Friday, January 31, 2014

100 Word Challenge: DJ

    There was a zoo keeper named Mad Pooper. Mad Pooper pooped everywhere, even in his pants. One day he got a new zoo animal. He opened the crate. It was a Grand Pink Gorilla. Mad Pooper was amazed. When he let it out it took the bicycle out of the crate and started pedaling around the zoo. All the other zoo animals were jealous because the Grand Pink Gorilla got to be outside of the cages. Then a voice came and it said “Hello”. The Mad Pooper laughed because it was the Gorilla. Then He Pooped his pants. All The zoo animals laughed.

100 Word Challenge: Tim

    I think it is really silly for a pink gorilla to ride a bicycle.  If I saw one, I would probably start laughing.  I once saw a bear on a motorcycle, and I laughed, but a pink gorilla on a bicycle would be too much.  I do not know how to make a gorilla pink, and I do not know how to make a gorilla go on a bicycle.  I think the best way to have a grand party is to have pink gorillas riding on bicycles. Why?  I think it is best to entertain guests so they can have a grand time.  How about you?         

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

    The talent show was starting. The crowed cheered as the first act walked on. They were all dressed as pink gorillas. I laughed. When they were done we all clapped. The next act rode on in on grand bicycles. Then one of the kids fell of their bicycle. Everyone screamed. The bicycle rode off the stage, and ran over some kids.
    I ran to stop the bicycle. I grabbed it and bent it in half. People erupted in applause. I bowed. The crowd starts chanting.
    "Sofia. Sofia. SOFIA!!!"
I smile.
"Sofia, Sofia, Sofia!!!"
    "Sofia. SOFIA! Wake up. It's time to get up." mom says.

100 Word Challenge: Sarah

`    Sarah's 100 word Challenge

    Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there was a grand castle. That was were the not so beautiful princess lived. Now the not beautiful princess had a favorite color. She loved the color pink. Then she decided she wanted pets. So she yelled "Servant, get me a Gorilla." When the servant said no, she got on her great big bicycle. Then she rode away, down to the pet store. When she said she wanted a Ape-ish thing, he laughed. Since she couldn't get what she wanted she got back on and rode home. And in the end she wasn't beautiful.

100 Word Challenge: Quinn

"Today I'm going to ride my bicycle to the Grand Central Zoo"

        2 hours later
I am at the ape house and it smells like poo. I see a gorilla. P.U. This is were the stink is coming from. When I walked into the ape house further I saw the pink butt monkeys. I laughed when I saw this because it was so funny to see a butt of a monkey.

        13 minutes and 29 seconds later...

I walked up to The Burger Barn. " May I have a bacon double cheeseburger."
"5 bucks."
Normal day at the Zoo

100 Word Challenge: Grace

                100 WC
    One day I was walking around minding my own business when I saw a highlighter pink thing moving around so like any curious person would do I followed it. Then I saw it ,the big thing was A PINK GORILLA!!!!! I saw it on a bike as it laughed a grand funny laugh.I asked myself "Why would a gorilla laugh."Then I looked back and he was gone so I just decided to walk home when I saw him  or her (I was not sure) go to the Zoo.He rode in there like nothing went wrong. I decided I would just walk home.

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

  You know how I have to do this hundred word challenge? Well, I'm having trouble thinking of a topic. How do you make the words grand, pink, gorilla, laughed, and bicycle go together? I had an idea about a laughing pink gorilla on a grand bicycle, or some gorilla's with pink grand capes robbing a bicycle store, but I couldn't put those together so I gave up. So I thought, and thought, and thought, and thought. I was getting scared that my teacher would kill me because I didn't have my homework, even worse, my mom! So I had to quickly came up with ` this.

100 Word Challenge: Diniti

Casey kicked the all the rocks in his path. He was suppose to go to the movies with his friends, but no. He had to take Danny, to the "Grand Grizzly Zoo" to see Muff the gorilla. Casey hated his big brother life Danny didn't even deserve it! He had manged to color on Casey's homework, eat all the leftover Halloween candy, and cut up his new jacket in one day. Casey didn't think twice when asked for a scissor and marker. Mom blamed him, for "Not watching your little brother." "He doesn't know what he's  doing." Dad had said. Life was just so unfair.

