Friday, November 22, 2013


   I am from China,so I know some things about China.  China have lots of china - porcelain. In China there is zodiac of animals based on birth year.  Some are mouse,tiger,rabbit,dragon,and a lot of animals. And millions of Chinese have silkworms.  Silkworms eat some leaves,they don't eat people.  Some Chinese like eat chicken's foot.  I like it very much.
    Do you like chicken's foot?  Do you like China? Sam wants to go to China,do you want to go China?

Book Trailer by Sarah and Abby

Crash Pins

            Crash Pins By:DJ

 We read this book called Crash. It was awesome. It's about a boy who stops bullying and becomes friends with the victim. But any way pin is a character and he is bullied. In the story they were building a new mall and Penn was chanting " stall the mall". Also about every day he wore a pin and it would say hug a tree. Or something in that nature.
So in class we are making pins, and it has a motto that we believe in. Like mine is "always win". We colored our pins so it could be hand made. Some people did it while looking at a picture. If you made one what would it say and look like?

Words of Wisdom

              By: Quinn

A couple of weeks ago I did Words of Wisdom. Words of Wisdom is a thing we do at Glenridge Elementary. Two kids from 5th grade are picked, and next week they do Words of Wisdom.

Did you do Words of Wisdom this year yet?
Do you do Words of wisdom at your school?

  I did Words of Wisdom on my birthday. That was fun because I got a birthday pencil too. I did it with my friend Sean. Believe it or not, it was fun and you should look forward to it. You get a sheet to practice on at home. So you master it on the microphone

Much Ado about Middle School


    Recently, all the fifth graders, from all of Clayton, came to Wydown to see a play. The play was called: Much Ado About Middle School. My mom told me that Shakespeare had written a play called: Much Ado About Nothing. So, it was like they were suggesting middle school was nothing! Haha!
    Anyway, in the play, there was going to be a dance called: The 16th Annual Super Sweethearts Extrava-Palooza, and these two boys have to make everyone like each other, and, well, it's hard to explain.
There was one point in the play I didn't like. See, I moved from Ladue to Clayton, and those two schools are rivals. So, at one point, a kid's parents wouldn't let her go to the dance because that boy went to Ladue. So, do you think I liked this? Of course not!!! But, other than that, it seemed okay.

Symphony Field Trip

        Field Trip
        Written by:BingBing

  On Wednesday 11/20/13, the Glenridge 5th grade went to the Powell Hall to hear St. Louis's Orchestra to listen to music.It was so awesome! Other schools went too.I think those other kids where 5th graders too.Some people almost fell asleep.The conductor talked to us.He asked us questions.

 The bus who took us to the orchestra was late.We had to wait in the cold for 20 MINUTES.When we were about to go inside,the bus came!(This really happened!)

 Did you ever go to hear an orchestra?

Guesstimate Jar

               Guesstimate Jar!!!!!!
                   By: Sam

    In school I have always felt the need for some candy, don't you? Like a victory prize at the end of the week for all your hard work. That makes you fell like your work has payed off. Well, 5B has one, we have the GUESSTIMATE JAR.

    Each week someone fills the jar with some type of candy and they know how many of them are in there. Then all throughout the week kids guess how many there are and the one that is the closest is the winner.
Every one gets an even amount of candy but the winner gets a lot more then everyone else, then that winner has to fill it up for the next week. If it is a tie then we draw sticks with our names on them to see who wins.

Have you won before, and if yes how did you fell when your name was called?

Do you have any other ideas for celebrating your work?

                - Sam


    Written by:BingBing

Glenridge Elementry School had a Halloween party on Thursday,10/31/13,it was so fun!Everybody went on a parade in the Glenridge gym,after that,we had a party.There was TONS of games.We went home after the party.At night time,everybody went Trick or Treating and got alot of candy.Some people say,"That was the best day of my life!"Other people say,"Maybe not."But I say,"That...was...AWESOME!!!"

  I like Halloween,because I love candy!I love presents too, so that means I like Christmas and my Birthday.  A lot of people go Trick or Treating and some people stay home and give out candy.

 Do you like Halloween?

