Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Claymo: Parent Letters

!CLAYMO! Letters by Jimmy
Dear people of the future of tomorrow,
note that this letter is very meaningful, SO PAY ATTENTION!
this life changing moment during the CLAYMO retreat that took place on August 28th 2014.  We were moved to the Clayton center from Tillis Park because of “the heat”. So after the fun recess was the letter from our parents. We all cherished the once in a lifetime opportunity. our parents knew as much as we  did about CLAYMO, but they did know more about understanding what's inspirational.

How would you feel if you received an inspirational letter?


  1. Jimmy, great article. I wonder how many kids cried reading their letters. Mrs. Barnes made me write this.

  2. I agree they were very inspirational.

  3. My letter was very touching and I thought getting the letter was fun and getting the lanyard was also fun.