Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Field Trip To The Planetarium By: Lily

Today we went to the planetarium on a field trip. When we got there we split up into two groups. One that went to the “ experimental” exhibit and another that went to the Space themed exhibit. One of the activities in the experimental exhibit was boat racing. We designed and made sails using fabric and other various materials. Then we put them on a boat base and raced them. when we pressed the green button air would start shooting out and the boats would start moving.  When we switched to the space themed exhibit we saw a lot of pictures but there were a couple of main attractions one was this giant tube with poles on the sides. We would try to climb up the tube. It was surprisingly easy. Another attraction were the workout machines. There was a bike type thing and there was more of a full body workout machine. Overall 5B would be awesome astronauts.

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