My Family

                 MY FAMILY

     My family has three people: father,mother,and me. I am a student. I study in the Glenridge school. My father is a student, too. My mother does not work. She just cooks and studies English with me. Sometimes, we play basketball on Saturday and Sunday.  But I don't like to play basketball.
I like to ride my scooter.

what about your family?


                   Math by Shane

    Hey guys! I have a special blog entry that I hope you all enjoy. Today l'm going to tell you about math. For the past about two weeks we have been learning about multiplying and dividing fractions! But, believe it or not it can be easy and a little fun even. I know what you're thinking. How can it be fun? Well believe it or not it can! It's pretty easy to and that's also the fun of it!

The test was yesterday but it was not as fun because it was a lot harder. If you like gum. This is the test for you because Mrs. Barnes gave a piece to every single one of us! I don't know about you but it was actually pretty fun.

Do you have fun in Math too?

Square Art

SQUARE ART by Timothy

In September, we made art out of squares.  The first square was 16x16, the next was 15x15, the next 14x14, etc.  We made patterns with these squares, and the odd perimeters were one color, and the even another.
    Our whole fifth grade enjoyed making the artwork.  Some students arranged it in a pattern with the squares decreasing in size on the largest one.  We could arrange it in any way, and everyone had a unique design. I think they are all beautiful.

What do you think?

Explorer Projects

                 Explorer Projects

    On our first unit of Social Studies, we did Explorer Projects. First, we had to pick an explorer. Then we had to do research using many different resources such as a book, encyclopedia, and websites. For every resource we had to jot down notes about our explorers that we found.

    Next we had to pick a type of project to do. Most people chose a poster but I chose a keynote presentation. You could also have chosen to do a Prezi, a glogster, and everybody book, e.t.c. The due date for our projects was November 11 so we had about 2-3 weeks to complete our projects. On Monday, (the due date) everyone was showing off their projects. At the end of the day the excitement was even more intense because our teacher had announced that we would get a chance to share our projects to everyone. We would have to take a couple post-its and write a comment to the ones that really popped out to you. Then that Wednesday, the parents came and you were able to share your projects with them. It was really cool to see how people did the same explorer as you, but they added completely different information. Some people got inspired to do different projects next time after looking at everyone's projects. I was inspired by the prezis. They could zoom in and add info inside a bubble with different information.

    Do you want to do an explorer project? Try it and find out!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Day The Parents Came In!

The Day The Parents Came in.
By Diniti 

We Have been working on this project, so our parents won’t get mad. Preparing…  We came to school with blood red eyes from working so hard. Fearing…
    Mrs. Barnes blames us for looking around and not concentrating, but we are only searching for hiding places. From the day my classmates and I found out that we will choose explorers, search about them, to set up so that TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND STRANGERS could see, it made me shiver. But when I was notified that we were getting GRADED, I dove under my blanket and stayed there for one whole hour. You see, everyone in 5th Grade had to choose an explorer, such as Marco Polo, and research everything they could about that explorer, and then find a way to show of their work. Some people did posters, Glogster, Prezi, etc.  We all knew it was going to happen one day, but there was no stopping it from happening.

    Now that You know what happened, please do: A. Go cry behind the door and look back at what you did to your child, B. Immediately apologize and give them a present. C. Wince a dozen times. Or D. Remain the cold-hearted person you are.

P.S. Most children would approve of B.

Book Review: Surviving the Appliewhites

Surviving The Applewhites

    Recently we finished our social justice book groups. I was in Surviving The Applewhites. Surviving The Applewhites is a great book about a girl name E.D. Applewhite, and a boy named Jake Semple. E.D. is an Applewhite. The Applewhites are a very creative clan. E.D. feels she has no creative talent whatsoever. E.D. is very organized, and the Applewhites are not. She must learn how to survive her crazy, unorganized, creative family.
    Jake Semple is a "bad" boy. He set his school on fire, got kicked out of every school in Rhode Island, and has a social worker! The Applewhite have been kind enough to let Jake live on their farm. Jake hates it, and plans to get out soon. But then some events including a dog, a little brother, a caterpillar, a play, and a butterfly change everything. Jake realises the good.
    E.D. and Jake both have their problems, and troubles. But many things change their opinions. Surviving the Applewhites is no easy task, and E.D. and Jake are caught with just the same problem.