!00 Word Challenge: Sam

               By: SAM
    I was a abandoned and i was feeling hungry so I went to get a sandwich. Then I thought about the 100 word challenge so I thought about the words PINK, GRAND, GORILLA, BICYCLE, and LAUGHED. So I thought and thought and thought, in till I came up with a great story. Once upun a time there was a singer named PINK. She was rich, so she bought a grand gorilla riding a bicycle. She fed him, the gorilla and fed him and fed him and fed him. Till he was so big he broke the bicycle. She laughed and choked.

100 Word Challenge: Abigail

        100 Word Challenge

    One day the grand marching bard was walking down the street. They were dressed in funny uniforms. They were playing a song on all different instruments such as the trumpet, french horn and the flute. And many more. After the song was over the crowed cheered and laughed. The next band to play was the bullhorn group. They had come from Florida. There uniforms were pink and had sparkles on them. Once the bullhorns were done there was a little kid riding down the street on his bicycle. Then a gorilla came down the street imitating both bands. Which was weird.

100 Word Challenge: Aidan

I woke up in the morning and saw a big balloon and was out of bed in no time. I ran outside and a tall man with his son on him said hello. I was not able to see what was going on but saw a pink gorilla. But was hearing something like a bicycle. the balloon I saw before was a grand parade. I fell to the ground and I laughed so hard. I was so happy I got my whole family and we had so much fun that day. I was still in my PJ's and the man was fun the end bye.

100 Word Challenge: Sammy

    I used to think, you were GRAND, but then you shook my hand, buzz I heard, you big turd! I'm buzzaphobic!

    He LAUGHED and howled, Then I scowled, I took a spacecraft, shoved him in, and now hes on the moon.

    He sent a robot dinosaur, looked like the tile floor, picked a fight with GORILLA Joe, now it's streched five miles more.

    rode up mount. Everest, on my BICYCLE best, people say I'm the cleverest sonny, but I think they just want money.

    I must admit, I like PINK, as for travel links, so don't make fun, and all is won, and Mr.Machine Gun keeps.

100 Word Challenge: Mya

I woke up in the morning felling like I want to just slam my head into the wall. Finally when my mom came in to go and see how I was doing, she said "Mya get up there is a surprise waiting for you but you better hurry,it is going away!" I stumbled out of bed and saw out the window that there was a person that was dressed as a pink gorilla and then my mom said that"I think it will brighten your day" and it did! then my brother said "He is on a bicycle!" and we all laughed because he looked grand.


100 Word Challenge: Shane

    Somewhere in New York their was a grand opening for a pink pie shop that had stat of the art pink pies. Five hours later a gorilla has escaped the zoo with a pink bicycle and riding it north to the pink pie shop. And what we didn't know the gorilla was craving for pink pies. About five seconds later before the people could escape the gorilla riding a pink bicycle rammed through the window. The people in defense threw pies at it and made the gorilla fell in the pie making machine and turned into a big pie. And then the people laughed.

100 Word Challenge: NED

100 Word Challenge

I am sorry to say but just the other day I saw pink die.
Just before the death, Pink had a daughter named purple.
On that day Pink decided to die,purple decided to fly.
Oh why did purple have to fly,I mean did she not now she was going to die.Poor purple.Purple never even got to change her name to gorilla riding a bicycle.
The next day all over the news, the people told me that pink also had a son.The son's name was SometimesISlideDownTheGrandStaircase.
Grand was his middle name.He was adopted. Poor SometimesISlideDownThe.The END.
By Ned.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing: 1st 100 Word Challenge

                                              1st 100 Word Challenge by Manny
    The 100 Word Challenge that we did on Thursday was fun. A lot of students were calling out what they had. Also, we had fun. I liked doing it. It was our first on that we did. When Ms.Mullton said we needed to write some brainstorms, I struggled with it a little. I was not happy that we had to brainstorm first, but, what else were we supposed to do? Finally, I came up with an idea. It was about this kid who was riding home one day. He saw weird things. Like a gorilla, and a long weird pink dress. It was cool to write an awesome story for creative writing on our NEO. Did you have fun with it? I thought I had a lot of fun.
    Creative writing is fun to do. And I think it’s good to practice to do it from the 100 Word Challenge. I’m having fun with it. Even though it was only one time that we did it, still it was fun. I can’t wait to do the next one. Creative writing is a big thing in writing. Doing it can make you be a better writer. And that’s important knowing that in Wydown you’re going to write reports.

