Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Field Trip To The Planetarium By: Lily

Today we went to the planetarium on a field trip. When we got there we split up into two groups. One that went to the “ experimental” exhibit and another that went to the Space themed exhibit. One of the activities in the experimental exhibit was boat racing. We designed and made sails using fabric and other various materials. Then we put them on a boat base and raced them. when we pressed the green button air would start shooting out and the boats would start moving.  When we switched to the space themed exhibit we saw a lot of pictures but there were a couple of main attractions one was this giant tube with poles on the sides. We would try to climb up the tube. It was surprisingly easy. Another attraction were the workout machines. There was a bike type thing and there was more of a full body workout machine. Overall 5B would be awesome astronauts.

Planetarium By: Iris

On February 29th 2016 the Glenridge fifth graders went to the St. Louis Planetarium, where we got to watch the show. The show was very cool and interesting we learned about the constellations, mostly the winter ones because it’s  winter. And we also learned some star names. Also if you have read Harry Potter then you would like to know that J.K. Rowling based some names of stars, like Sirius is part of Canis Minor. The small dog and yes that is why Sirius turns into a dog. Before we also had time to explore and you could make a rover move!

AWESOME science center field trip

Oh hi there, my name's Riley. Today we went to the planetarium and I had an  AMASSING  time. If you know me in real life I'm like a JR. astronomer I love, love, looooove, The stars (I'm going to the Kennedy space center in Florida during the summer and I'm going to eat lunch with a REAL astronaut. I'm super exited!) Canis Mojor (The great dog) is my favorite constellation. At the Stl Science center I Got to Control a real NASA rover (sadly not on mars) see a star show, And go to there makers space where i got to make a sail for a small boat (witch I beat every one with using simple physics of course.) and ended up finding that the structure that I built MONTHS ago was still there! me and my reading partner Claudia built a wagon that we pulled everyone around in (not at the same time). Honestly I know that I'm doing this for homework but I love the subject, its the best one in the universe! ha ha, get it? no? well this letter is about astronomy and you know what, forget it.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time to read this.
The Planetarium was awesome. We watched the stars and the Constellations. It turns out that there is a dragon, big and little bear Constellation and a dog Constellation! I even saw Mars! I also controlled a land rover on (fake) Mars! I can't wait to go back to the Planetarium! 

Today we went to the science center and planetarium. We saw: the maker space where we made cool experiments,a mars exhibit where we saw and programed an actual rover, the planetarium where we saw cool constellations on a slide show in a place similar to the imax, and a ton of other cool things.  

Planetarium Field Trip

Our trip to the planetarium was a lot of fun! First we explored the Makerspace in the Science Center part of the building. My reading partner and I made a wagon that actually rolled! It was a lot of fun! We also got to see the mission control room that controlled the rover on the other side of the building. It was cool to see and learn about the rovers and drones currently on Mars. Then we got to go see the Mars exibit in the planetarium. We could test different rocks and minerals to see what were in them, got to see landmarks on Mars, and even got to see a rover in action! We also saw a cool elevator designed to look simaler to the inside of a spaceship. Pretty soon, it was time for the star show. I walked up a long set of stairs into a large room simaler to the IMAX. I could see a faint image of stars all around us, but because it was before the show, I could only see about ten or eleven. I was worried that was what it was going to look like the entire show. I grabbed a mat and layed down next to my friends. The lights dimmed as the announcer showed us things like bathrooms and exits. After a while, she made a few more stars appear and started explaining what they were and how they connected. I was kind of sad that the stars were so dim. I started to tune out when something the announcer said caught my attention. She was talking about smog and light pollution, and how the stars we could see on the screen were dim because of that. I got exited. She then took away the light polution and the stars became a million times brighter! Then it got even better! She took away the smog and... Thousands of stars appeared out of nowhere! Some were large and bright while others were smaller and dim. It was so beautiful. I could see a long part of the Milky Way galaxy and I could even recognise some constilations. She explaned more, but I was just flabbergasted at the beauty of the stars. Overall, I loved the field trip and would be happy to go back any time.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Colony fates By Iris

Colony fates
By: Iris

In fifth grade we are doing a colonization unit in social studies. We are doing things called rounds where we pick a Weather fate, a Farming fate, a Hunting fate, and a Fishing fate, and a general welfare. The weather fate tells you if you have good or bad weather.The farming fate tells you how much food units you get and if you has problems. And the Hunting fate tells you how many food units you get or the problem. the Fishing tells you the exact same thing. And the general welfare is the overall card it is not very nice most of the time. It was only nice once or twice. But you really need luck.