 Will they survive the Applewhites Read to find out!

The 5B Frankensteins

        The 5B Frankenstein                           By:Emma and Diniti
    5B has fashioned monsters! Really. In Art class, Mrs.Hayden has provided us everything we need. All of it from the earth. The most fearsome thing of all: Clay!

We made the monsters by making two "pinch pots". Pinch pots are little bowl like things made with clay. After we made them, we stuck them together with the score method. The score method is  you take a sharp tool then make little lines going two directions. Then we make little arms and legs but those are preparations. Before you put them on you carve out a mouth. You do this for two reasons, one you need a mouth for your monster and two, It would blow up in the kiln. Monster go boom! Then we attached the arms and legs. We carved out the eyes and we made the hair with a garlic press! After that we had to put them in the kiln to fire and harden. When they come out they are very fragile. We paint them them glaze them so they're shiny. We were working on shiny versus dull.

    If you made a monster, what colors would you use?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Classroom

     MY CLASSROOM by Steven

     My classroom is very big.  It has 23 desks.  One big white board.  Seven computers, I like to play it. If I can play it I am very happy. A clock, a lot of chairs.  And 13 lights.  It have a map on the wall. It has six windows , I can see some trees and sky in the windows. My classroom has two bookcases, the bookcases has lots of books. The table near the bookcases. We can read the books on the table. I do not like reading on the table.

      This is my classroom. I like it very much.  Do you?

Book Review: Warriors by Manny

   Warriors: Forest of Secrets by Manny

    Have you guys read Warriors? Well I might tell you what it is about. So, Rusty, a two leg cat, gets attacked by Graypaw, an apprentice from ThunderClan. Then, they meet and Graypaw leads him to ThunderClan. There, he is given a choice to join ThunderClan. Rusty takes the choice and now is a member of the clan. Although he is not appreciated by warriors, he still has bravery to stay with the clan. Warriors call him a kittypet. Rusty gets his apprentice name, Firepaw. And things take control from then. So now, Firepaw is a warrior, but I'm not telling you his warrior name! So Firepaw discovers secrets from within his own clan. Like, how did Oakheart die. And (here's a big spoiler), that the mean deputy of ThunderClan tries to kill the respected leader, Bluestar. Things get crazy. There is taunting, birth of kits, extreme deaths and fights between clans. It's incredible. Read it to find out how crazy it gets.(Although if you haven't read Warriors yet, start from the first book, because this is the third.)  

Our visit to the Symphony

    We went to the Symphony on 11/20/13. We looked at art and listened to music. There where strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Every picture would have it's own music.

    There was sad music, happy music, joyful music. All sorts of music. One of the students Evan fell asleep right behind me. I was the only one who dress nicely science it was the symphony.

Have you ever been to the symphony? If not You should it is very beautiful and soundly.

Fun in the Artroom

         Fun in the Artroom by Manny

    Do you guys like art? Well I hope you do because, if you don't like art, you'll like art after you finish reading this entry.

    Choice art is what it's called. There are 5 or 6 six stations. There is up to 4 people at each station. But the joy is you don't rotate. You can go wherever you want. There is a painting station, a drawing station, a print station, a collage station, and a fiber station. It was really fun to have a choice to do what we want. Sometimes, I have great ideas  but I don't get to turn them into something because we have to do a certain thing. But now I can with choice art.

Team Competition

In 5b, we have points.  They are for our teams in Social Studies. The teams are Silver Compass, Scavengers, Fighting Buffalo and Homo Sapiens.If your team does something good, your team get points. Our names come from things related to our study of Explorers or old tools exploring. 

Now on the date of November, 20, 2013, the scores are Silver Compass has 12,010, Scavengers at 9,765, Fighting Buffalo at 7,130 and Homo sapiens has 5,370.  We get points  for getting questions right, doing extra credit and working together well and being good at guessing.  We have a lot of fun with them.  I am on Team Silver Compass and we hope to win. 