Musical Practice

Musical Practice by Manny 

    In music class, we are doing practice on the musical. Only the chorus stuff, and the songs. On Thursday, we had risers. So we all got in our spots where Ms.Williams told us where she thought we should be. She divided us by height and voice. There were two risers, she split them up between voices. I’m on the high side, along with Sammy, Sarah, Mya and BingBing. I forgot who else there was. It was a tough practice because a lot of people did not turn in their forms for shirts, and people did not hit the notes well. Ms.Williams kept pushing us, though, and the higher side did well.
    We have a lot to do if we are going to do the play on the 25th of February. It’ll be difficult, but I’m ready to challenge myself. Sometimes I’m a little nervous of the whole memorizing thing, but I know I can do it. The chorus won’t mess up, and I’m sure of that. Although, the memorizing thing will be stressful, I am confident I’ll do my best. Same with the chorus.

Poetry: Frozen

 Frozen by Manny
        It’s so cold outside
        I can hardly bare it
        I feel like I’m frozen
        I could hardly deal with it
        It’s so cold
        It’s so cold
        It’s so cold
        The wind howls fast and chilly
        It won’t stop
        That’s because I’m frozen
        I’m so frozen
        I can’t move
        And the winter won’t stop

Book Reviews: Lessons from Warriors

                                     Lessons from Warriors by Manny 

    You can learn a lot from a series. I have learned a lot from Warriors. It’s an amazing series and I’m sure Joseph, Diniti, Josie and Jojo will agree with me. I like to read the books and I think I can learn a lot from the series. It’s just one of those series that make you think and learn new things. Let me tell you why.
    First, I have learned that you need to stick with your friends. Firestar really stuck with his friend Graystripe. He could rely on him. He soon makes more friends that he can rely on in danger. Next, I have learned to follow my heart and do what I think is right. Graystripe was in love with a cat from RiverClan, but they kept seeing each other because they loved each other. That is really sweet. Also, Firestar did what he thought was right and did not follow along with Bluestar with her plan to attack WindClan. Lastly, I learned to look to the future. You gotta believe that something is guiding you and you will be okay. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from Warriors but I narrowed it down to three. Have you read Warriors?

Mrs. Mutis

                                            Mrs.Mutis by Manny

    Mrs.Mutis is a substitute teacher we had on Thursday, the 30th. She also substituted for Spanish class on Claymo one day. Apparently, she has two kids. Sofia and one 1st grader. I forgot the 1st grader’s name. Anyways, she was really nice to me and the class. The end of her time as substitute was a little rusty, but she was not too strict about it. I thought she was a really good substitute.
    First of all, she was funny. I remember when she said this,”If I don’t know what’s happening, and I read the book, I’m gonna be like what!”  When she said that, a few people laughed. She was really funny, so I don’t blame them. Also, she sang two lines from “I Believe I Can Fly”. Then, I was dying of laughter. Mrs.Mutis is also nice. When I was angry, she came over to me and helped me with the problem I had. Mrs.Mutis was a great substitute. Did you like her?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Unexpected Hebrew School Trip

    My unexpected hebrew school trip
Today I went to Hebrew school after regular school and everything went fine. So I had my do classes and then it was time to go. I had learned 4 new lines of a prayer called the Yotzer Or. Now I was walking out the door with my coat and all of my cold winter gear on. I hoped in the Sam’s mom’s car and sat down. The ride home had just began and I was feeling a little squashed because it was Sam S. and his brother in the back seat with me and Sam I. in the front. As the car went down all of the different roads trying to get us to Sam S. and his brother home when I blurted out……. “ WAIT WE NEED TO GO BACK TO HEBREW SCHOOL! I LIFT MY BACKPACK THERE.”
Ii was clear that we all were going to go back so we did our usual drop off. When I got home my mom was not there because she was at a meeting so there was a babysitter. I ran in the house and told everyone what had just happened. So we got back in the car and made our way back to hebrew school to get my back pack. On the ride there I was thinking about if I really needed my backpack or not. I could get by without it but I was just better off with in. When we go there my backpack was waiting at the door for us to take it so we took it and left. When I got home we went back to our normal lives with my backpack.

