    I thought it was very fun and I can’t wait to see the shields in the play. It’ll be great. I accidentally made mine upside down, but it didn’t matter that much. It’s not like I had to redo the whole thing. It was just a simple mistake. The art shields are going to turn out great. Do you think so?


                                   ANY OTHER DOG!
                                     BY Mya #3 5B

     Do you like dogs? I do.And do you like dogs with greatness?Me to! and do know what kind of dog it is? A boxer! boxers are the best dog you could ever have!.Boxers make people laugh so much that you can’t stop any more.I love boxers they're so cute!.I love them and I hope you do to!.

      Hi,my name is Mya and I’m here to talk to you about boxers.I’m going to tell you facts about and here’s a little fact to know already.Boxers are very tough to handle but,they are still the best dogs ever than any other dog!

       Boxers are better than any other dog because he\she will protect the family! In addition, they are strong, powerful and also the best dog ever! I love boxers!

     Boxers are better than any other dog because they can be powerful and funny at the sametime.They can chase their tail constantly [all the time 24\7!]and stay still[not blinking at all and winning a lot 24\7!]and they can go crazy![as in crazy I mean wild]and shake it’s tail with excitement!also bark madly and bark or howl with excitement.

     Boxers are better than any other dog because lots and lots of people who loves dogs will love boxers.They give respect to other dogs and other dogs and also other people and of course YOU!![aka:the owner]people want a dog who gives kindness,is sweet and is amazing!

     So if you’re looking for a dog ,get a boxer because when I got a dog,guess what?It was a boxer and it was the best boxer a person ever had.His is sweet,his kind and he barks at  everything[besides cars]that goes back and forth,in and out of our house.But we still love him no matter what!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Sammy

The eery green light still flashes through my mind and I can't make it stop. I remember trotting through the forest and all those blinding lights.

I heard strange screams, I became dizzy and blacked out. I woke up in a desert my nose was badly bleeding and bent out of shape.
That's why I couldn't smell the smoke from a burned down forest i struggled to get up in the distance I saw bright lights, intense green lights that were everywhere. I was surrounded, I covered my eyes to shield my eyes then the lights flashed off, then I ran.

100 Word Challenge: Quinn

The People are being possessed and walking to the Zombie Master in his Zombie Base with Zombie Powers stored on the Zombie Shelves. The People can not control their bodies when they are possessed. The Zombie Master is laughing his evil laugh. The People will turn into Zombies in his secret lair. The Zombie Master will use his Zombie Powers to turn the People into Zombies. The People are actually 5B! They are floating at 5 mph. When they turn into Zombies they will go out and infect all the other people in the world and cause a Zombie Invasion!

100 Word Challenge: Sam

I settled into my seat. With my friends by my side. Peeping my pants like crazy. I was in the silent room about to watch Zombie Slashers 4: Jungle Night. I could fell my friend, BILLS heart pump as fast as a jet.
Then came the previews, once I saw it I screamed out of the theater and ran all the way home. 10 min later Bill was at my door asking why did I ran away form a Barbie Doll preview. I never saw Matt again, he became goth and never hung out again, abandoned by friend.

100 Word Challenge: Steven

    One day, a magic, scary, crazy house fly to the earth.  And a ghost put a white lighting ball on the ground that under the magic, scary, crazy house.  It let the tree has red fire, and let rock lighting.  The ugly king of ghost call every ghosts come to the white lighting ball, and the white lighting ball is the enter of the magic, scary, crazy house.  When all the ghosts are in the house, a ugly ghost king come out and a party is start. They eat people and animals, and drink blood.  And the house fly away.

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

The shadows shrank back in the light of the ultraviolet
beam of ray light. On the tiny island of Skorghill, the thing was pulsing with blinding, scalding everything that it touched. Trees were falling, stones were eroding. And through it all, the birds were yelling. Actual words. Birds saying words. WORDS! "Good day" " Hello sir.
but the words were stolen right out of their mouth by the thing the one and only thing.

100 Word Challenge: Diniti

Chris missed mom. Dad was always in his laboratory, and never came
outside. Chris was eating dinner, when her dad burst in. "I did it!"
Dad said, pulling her outside. They ran toward the laboratory, and
Chris gasped when it came insight. It had crystal globe on tope, with
light from within. Every where the light shined, there were shadows.
Dad pushed Chris to the closest beam. "If an alive person disappears
in the light, a ghost will come back." Chris's eyes widened. "No! " "I
want your mom back too." Dad said, and Chris was enveloped in the

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review: Invisible Lines by Manny and Mya

      Invisible Lines by Manny and Mya

    Mary Amato is a very talented author. She wrote a book named Invisible Lines. It was a book group book used back in October. I read it shortly before we found out it was gonna be in the book groups. It was about this kid named Trevor. And he goes to this new town. He has a basically a half brother named Michael and little sister named Tish. Trevor tries to be cool but something  happens with this guy Xander. Xander becomes very mean and jealous of Trevor just because Trevor can do something better than him. If you like serious and funny books with deep messages. This book is for you. You have to read it. If you read it, you'll be obsessed. Do you think the book sounds good? I hope yo do, because this book is definitely for you.

100 Word Challenge: Emma

    January  5, 3015
       I look out my window and stare. It's been three days since Madame Profery declared all orphanages to be shut down. Now, I was Walking down the gravel road with my journal. Where am I supposed to go? They just sent us away.