The Play at Wydown

           Wydown Play!

Last Thursday we went to Wydown Middle school to see the Wydown play.The play was about trying to get people to like each other in a dramatic school.It was a mix of Shakespeare, romance and a comedy.
To get to Wydown we went way down Wydown road to Wydown Middle School.We walked the hole way.
The play was about two hours long and halfway trough the play they played a movie about the making of the play.It was a very hard background to make and I am surprised they finish it only in 1-2 months.
This play was called Much  Ado About Middle School.

Have you ever been in a play?

Have you ever seen a play?
By Ned

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Secret Word

            Secret Word
                By: Emma
    During social studies we are doing this activity called secret word. What we do is our teacher calls a student over in the corner and she gives him or her a word and we have to sneak into a speech. for example, say your word is rain. you would try to put it into a speech. Our class is split up into 4 table pods.
    After him or her says their speech, The other 3 table groups have to guess what the word is. If none of the table groups get it right, the team with the person who did the speech gets 30 points. If one team gets the right answer they get 20 points and the team that got it right gets ten points and so on. Secret word is really fun and I suggest you try it! Have fun!
        If you had the word rain how would your speech go?

Peace Loops

              Peace Loops

Hello  fellow readers, at Glenridge we do some thing called PEACE LOOPS.So peace loops is a thing when you are caught being peace full you get one,Also when you can one is when someone drops something or spills something and you help you can get one.And it goes on the whole month of November,And when November's over we all go to the gym to see which class got the most peace loops,

Also while we are in the gym our counselor Mrs. Spann wraps all the peace loops into a big fat ball.Then she announces what a good year this has been.
And after all that drama all the classes celebrate(Maybe)with snacks and drinks.

What have you done to be peaceful?


Broken Bones

        Broken Bones in 5B  By: DJ

    We have to kids in our class with broken bones named Aidan and DJ (Me). Aidan broke 2 of his growth plates by doing a front flip and then landing on it wrong. He is a pretty tough guy if he didn't cry. he has a red cast and my class have to try and sign it.
    Now DJ me, broke my growth plate to. But it was on my leg. Someone dived element first into his leg. It really hurt. P.S. DJ is me.Instead of me having a cast I have a brace I will show you how it looks, also Aidan's cast.
    How would you feel if you broke a bone?

Explorer Projects

        Explorer projects

    In 5B we have just finished our explorer projects. People in 5B have done posters, keynotes, power points, mobiles, prezis, IMovies and reports. Our projects are about our given explorers. So we were given the assignment of doing a project on our explorer and presenting it for our project museum.
    The projects turned out quite well if I do say so my self. On the day of the museum, every kid in the grade and the parents that came were given a complement form. It was a yellow sheet of paper that needed you to write the project owners name of the project that you are looking at. You would get to grade then in different categories and a compliment at the bottom.
    What explorer would you want to learn about?

CRASH has ended

        Crash Has Ended

    Crash ended with everyone wondering and there is no sequel or second book! It was a very interesting ending and we are going to write some chapters to it. Abby became a animal maniac and Crash became a nice normal not mean person.

    Crash screamed to Penn, "LEAN!!!!!!!" and Penn won the race just because of Crash. Crash saw Penn's great grandfather and he reminded him of scooter and let him win and than they won the Penn relays! They came in second when they never Evan became 3rd. They always lost. 
Have you ever read Crash? If not do.

40 Book Challenge

    Hello again fellow people, have you ever heard of the forty book challenge? Well if not, your in for a real treat! It's wear you try to read forty books before every one else, and if you do, you get a prize.

