Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days
By Jules Verne
Review by Miguel
Historical fiction lovers, I have a good book to read!  Around the World in 80 Days is a REALLY good book.  I would give it 9 stars out of 10 stars.  The ending is very interesting.  
Mostly about a man names Phileas Fogg in London, who is ALWAYS on time for everything.  Then, someone robs a bank.  The day after the bank got robbed, Phileas made a deal with his friends that if he can make it around the world in 80 days, no later, no sooner, and be at that same place at 8:00 in 80 days, he would win the deal.  Phileas wagers 20,000 pounds, about 1.6 million today.  Will he make it? 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Reading: Time's 2015 Inventions

TIME Magazine Inventions

In class Mrs.Barnes has been reading too us from The TIME Magazine about new inventions or inventions that are coming soon. I found the hoverboard SUPER COOL except it is pretty impractical because it only hovers a inch above the ground and only has a battery life of 15 minutes. There is also a 3D Printer  which prints CARS and EDIBLE CANDY!!!!!! No, I’m not joking I’M VERY SERIOUS AND YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT!!! You can look it up for yourself and see.

I think its really awesome the stuff people have invented I could NEVER do it. Its really cool and some of the stuff is funny like the Selfie Stick LOOK IT UP! If you are looking for cool inventions also look up the 3Doodler and Anki Drive.

I like looking at cool new inventions do you?- Emma

Literacy: Kate Klise Visit

Kate Klise author visit

Hello Fellow Blog Reader!,
This is Ariana reporting. On wednesday an author came to our school. Her name is Kate Klise. She has written tons of fab books! She is a very good author and works with her sister to publish her books . Her sister Sarah  M. Klise is the illustrator to her books. Unfortunately only Ms Kate Klise came to our school. I fully love Mrs.Sarah M. Klise’s illustrations. My favorite book by this cool couple is… Well, I lOVE all their books. But I have to admit my favorite is The fourth book in the 43 old Cemetery Road series. (The phantom in the post office)
    Together they written TONS of childrens books and chapter books. Kate Klise has written; Regarding the fountains, Regarding the sink, Regarding the bathrooms, and Regarding the Bee’s. She has also written; Dying to meet you, over my dead body, till death do us bark, the phantom in the post office, Hollywood dead ahead, and greetings from the cemetary. She has also written chapter books that are not in a series such as; Letters from Camp, Grounded, and Home Sick. These are only some of her chapter books for kids my age. There are more chapter books. Let alone picture books and early readers chapter books. I highly recommend these books for anyone! Here is the link! www.kateandsarahklise.com.   Has an author ever visited your school??


Literacy: Kate Klise Visit

             KATE KLISE VISIT       
by Kane        
This week the author Kate Klise visited Glenridge. She had a lot of funny stories to tell like when she got a bad haircut.
    In class we read her book "Dying to meet you" and it was really good. Kate Klise also told us that instead of using a story mountain for our stories think of a clock. We got to see some of her notes and drafts for books and they looked really messy. It must take a long time to make a story.

Did you like the author visit?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Math: Algebra

Algebra by Tudor

In math we started on our algebra unit.It was pretty tough untill I got the hang of it.So basically algebra is using letters as numbers and those letters are called variables.Algebra was a short unit due to winter break.We will also certainly be doing algebra next year in middle school.

Due to the algebra unit being short,the test is tomorrow.That means study, study, study!I wish everyone luck.Algebra is useful in real life also like when you need to do certain things.
Do you like algebra?Pic from:commons.wikimedia.org

Writing: Blog Posts

Blog posts
                By Tom
    Today in writing we had to make a blog post about stuff that has been happening in the school. I did Personal Essays, But other people did stuff like Juggling Jeff, Coding and Basketball(which we’ve been doing in PE).
    This was the 1st blog post that we have done that we need to check with a partner and get our own pictures(using free to use or share). Our partners had to check our blog post checklist and tell us what you don’t have on the checklist. Some people because of enrichment got to have it as homework.
    Do you like writing blog post?


Book Review: The Landry News

Landry News By:Asher    
So far this month me and 2 other kids have been starting a book group. The book were reading is called The Landry News.The Landry News is about a girl named Cara who likes to write Newspapers a lot but she doesn't really like here homeroom teacher Mr.Larson.So when the teacher gives the whole class a homework assignment Cara decides not to do it because she thinks her homeroom teacher Mr.Larson is mean to her and she also thinks that she can do what ever she wants in order to not do her homework assignment.

Then Cara meets this boy named Joey Deluca  who is kind and nice and also helps out Cara with the Landry News. Then Cara starts to make 75 copies of her newspaper  which is becoming  a really popular newspaper for her.  This is also a Realistic fiction book.The Author's Name is Andrew Clements.

Question: Have you ever read this book before?



