Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Poetry: Space Poem of Awesomeness

Space Poem of Awesomeness
By Sofi

This is my space poem. This poem is special to me because I worked really hard on it. I also think that it’s one of my better poems. I enjoy this type of poem because I think they are fun to read and also write. Here it is!

Ooblech goes to Jupiter
My name is Ooblech. 
I traveled in my asnomobile, 
I am strongest on my planet, 
Planet Pilget. 
I crashed into Jupiter, 
and got out of my asnomobile. 
Oh no, I'm getting smushed! 
Will I die? 
Will I get smushed and just splat?! 
Oh no! Must...Get...To...asno...mobile! 
I crawled along Jupiter to where I crashed. 
I could feel the air Getting pushed out of me! 
Then, I couldn't even open my eyes! 
Suddenly, I could feel the side of my asnomobile! 
I'll live! 
I sat in my seat and closed the top. 
I could breath and open my eyes! 
I'd learned my lesson and I never went to Jupiter again!

I chose this because I worked really hard and put lots of effort into it. This is a good poem.

Poetry: Apology Poems

Apology Poem
By: Kate
    The poem that I’m going to share with you is called an apology poem. It is basically a poem apologizing for everyday things that you do. For example, you could be apologizing to your pencil for dropping it on the floor or you could apologize to your clothes for shoving them in the washing machine. I am apologizing to my shoes. I like this kind of poem because it is really funny. Here is the apology poem I wrote:
    Dear Shoes By: Kate
    Shoes, I’m sorry for stepping in mud,
    I was in a big rush to get to school.
    Shoes, I’m sorry for throwing you in the front hall,
    I was starving though!
    Lastly, Shoes, I’m sorry for letting my dog eat you.
    May you rest in peace.
    I picked this poem to share because like I said before, it is funny, and I like making objects come alive and make them seem like people. I hope you liked it!

Poetry: Apology

Apology Poem
By Jonah

I am doing an apology poem.  I am doing it because I thought that some of stuff I did to my bed was funny.  I really like it and I wanted to share it.  

I am sorry bed
for sleeping on you
But I have nowhere else to sleep
I am sorry for lying on you to read
but where else was I supposed to read
I sorry for puking on you
but I could not make it to the bathroom in time
I’m sorry bed

Awesome Poetry

Awesome Poetry
            By Tom
I am chosing a I am poem because I am most proud of how it turned out.  This poem is speacil to me because I think this is my best poem I ever did. I enjoy this type of poem because It desribecd who the person is. Hope you enjoy.

I Am Poem
I am a funny guy that lives for history
I wonder who murdered Jfk
I hear the shoulder pads calling for me
I see the jokes I could use swirling around my head
I want to become a historian
I am a funny guy that lives for history

I pretend that I'm calling plays before the snap
I feel the touch of magic as the football hits my hands
I touch books like their gold
I worry about my famliy
I cry when I'm hurt and sad
I am a funny guy that lives for history

I understand that I am really awesome
I say that there was only one shooter in the JFK killing
I dream about playing football for the packers
I try to be funny
I laugh when I'm doing a fake laugh
I am a funny guy that lives for history

I am proud of this poem because I worked really hard on it and I think it is the poem that I Liked doing the BEST.

Poems of a Great World

Poems of a Great World


I am using my in charge of the world poem.It makes it unique because it is a poem about my world.I like this poem because it has a lot of good things. I enjoy writing these poems because every time I have a good idea I can put it down.Here it is.
The Best Place Ever
If I was in charge of the world,
Everything would be free and,
In infinite supply including,
Three day weekends.

If I was in charge of the world
There would be no more annoying siblings,
No more chores,
No more "eat your veggies" and,
No more disease.
I am proud of all the detail and work I put into this poem.

Monday, September 22, 2014

PE - African Dance

When we were in P.E we had someone from Africa come to teach us African dance.  It was really cool. We had a lot of fun. We learned a lot of moves. We had to remember everything we did throughout the year.

One of the moves were really hard because we had to move our hands and move our legs. It was fun to learn about the countries. The only country I said is where I was born from and that is from Ethiopia.

Did you like Mr. Diadje?  

5th Grade Play: Part 2

5th Grade Play:  Part 2
    By: Kate

    On Friday afternoon when it was the end of school our teachers walked us downstairs as a class. As we approached the list on the door to the music room, everyone who auditioned was holding their breath, checking to see if they got the part they wanted.
A lot of mixed emotions were going around that day. Some happy faces, some not so happy. But, even if you got into the play, what you will always remember is getting up to audition in music class. Most people were really nervous and didn’t want to do it but they did it anyway.
How did you feel when you auditioned?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singing Auditions

 Singing Auditions by Tommy

    Wednesday during music, 5B's class did their singing auditions but not our official auditions but anyway, they were for our play, Pinnochio. not a lot of people auditioned but they were really good.

Would you like to be in a play this good?

Saving Fred

            Saving Fred
            by Neha

On Thursday the 11 of September Mrs. Span(the school counselor) walked into the room interrupting our silent sleep of reading. We cleared our desks to listen to the lesson about cooperation. We were asked some questions about leadership and how to work together. After that we were organized into groups.We ended up working with our table groups after a short but endless discussion.
    A cup, lifesaver and gummy worm was placed on our table. We had to use "oars" (toothpicks) to get Fred the gummy worm inside the the lifesaver on top of the boat (cup) to save him from drowning in the"ocean". It really helped us cooperate and work together.   

African Dance

               African Dance
                by: jonah

All week we did African dance in PE.  Mr. Diadie came to teach us African dance.  It was really fun.  I can't even explain the steps.  It was really cool.  At the end of the week we performed for some of the parents.  We got up in the middle of the gym in groups of two and did it.  We tried not to mess up but sometimes we forgot some of the steps.  We learned some countries in Africa.

Did you like the African dance?

Music Auditions

Music Auditions BY: Chanel
This Wednesday what we did was sing in music for auditions.All the kids did amazing.We all didn't do it but. I enjoyed listening to my peers it was really fun.To see what kind of voices my class mates had!The reason why we auditioned is because we have a Pinocchio  play coming up soon.   We had to practice so our teacher Mrs.Williams could hear how we sound.

Have you ever auditioned for a play?


Crosswords by Tudor

    In Ms. Mcmillion's math class we did a extension crossword.It had multiplication and division.It also had addition and subtraction.The crossword also needed order of operations.
    I did it with my partner from Ms Mcmillions's class, John.We used a calculator to check our work.It was really hard.  I finished mine after two days of work.

Do you like crosswords?

Crosswords in Math

Sept. 12th 2014
          c word
          r   by
          o   jimmy
          s  jammer the
          s   jackhammer

This is a long blog so quit now if you want..........nobody? Ok.
This year in math is so much fun! The best part is the challenging CROSSword. You have to do adding, subtracting, multiplying dividing, order of operations and estimation. Try to make your own.

How would you feel if it happened to you?