Has something like this every happen to you?

Poetry: Homework

Homework Poetry

    Homework oh homework
    How sometimes challenging and confusing
    How you make me happy when I finish you
    How you bring me good grades ( Sometimes )
    How I smile when you are easy
    How I feel aggravated when you are hard
    How I love help on how to deal with you
    How I know that you are nice
    How I know that you are mean
    How I smile when I do yuo
    Homework oh homework

What do you feel when you do your homework?

Social Studies: Fates

   Fates by Manny 

    Fates are really fun to do. You all know how they work so I will not waste anytime time telling you, but they’re really entertaining to do. My team, Strikers of the Night, have been doing a solid job with our fates. We have been close to bad luck but because of our location, we did not have to subtract 30% of our farmers, hunters and fishers. We got that twice. We usually get really good fates. We’re not the team that’s up and down with theirs. I tell you, we get good ones every round. Unless we get nothing because our fate would be bad if it were not for the amazing location we picked. I think our team is really lucky. We get good fates and we are a growing team, when it comes to attitude and friendship. I think our team is closer because other teams are bigger than ours.
Fates are great and fun to do. I’m happy we get to do them every single social studies lesson. Do you like fates?

Ms. Dunlop

  Ms.Dunlop is Back! by Manny 

    Ms.Dunlop was our student teacher in the 1st semester. It is good to see her again. When me and Eva were running up the stairs from GCC, we really ran FAST! It was exciting seeing her again. Everyone likes Ms.Dunlop. She is very kind and makes sure we do our best in the subjects we do. It is a great thing that she’s back. Do you think so? She was also very nice to us. Ms.Dunlop can relate to all of us. She’s young and wants to be a teacher. Many of us might want to be a teacher. She has also seen the movie Frozen! I asked if she watched it while I was looking at the reviews for the movie, and I was very surprised when she said yes. That’s just so great. Moving on from Frozen, Ms.Dunlop said she likes kids and would love to teach them. That is why she’s here today in 5B, along with two other aspired college students who go with Ms.Dunlop. I found out that information from a blog about Ms.Dunlop that Abby and Sarah wrote together. To rap it up, Ms.Dunlop is the best student teacher I’ve had in a long time. I think she’ll be a an excellent teacher.

Favorite Movie Characters

Favorite Movie Characters by Manny 

    These real or animated characters have shown an insane amount of bravery or cleverness. They can also be smart, kind, aggressive or shy. I have my list of favorite movie characters, but they’re not in order. Anyways, I’m about to share them with you. I love to watch movies, do you? They can teach you life lesson or just make you laugh when you are sad. That’s why I chose to type this up. But it is not just movies that can teach you life lessons, it’s also characters, too. So here they are.
    First, I like Queen Elsa from Frozen. She is brave, strong and scared of hurting people because of her ice and snow powers. She is teaching a great deal of being brave. Next would be Thor. Thor is powerful. His powers are amazing. I just do not like how his brother is so evil. That’s not good. He shows how to be strong. Lastly is the teenage girl from Epic. She is funny and fast. I liked to watch the movie because there were jokes like every second. The teenage girl shows how to have a sense of humor. These characters are teaching a lot of lessons. Humor, strength, and courage can get you far in life. I hope you think that is true.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Favorite Famous People

Favorite Famous People by Manny 

I’m here to talk about some of my favorite famous people. Do you have an idol? If you do, that’s great. That means you have admire someone and look up to them. Your mom could be your idol, or anyone in your family can. But these great people are not my idols, but I do admire what they do. These people are some of my favorite famous people.
First, I like Santa Claus. He gives toys away to kids, well, first of all that are Christian, and who’re being nice and thoughtful children. He’s a jolly good fellow. I also believe in Santa. You don’t have to see to believe, phonies!! Next is Miley Cyrus. Many of you wonder why she changed herself in such a different way, but here’s the reason. She’s just being herself. She did not change so miraculously because of more publicity, but because she was trying to be who she wants to be. She may sing about parties and that she can’t stop, but seriously, her music is the BOMB!! Lastly, I like Avril Lavigne. You may not know who she is, but she’s a great singer and she will always be to me. Her songs touch people like they do to me. She is a great example of reflecting her life experiences to her own music. Avril’s just great I tell you!! These are a few of my favorite famous people. What are yours?