The girl By: Iris

Her mouth was wide open and I could tell, she was shocked to see her. The girl standing across from her, she looked just like her. The shocked girl’s name was Delta. She had chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes. The girl across was the same the only difference was Delta had turquoise highlights. Then I realized something, the girl was Delta’s twin. That could be the only explanation. Then the mom came in. She was confused for 1 second, then her face flushed in understanding. “Roxy?” She asked. The girl replied grinning “Yes, it’s me and I’m back mom.”  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6th Grade Orientation

6th Grade Orientation
By Iris and Ava

On January 28th 2016, most of the 5th graders from the Clayton school district, went to Wydown Middle school, because there was a 6th grade orientation to get 5th graders ready to go to Middle School. At the beginning of the orientation when the parents and students walked in some people from Wydown passed out a sheet of paper telling which group you were in. When the orientation started the Middle school principal made an announcement, and greeting students when everybody was situated. She introduced some of the Wydown middle school teachers. After a little bit, three 6th grade kids, that talked about middle school. The first person was really humorous, and exaggerated a lot in an HILARIOUS sort of way. The second person was a girl named Sahi. She is one of my best friends (Ava’s) she sounded pretty good. The third person was a girl named Gabriella. She did pretty good too. After all of the announcements, we were dismissed to leave and go to our groups. Ava and I (Iris) were in the same group: Group D.
My friend Claudia and Seraphina were in the same group: Group A. There were some 8th graders leading the groups. We first went to math.
In math, we found out STARTLING news. We. Had. Homework. on. The. Weekends. Inside, Iris and I ‘s (Ava) heads we were screaming. As you could have probably seen, we do not like math that much, we like simple things in math, but still.

After the Math discussion, we went to Elective Choices and we got to choose which electives we were thinking about doing in middle school. Iris chose drama and music. I chose (Ava) art and music.

After Electives, we went to Social Studies, where they did an AMAZING skit about what we were going to do in that year of middle school. Ava and I (Iris) were literally laughing so hard that Ava got the hiccups.

After Social Studies, we went to Literacy. were they showed us a video, were 6th graders talked about fun things to do in Literacy. I could tell that Ava was excited to do this because she loves to read and write.

After Literacy, we went to Science, were we found out that we were going to go to a fun field trips. Where we get to try to find FOSSILS! We both thought that it was going to be cool and interesting.

After science, we went to Language Arts. There was an option between French and or Spanish. Iris is thinking about doing French, and I (Ava) am thinking about doing spanish, just because I already know how to talk in spanish, because all of the 1st grade students, through 5th grade students, learn the language.
After the tour of Wydown, everybody went home, Ava and I thought that it would be a little bit scary, but we also thought that it could be fun.


Discovery Blog Post

In 5th grade, we started a social studies unit called the Old Colonies or the 13 Colonies. But this isn’t any normal social studies unit, in this unit we are doing an educational stimulation called ‘Discovery’. In this simulation classmates are sorted into teams by teachers. Then the teams pick a colony name, draw a flag and complete assignments to earn points which are later converted to ‘wealth units’, which brings me to the next part.

There are two phases in this simulation. A sailing phase and a landing phase. During these phases, classmates load 3 ships with goods bought with the wealth units they earned. Once they are finished, they pick sailing fates and landing, hunting, fishing, farming, weather and general welfare cards and fates. Honestly last year 4th graders did a Oregon Trail stimulation and when they loaded their wagons, they had limited space but unlimited money. On the Discovery stimulation, the ships have infinity space but limited money. Oh well...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Wydown Orientation