Writing: Personal Essays

Personal Essays   By: Sofi

    I love the personal essay unit. I love writing about my personal life. It's so fun to talk about my sister when she’s mean to me. But every once in a while she will come around and share her ice cream, or give me a hug. That's what I'm writing about, my bad-to-the-bone sister. This unit is making me so happy I work on it at home.
    Most people in class (I'm sad to hear) don't like writing. It's in my genes that I love it. My mom, aunt, and grandpa love it too. My grandpa has also written several novels and sold them. This writing is going to be sooooooooooooo cool. I would actually like to finish this unit early and teach people that are stuck. If you wish to be taught, contact me`. Do you like the personal essay unit?

Juggling Jeff Show

The Juggling Jeff Show
    By T.O.

    At the Juggling Jeff show Jeff juggled balls, big tennis balls, clubs, and 'bio hazardous waste' (dibers). First he juggled balls he did a basic three balls in both hands and two balls in one hand then he did five and some different techniques but when he was cleaning up and needed somebody to help him .
Than he did team juggling with the giant tennis balls then he juggled by himself but he couldn't hold on to the tennis balls . He juggled clubs and in one techniques when the baton landed in his left hand he quickly hit his head with the baton. Then for the grand finale he juggled diapers he got a on mask, gloves and, a protective suit . He went around the gym juggling the diapers as all the kids in the gym started screaming hysterically then he put the diapers back in the bukit and we started to get dismissed.

Did you like the juggling Jeff show?

Science: Ramps and Spheres

  Ramps and Spheres
                            By Jean

    In science we are testing force and motion.  We just finished testing pendulums so now we are testing spheres and ramps.  The materials you have are three different size spears. One dig spear, one little spear and, one big spear.  We also had a ramp and a runway. We tapped the ramp and the runway together at the bottom.  We also made sure that the runway was not over any bumps or cracks so it would not mess up our experiment.  We had a graph that had spaces for the three trials and the average.  We had two of those graphs, one for the medium ball at the two mark the four mark and at the size mark.  The second graph was for the big ball the medium ball and the small ball and they all started at the three mark.  
    The marks are on the ramp so we know where to let the ball go but when we do that we can not put pressure on the spear.  We have a measuring tape next to the runway so we can track how long the ball goes in two seconds.  But sometimes it can be really hard to do all this stuff because there might be some dents in the runway or your ball might stop allof a sudden (which happened to me) or you could just have a human airor.
    So now that you have an idea do you, think you would want to do this experiment?


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Literacy: Non-Fiction Reading

Non-fiction Reading
                    By Neha
    This month our class has been working on a non-fiction unit in reading. Non-fiction is about something that is true or really happened. Non-fiction topics vary from sharks to Martin Luther King Jr. We got partners and were asked to select a non-fiction topic that we were both interested in. It was like a book group and we met and talked about what we read  almost every other day.
    There are two different types of non-fiction you could read. The first type of non-fiction you could read is informational. This kind of book has text boxes, pictures, subtitles, glossaries, indexes and table of contents.
The second type is narrative. This time the book is written as a story but still has facts in it about the topic. So I ask you this, what kind of non-fiction do you read?www.flickr.

Social Studies: Explorer Trading Cards

Explorer and Ship  Trading Cards
In fifth grade at glenridge we do explorers,ships or past event projects.  During the process of these we work on trading cards  on one side you need to write facts and information that is true about your topic. Yet on the other side it is completely different because you need to draw an illustration of what you're doing and put the name of the drawing on the side or on top of the card.Then when everyone started getting finished our teacher or Mrs.Barnes made a timeline and asked us when our topic made a big change for the world then she hung them hung them on the timeline for the date period when our topic was famous and well know.

When I made my trading card I did a man named Hernando De Soto and he was famous around the time 1500,on mine I said when he was born,when he died,his family and what he did when he went exploring. When I did the illustration part I had a book with me and I copied (or tried but failed to) a picture and used as my inspiration.  When I wrote his name on it I wrote it sideways.  But when everyone in our class finished they all looked really nice all together because everyone work hard on them.

So will you make a trading card soon?

Juggling Jeff

by Thomas 

    December 12 2014 friday, glenridge had a very awesome hilarious man named Jeff, Juggling Jeff in fact. He does lots of awesome acts but we only got to see him juggle, which wasn't boring at all, in fact it was funny. I don't think anybody would disagree with me.
    My favorite part was at end when he started to juggle toxic waste (aka baby diapers) It was so funny because he started to walk all over the place and everybody started screaming and moving. Would you like to have him come at your school? Im tellin' you he's funny

Math: Algebra


    At the end of 2014, 5th graders had (in my opinion) the best math unit.Algebra! We had many ways of learning/understanding algebra like hands on activities, algebra codes, you name it we did it.

    I personally thought that this was a easy/fun unit because this is not your average, daily problem. In fact, if you think about it, it not a problem at all! Like, say there are x apples. there are 6 more oranges than apples. How many apples and oranges are there in terms of x? You are really only making the number model instead of solving the problem.

            Do you think this would be an easy math                

Literacy: 2015 Inventions

2015 Inventions
By: Kate

    As a class, we have been reading about new inventions in 2015 in Time magazine.  The inventions were divided into four sections: the future, for the good, play and technology. I think the “future” section had the best inventions.   
    One of them was a hoverboard which hovers one inch above the ground, only over copper or aluminum. Another one was a 3D printer, which prints edible candy, shoes and a small car. Also, there was wireless electricity so you wouldn’t run out of battery.
    What was your favorite invention?