     In the forty book challenge, we use booklets to log how many books we've read. We also grade how good we think the book was. So I hope you like the forty book challenge.
And are you going to try it out?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Diniti's Fantasy Short Story

Phoenix: Elements

Chapter one: Celestia
I stuck my tongue out at her brother and smirked. “Celestia  chose last year” Eragon complained. “ Your sister has been acting very well this year”dad frowned at him. Eragon rolled his his eyes, but his cheeks turned red. “Let’s get this over with.”  Eragon tried to stick his tongue back at me, but Dad flashed him a look .“Revenge”  something somewhere in me bubbled. “I choose..............Aunty !” I smiled. Eragon dropped his jaw when he looked down at the maps.” But- but that’s a peacock farm! No way I’m going there!” Eragon sputtered. “You never learn my dear.” Celest said. Two years ago, you choose Lego City. I sulked silently. Now it’s my turn to drag you behind.” Celestia flicked her hair. Eragon huffed. “ Looks like we got a lot of packing to do?” Dad raised an eyebrow. “ We do” mom agreed.
                   Chapter two: Eragon
   I stared out the car window. “Hey, sis, just out curiosity, why did you choose a peacock farm?” I asked Celestia. “Well dear brother, I knew you bloody hated peafowls farms, and especially Farms full of peafowl poop.” Celestia smirked. “Dad,you don’t like peacocks!” I wailed. “Well, “Another reason to choose this place for summer break; living with peacocks in you bloody Aunt  Margaret's house.” She told me under her breath. “In short, you’re leaving us in a peacock poop house  alone I asked, gripping the car seat. “ Aunt Margaret cleans the house everyday, and you won’t be alone, because she has a couple trainees  that are around your age”- “You’re telling me there are more 15 year olds in a clean peacock poop house, training to take care peacock poop,and they expect us to do the same with peacock poop?” I yelped. “Please don’t say “peacock poop” Eragon; it’s rather rude.” Mom sighed.
I gritted my teeth and glared at Celestia.

Chapter three: Celestia
    “I guess this is the place” I said to Eragon.  “Like I need reminding” Eragon shivered.
We both stare at a huge red barn. There was a tall metal fence bordering a gigantic stretch of desert like land. And Standing right in front of the barn was Uncle Sam and Aunt Margaret with two teenagers at their side.
I rushed to hug Aunt Margaret and Uncle Sam. Mom always said that I was a adult charmer with my words and movements. Eragon hesitantly followed behind.
“Aunt Margaret! Uncle Sam! It’s so good to see you.” I said, then flashed my picture perfect smile at them, while smirking at Eragon. He settled for a handshake, though when he stuck out his hand at Aunt Margaret, she hugged him anyway. Little boys named Eragon never learned that they can’t avoid bear hugs from their Aunt Margaret.
Uncle Sam had withered white skin, long gray bushy hair on his head and his beard were tied in blue rubber band that were the same the same color as his deep sea eyes. In short, he was the secret twin of the headmaster in the Harry Potter books. Aunt Margaret had turquoise eyes. Her skin was pale white, and her hair was light brown with streaks of silver. If a person looked at me and Eragon compared to our Uncle and Aunt, they would never guess that we were related.  Eragon has caramel skin and short curls of black hair. His eyes are bluish silver, which doesn’t match the rest of him. His nose is rather like a sponge; if he " sharpens" his nose, it'll stay pointed, but really it's just a like anyone else's nose, somewhere between a fat splot on his face and a carrot. The only thing even a little good and not a total disaster is his voice. It has a little edge to it that sounds one and a half voices, so like the ocean, the salty bad-for-eyes ocean. But then again, everything else about him is a down-right failure, so yes, that's the best part. I have skin the color of bubbles on coffee, and yes, black hair like Eragon, except mine comes down in ringlets somewhere between my hip and my shoulder. He says it’s “curly” but that’s only an excuse for the the tangled mess on his dear head. In other words, brother dear and I are completely different from each other and our dear uncle and aunt.
The girl and boy hanging to the sides of the barn stared at us, and we stared back. The girl was like a bead bomb, pretty but probably dangerous. Smooth, sleek, straight black hair hang to her shoulders, not one out of place. Sharp nose and  Ice-cold eyes were feature that made that creepy girl seem really smart. Plus her skin glowed silver. Not glow as in glow, but it was just so pale that it seemed to turn all shimmery. I stared back at her.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween Maze in PE

Halloween Maze

First we rode our  scooters through the haunted maze and back, then over and under the tunnel of doom, under the witch's brooms, into the pit of doom,  and then haunted cave, Susie Smoker's Grave, and finally dribbling through the graveyard.  Our aim was to move through the obstacle course as fast as we could.  Last week for Halloween in P.E., grades K-5,  did a Halloween obstacle course and maze.  Having fun was possible, even though we could not pass other people.   I personally enjoyed swinging from the ropes to Susie Smoker’s Grave, because it was fun to drop down from a swinging rope into a pit.    