Our trip to Wydown taught us a lot about next year. We parked in the garage and then rushed to the auditorium, not forgetting to grab a pamphlet. I grabbed a seat next to Ava. We waited for the orientation to start by talking about the school. Soon enough, the lights dimmed and the crowd fell silent. Jamie Jordan, accompanied by Doug Weiner, trotted onto the stage. She gave us a welcome speech and introduced us to Mr. Weiner. He will be our grade level principal. She explained the color-code of the pamphlet and sent us on our way to follow the 8th graders to the classrooms. I had social studies first. It was super fun to see Mrs. Miller do all of the crazy costume changes! Next we went to literacy and learned about all the fun projects we'll do. Then in science, we watched a video of kids doing labs and going on field trips. Next, in math, we compared 6th grade to 5th, and discovered we are in for a lot of homework. Then I went to spanish/french to learn how the current 6th graders like middle school languages better than the spanish classes we currently get. Lastly, I went to Main Street to hear what all the elective teachers had to say. There are so many choices! I am overwhelmed by all of it! I saw: Drama, chorus, art, exploratorium, band, orchestra, ELL, and they were all persuading. Middle school is super exiting and I can't wait to start!

Middle school orientation by Ken

Middle School Orientation
           By Ken
On Thursday night a lot of 5th graders from the clayton school district came to Wydown Middle School to learn about wydown. When we got to Wydown some students gave us this piece of paper, it was blue. Me and my mom went into the the theater room. We sat their for a few minutes, until a guy came up stage and started talking about what was gonna happen. He explained that the piece of paper you got at the entrance if you had a color like blue you would be in group D. Me and my mom was in group D, the guy also explained that a 8th grader is gonna be the people that you will follow. So me and my mom and a bunch of parents and kids in group D were going to the math room first. One of the math teacher’s explained what was going to happen in 6th grade math. Then we went to the language room. One of the teachers showed us a video that showed students talking about why they choose the language and why they liked it. After that we went to the social studies room the teacher explained about 6th grade social studies. Then we went to the reading/writing room. We got to sit in beanbags and pillows. The teacher showed a slide and video showing 6th graders talking. Then we went the lunch room were a bunch of people sitting at tables explaining about school clubs. Then we went to the science room and the teachers explained about science showed a video showing 6th graders working and 6th graders at field trips. After that I went home with my mom.   

The Fire 100WC Ollie

I was stuck in the building. Fire blocked every door I ran up to the roof and cried for help soon the was fire truck but, they were not any old fireman they were special. They had backpacks with wings that helped them fly high to the roof. The smoke was getting stronger and stronger. I soon fainted because of the smoke. The last I saw before I fainted was the fire man reaching for me. When I woke up I was in hospital bed looking up at the ceiling. I sat up and saw my family.

The Rebels 100WC

The nine worlds were under attack. Terror was spread across the lands, like butter spread onto bread. The rebels from a distant galaxy hated the nine worlds, and were ever so jealous of their precocious belongings and way of life. They assumed the only thing that they were to do was to plant an attack. In that time and place jealousy was something to be very mad about. The side that was jealous would attack the side they were jealous of. As perfect as this was for the rebels, there was much controversy about it. The rebels had a plan. they would bomb the city.

100 WC: The Rescue

The  Rescue
By Robert

The lightbulb popped and in a flash the building was lit flames roared and the lady ran away from the air stealing fire.She cradled the baby as the fire was burning her apartment. The bat winged firemen flew to the rescue and one of them took the baby to the crowd of people watching this horrid event. The lady screamed in panic and swiftly they set the red trampoline. The five firemen threw her to the trampoline and she hit the trampoline head first.

She flew in the air with a parachute and landed safely.   

Chocolate Milk

We are writing about the argument of the chocolate milk discussion.
Edward thinks that chocolate milk should be in school because I like it and also it would be crazy if they took chocolate milk away and no one would drink regular milk.
Aidan's thoughts are that, they should keep chocolate milk in school because no one would buy the regular milk. It shows that 29% more of the milk was wasted when they took away chocolate milk.

my thoughts about the chocolate milk is that I can not drink chocolate milk but it would be not fair for the other chocolate milk drinkers. The milk population of white milk would overpopulate and it would be bad because kids would not drink unflavored milk.

the Rescue

the fire clouded the woman's vision, the smoke rising.The woman ran to the balcony, where the
firemen would be able do see her. Soon, through the smoke,the woman could see the wings and the hose of a fire truck, And then, through the smoke, came the firemen. They had the wings of a birds and yet still wore the common firemen outfit. One firemen started to put out the fire, while the other grabbed the woman's child, then the woman. They then grabbed all her values and important thing then exited the building. they took the wings off and left.