    January 6, 3015
             I've been walking down this road for ages. I hear a rustle behind me. I jump around to find nothing. I duck down behind a bush just in time to see something flash in the air. It looked like a house. I faint just as something floats down to the ground. 

100 Word Challenge: Abby

            100 Word Challenge

    It was there. The U F O. It had come. It was hovering over my neighbor's house but they were not home. I wonder what they will do and think when they get home. I wanted to do something but my mom and sister were at the grocery store. I could call 911 but what could they do about it? I wanted to be somewhere else in a happy place but what could I do now? I was really scared and wanted someone to be with me. Should I leave it alone? Or should I go towards the frightening object?

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

    "Just go in for a sec," Bre says.
I sigh.
    "But if I get caught..."
    "You won't," Bre says slightly annoyed.
I sigh again, then head in. I hear Bre laugh, but its to late. The cave is sealed.
    Knowing I can't get out, I walk on. There are drips, and strange noises. Then suddenly I see a bright light. Almost too bright. Oh gosh, I think. I'm dead.
    "No you're not." A voice says.
    "What. Who sai-said that?"
No reply. I see strange shawdows. I start to run. Run, run, run.
    "Ann!" Bre yells,"Are you going in the cave?"

100 Word Challenge: Sarah

"George, I'm so bored, can't we just go ride our bikes or something. I hate being grounded," Brendan said annoyed.
"Whatever, just hang up because I'm tired, your taking up time from my beauty sleep." Right then he hung up. Soon after George hung up Brendan started to drift off too. Soon enough, Brendan was dreaming about very fluffy unicorns.
"Oh hello Mr.Fluffy Unicorn, what can I do for you today?" Brendan was saying in his very deep sleep.
"Brendan, what are you doing? Mr.Fluffy Unicorn is waiting for you." That's when Brendan realized, it was all real.

100 Word Challenge: Manny

      100 Word Challenge by Manny

     There was a forest. And in that forest, was a hidden door in a tree. No one knows who was in there. It was just there.
    It was very scary. The sigh of it. There was a light that lit it up.
    "Should we go in there?" I asked my mom.
    "It is dangerous. But if you want to, then fine." I  cheered silently. We had to climb a tree. Oh boy, was it tall! Soon we opened the door, crept in silently, and boom! There was a voice that said,"What are you doing here?! Leave before you die! Now!"

100 Word Challenge: Bing Bing

100 word challenge

 One Halloween night,I dressed as a pirate and went out to trick or treat.I held a flashlight in 1 hand and my bag in the other.I saw a mysterious light in the distance and I was curious to see where the light came from.Then I went towards it.The light seemed to get lighter and I saw a weird spaceship thingy in the sky.Then I walked closer,I saw a weird dude that came out of the spaceship.I asked him where he came from,and he said,”Fhipogbuogbfiolghdfipghpiegpdfgjieroq”.I could’nt understand him so I asked him again,but this time he said it in English,”I came from planet Udcghrkjlgoiupgjdiu.

 I then said,”Ok”.

100 Word Challenge: Tim

100 Word Challenge

When the Soviet Union launched sputnik, the whole world was in shock.  You could tune in to the radio of sputnik, and hear it beeping from space!  You could also see it in the night sky!  The U.S. was also completely staggered.  Meetings were held across the country to find an answer.  The United States already had developed a satellite, but they could not launch it properly.  They called it Explorer 1.  The first successful launch was four months after the Soviet launch of sputnik and sputnik 2.  Sputnik 2 carried a living organism with it, a dog named Laika.  This was also a blow to the US.  This is what started the space race.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Social Studies: Time for Kids

 Time For Kids by Manny
    Time For Kids is this kids article we get for homework. They have some for many different ages. I remember when I was in second grade, the magazine was about 4 pages. But when you get into fourth and fifth grade, they are 8 pages! I actually like it long. There are more things to learn about.
    There are many different articles in the magazine. Large or small. There’s this section in the middle of the magazine that is the longest and main one. They show the article picture and a sentence of information about it on the cover. I liked this week’s one because I got to read about the ALA’s! Time For Kids is a great way to learn more about the world and your own community.
On the back, there’s miscellaneous stuff about movies, a mystery person that you have to figure out who the person is, maybe about music and a talented child who did something great. Time For Kids is so fun to do. Oh, I forgot to add, we have a worksheet to do after. I also like to do the worksheet. It helps you understand what you read.

Math: New Workbooks

New Workbooks by Manny 

    In math class, we have new workbooks! They look the same, but they’re new and clean and not all beat up like my old one. After turning in ours to Mrs.Barnes, we soon got our new ones. Do you like our new workbooks? It feels great getting them and doing a couple of pages for homework.
    What do I like about our workbooks, you ask? Well, I like how they’re so full of problems that we will soon conquer. The workbooks have many different units of math we’ll do. It shows that in the table of contents, if you want to see. We’ll have more work in our new workbooks, starred papers, and many, many memories. That’s why I love our new workbooks.

100 Word Challenge: Daboh

100 Word Challenge by Daboh

One day, Maria walked into her backyard when she saw a light. She crept up it as it got brighter. Suddenly, she was blown off her feet. When she woke up it was morning. “ What is going on?”, she wondered. Later she went outside again and found a book on the grass. In it was everything she needed to know. Two spirits had been arguing for a long time. They were in her backyard when they saw her coming. They decided that they would rather get along than explain everything to her in the one language that she understood. She gave a sigh of relief.