Writing Seriousness

                                             Writing Seriousness by Manny 

    Writing is getting intense. With a very long delay from writing, 5B is jumping right in to the mode. The writing-and-researching-like-crazy mode. I think it’s good to do research at home because it gets you extra practice instead of only doing your homework. Writing is a very fun subject. But now, it’s getting like social studies. Really hardworking, serious and intense. That’s the only way to describe it.
    A lot of people are researching while a other people are working on their outline. What’s your topic about? Mine is about why more people should watch Frozen. It’s a fun topic to research about because I get to look at the reviews and such. It’s really fun to see how people thought about the great film. Writing is getting more serious than ever, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for the challenge. But I’m doing it now, so bring it on!

Thinking about the 100 Word Challenge

                                            100 Word Challenge by Manny
    The 100 Word Challenge is something to help develop better creative writing for kids. 5B is supposed to do it on the blog. So we write a regular blog, but, we have to make it 100 words. Also, we have to put in 5 words in the blog or story. It’ll be fun. At first I hated the idea, and now, I like it. But putting in 5 random words will make it seem a little weird. But it’s creative writing, so who really cares? I think it will be a fun challenge. I’ll tell you what the words are for this week just in case you forget.
2. Bicycle
    I forgot the rest. But anyways, the 100 Word Challenge is helping kids with creative writing, like I told you. Do you think it’s a good idea to help kids with their writing with this challenge, or do you think it is not a good idea?

Poetry: My Morning and My Room

MY Mornings By Dj
I wake up.
In the morning.

I get dressed.
In the morning.

I wash my face.
In the morning.

I brush my teeth.
In the morning.

I eat.
In the morning.

I sleep.
In the morning.

    Do you like the morning?     

My Room  By Dj

My room is messy
My room my room

My room is smelly
My room my room

My room is nasty
My room my room

My room likes ice cream
My room my room

    Do you like your room?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Spanish to English

En El Invierno
                         ( In The Winter )

    In spanish class we were given lots of words in spanish that describe winter or thing you can do or eat in winter. I chose just to write thing I do and do not like in a clever way. Others wrote a poem. What ever we did just had to be in spanish and about winter. Here is a little poem in spanish a the translation.

En el invierno me gusta hacer snowboarding
Me encanta nieve, nieve, nieve
Odio bufandas*

In the winter I like doing snowboarding
I love snow, snow, snow
I hate scarves*

*Scarves are just so ichie and make my hair so staticy.
I also can say much more in Spanish!
What can you say in spanish?

Skiing in Colorado

Skiing in Colorado

Over winter break my family went skiing in winter park,we went to a place called Winter Park.
On Monday December 23 we started skiing.since that was just my second time skiing we had to have a private lesson some skiing guy.
He was nice but since we were not all pros we did not get to do too hard of skiing runs that day.You see a  black diamond at hidden valley is compared to a green in Colorado.
I had not remembered how to ski but when we got there and started doing stuff it was apparently easy!We spent most of the morning learning how to ski.After that we had lunch and started doing the runs.The first one we went on was not very hard I felt like an amazing skier going down the hill. But when we started getting to the harder runs I fell a lot .My favourite run was called Ski Papa.Ski papa took you through the woods and over little jumps, During the whole run I felt like I was going to run into a tree.
The next day we immediately started skiing.The first one we went on took us through the woods a down steeper hills.After that we took the longest ski lift to the top of the mountain.Now this is not the top of a hidden valley mountain this is the top of a Colorado mountain.Right as we got up there it started snowing hard.
We started going down the mountain It was like a blizzard we had to get the bottom as fast as we could.The only problem was you could not see 10 feet in front of you and your goggles were completely fogged up.
I thought I was going to die on the way down or at least break a bone.I did not think any of us would get down there safely. It was skiing through a battlefield.Some how I made it down and survived the day.
Have you ever skied through a blizzard?
By Ned 

PE: Rollerblading


    Starting today in P.E. we did rollerblading. Last Friday we were asked to bring our helmets and some wrist guards if we have any. So today we got on our rollerblades and stated to skate for the rest of the class period.  When we walked into the gym there was a message on the board that we had to follow. Here is what the board said:
    Take your shoes off
    Take them to see the board with your skate sizes on it
    Put your shoes in the hole where your skates were
    Take all of your equipment to the wall to put it on
    Go to see me wherever I am to show me that you have everything on correctly

Everyone followed these rules and the we got to skate the rest of the period!