Hour of Code

Hour of Code
                                   By Taayan
    Last week,Glenridge elementary had hour of code. It was one of the programs starting all over the world. Before we started, we watched two videos. The first 1 was Barack Obama telling everyone to start coding. The 2 was about a lot of famous people telling us to start coding. One of the people was NBA star,Chris Bosh. Then the coding started.
    First,Ms. Stover told us what games we could play. I started out with flappy bird. But it was taking to long to load. So I switched to light bot. The first few levels were simple. But at level 2-5,it was getting so hard that I almost quit. I finally past. After that came 2-6. I reached there when we had 10 minutes left. After those 10 minutes,I had gotten nothing done in level 2-6. But still it was very fun and I was very proud in myself.
                                    Do you want to code?


Writing: Personal Essays

Personal Essays
by Chanel
  This unit we are doing personal essays.
We could do anything we want like how bad our siblings are and how fast food is bad.
What I did was graffiti and how its bad and
not a good habit.  This is a good way to think of it: you should have a box and bullets and your reason on the bottom and in the box you put your topic.
This could help you with everything you need like how to get farther when you're stuck you can get more reasons so you won't get stuck. Here is the trick, personal narrative is not how about how you went on the best trip ever.
But you're really supposed to do it about things that happens and experiencing not really things you do.

Have you ever did a personal essays if you do what was it about?

PE: Basketball

 Basketball in P.E.
by Biruk
    One day, Monday, 8:50 in the morning we were walking in the P.E door when saw 6 basketballs on the ground and the hoops were up too. Right when we saw Basketball shooting we all screamed yay.

    When Mrs Miller said first "we are going to do warm up". 1 minute after that she said we are doing basketball shooting. after that she said " in groups of three". Then we were shooting the games were on the bubble and knock out. I won every game.

Did you win every game or not?

PE: Basketball

Basketball Unit In P.E.
By: Soren         
In P.E. we are doing a unit on basketball. Today we did basketball games like knock out, on the bubble and pig. It was fun. I won all the games at least twice or more. We played all the games yesterday except they added pig today , but I don't think they should have because knockout and on the bubble are two really fun games and pig is kind of complicated.   
My favorite part in P.E. was when we played on the bubble and the group I was in moved the cone back since we didn't want to shoot from wear the cone was before. My least favorite part was when the ball from other hoops got in are way so we had to stop shooting because we didn't want anyone to trip ,but it didn't happen that much.  
Did you like the P.E. unit ?

Literacy: Kate Klise

Kate Klise                12/17/14

    Yesterday, Kate Klise came to visit us!Kate Klise is the author of all the 43 Old Cemetery Road books, and her sister, Sarah Klise, illustrates the book series. I find it VERY interesting that they can work together...... me and my brother wouldn't last A DAY. She told us her first story was about a mouse, who loved Cheetos, and he went to all the towns and stole Cheetos, and at the end he had all the cheetos in the world.  Kate was really young, and she had given the book to her other sister as a gift, and she woke up and found it in the trash.  Her first rejection. But it helped her grow.

    One thing she taught us was the story circle. Imagine a clock. The beginning is at 12'o clock, the problem is at 3 o'clock, the journey is 3 o'clock to 7 o'clock, the OH NO( when the problem appears) is at nine, and the AHHA( where they figure out the problem), and the end is at 11. She told us the mountain didn't work because you're saving everything for the middle, but with a circle everything is balanced and nothing is boring. I like this idea, do you?

Literacy: Kate Klise

Kate Klise
               by Jonah
On Monday, December 16 Kate Klise came to visit us.  She is an author who has written lots of books.  In class we read dying to meet you.  It was very good and funny.  Kate Klise showed us many things.  She showed us a bunch of her books.  She even read one.  It was called Stand Straight Ella Kate.  It kind of sounds like it’s about her because the book is called Ella Kate and the author is named Kate Klise, but it’s not about her.

She told us about the circle plot for a story.  It is the main character first.  Then the problem.  Then the journey for a long time.  Then there is the aha moment.  Then the conclusion.  She also told us about her bad haircut story.  All her friends in class had gotten there hair done so for her birthday her dad took her to where he got a haircut and she got a boy haircut.  She was funny.  Did you like Kate Klise?

Math: Algebra

Have you ever overthought something that was easy?
Well I have.It all started on a friday when my teacher said algerbra! That one word stayed in my mind for the rest of the day.I really thought that word was only for the "big kids" so I freaked out.
    The next day I walked to class nervously as algebra was coming my way.I took a deep breath and sat down. The first thing my teacher said to me was please dont be scared of algebra,its really not that hard and you've been doing your whole life!Really  I thought it can't be.She said its just a blank in a equation.Then it got easier and easier and I know now never to over think something again.Algebra is just like anything in life if you try it and work hard you will get it and now love it!