What do you like about rollerblading?

Dollar Words

Dollar words

Have you ever made a dollar word?
I have,a couple I have made are:
Dollar words are words that when you add the letters up based on what number in the alphabet they are.
For example:a=1,b=2,c=3 and z=26.
Some ways to find dollar words are:Look for words that have 2 z’s,look for long words and look for words that have a lot of letters towards the end of the alphabet.
That is how to you make dollar words.
By Ned

Poetry: Winter

Winter Poetry

        ( To the tune of walking in a winter wonder land )

    Oh the snow
    Its falling
Oh the wind
Its not helpful
    Oh the temperature
    Its not rising
    Oh the snow
    Its not melting
    (Thats good)
    Oh the school schedule
    Its changing
    Oh the world
    Its gliding

    Through these wonderful days
    Were happy all day
    La la la la la la la

Movie Review: Dog Days

Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Dog Days by Manny 

    A lot of people in 5B have read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well, I’m here to talk about one of the movies I’ve seen. It’s called Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Dog Days. It was a very funny and entertaining movie to watch. I really enjoy watching the movies better than the books. Only by a little, though. Have you seen this movie? Well, it’s really funny. It can get a little weird, ‘cause, you know, it’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
    So it’s summer in the movie. Greg has a crush on Holly Hills. He often sneaks out to a country club to have fun with Rowley and Holly. Although when he leaves, he lies to his dad and tells him that he got a job. The movie really has a twisted plot and I think you can learn a lot from this movie, actually. You can learn better father to son relationships, because something happens with Greg and his dad. The movie was funny and a tiny bit serious. But the serious part was where the dad and Greg have those problems. If you have not watched this movie, then watch it! You can learn a lot from this film.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Poetry: Christmas

Merry Christmas by Manny 

    Oh my gosh it’s Christmas
    This is so exciting
    Can’t help fighting the thought that it’s Christmas
    I hope I have a merry Christmas
    The time of year that is my favorite
    The jingle bells ring
    The presents unwrap
    I love the sound
    It’s gonna be a merry Christmas
    I am sure of it

TV Review: Ending of a Show

Ending of a Show by Manny 

    One of my favorite shows is about to end. It’s called Good Luck Charlie. The show’s gonna end on the 11th of February. It has been an awesome show and I hope the last episode, which is called “Goodbye Charlie” is a good episode. The title seems to me like it’s going to have a proper ending. Good Luck Charlie is one of the best shows on Disney in my opinion. And when it ends, the only good show will be Austin and Ally. And Austin and Ally is in their 3rd season.
    Good Luck Charlie was a very unique Disney show. I do love the characters and stuff so I really do not want it to end. The plot was great and I seriously enjoy the messages and problems they have with their friends and such. Is one of your favorite shows about to end?


Manga by Manny 

Manga is this Japanese style of writing and it’s just like a comic. It’s really fun to read when you have a favorite topic or anything like that. Lets say if you like Naruto, then there will be manga because it’s an animated show. Also because the show’s anime. And a lot of anime shows have manga books if you want to check them out in a reading style. Manga is just so awesome to read. There’s so many anime shows you like and they have manga for it! If you ever decide to read manga, then you’re awesome and are open to reading something else other than hardcore fiction. But you should only read it as much you would with a dessert book, because if you get too obsessed, that’s gonna take your mind off from a meat and potatoes book. But seriously, manga rocks! Manga is an amazing type of writing and it’s good to read if you just want to relax.
Here’s one example for manga. If you love Warriors like I do, then they have Warriors manga. Stuff about Graystripe finding his way back to the 4 Clans, and Ravenpaw. It’s really cool. If you like comic books or anything like that, then read manga! I got into manga when I read one about Avril Lavigne. You can even write manga if you want to! Manga is awesome. I hope you think that too.