Just for Fun: Pandas By Abby and Sarah

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Party

                The Halloween Party
                  by:Daboh and Sarah

    On Thursday, October 31 we had our annual Halloween Party\Parade. Since it was raining we had to do the parade in the gym. Because we had to do the parade in the gym where we usually have the party, we had to have the party in the classrooms. Once everyone was in their costumes, we had the parade then went upstairs to have our party. One of the rotations was The Over Under game. They split us up into two teams, and we had to compete against each other on who went over and under the quickest, and then got the pumpkin to the parent back first.
    Another rotation was The Bat Straw Game. How you played was that everybody got a new straw and got spit up into 2 teams. When the parent said go, the first person had to fast walk to a desk where little paper bats had been placed. Without putting your hands on the bat, you had to take 1 bat and put it in a bucket only using your straw. Whoever put all their bats in their bucket first won.
    The next rotation was Charades, except backwards. The would be a Person sitting in a chair and chose a paper out of a bag. The parent running that station would show us the paper and we had to act it out. The person sitting in the chair would guess and once they got it they would get a piece of candy. Then the parent would chose the next person to go  and then it would happen until it was time to switch.
    The last rotation was a couple of activities. The first was a word scramble that you did with a partner. It was a race so it was really intense. The second activity wasn't really an activity but it was probably a lot of peoples favorite. It was the food station. We got to decorate cookies with icing and one of the parents walked around with sprinkles. Overall The Halloween Party was really fun!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Back to Swamp

          Back to Swamp by Manny

    In P.E., we played swamp. Now in our school, swamp is a second grade, first grade game. But I'm a fifth grader, so it was good to play the game again. This is how you play. There is one round mat right in the middle of the gym. That person goes in there with their eyes closed. Then, the gym teacher tells us to walk or skip, or jog. So we do that around the gym, then after 30 seconds, the teacher counts from ten to one. And in that time, we have to to one of the four cones in the four corners of the room. They all are a different color. Blue, green, red and yellow. And if the person inside the round mat says the color cone that you are at, then you're out. It is a fun game. After a while, going back to that game was really cool.

Shane's free choice writing: THE FIRE HERO

                The Fire Hero

    Boom! In a flash, fire was shooting out of a burning hotel. Several people came out of the explosion alive. Firefighters flooded the streets, pouring as much water as they could on the blaze.
    A woman screamed "My baby, my baby!" She started to get louder and louder. Then suddenly, screams and cries started coming out of the building. They could hear the baby cries for help.
    A firefighter asked her, "where is your baby?"         She screamed, "he's on the top floor!" That's when the firefighter swung into action!
     He ran inside the building and the raging fire, as if nothing could get in his way. The fire was blazing all around him, but then he found a safe trail up the stairs.
    As soon as he got to the top floor, he pounded right through the door with his ax and broke the door. When he got inside to investigate, he found the baby inside the mother's room. The baby was still crying and screaming for help. The firefighter ran up to the baby,and right then a whole chunk of the roof caved in. He scooped up the baby just in time and started running with the baby as fast as he could out of the building.
    As he went down the stairs, he found a hole he could fit through and he jumped right through it. As soon as he reached the ground, he felt a big sharp pain in his ankle, but he was running through like nothing could stop him with the baby still in his grasp.
    As soon as he got out of the building, the mother started screaming and yelling and ran as fast as she could to the firefighter. The mother took her baby and thanked the firefighter. But the firefighter didn't have much time to talk. He had to be put on an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital.
    Weeks later, the fire has been out for a long time, and the firefighter was on crutches. He didn't feel like a hero, even though he was one. He thought he was just doing his job and any other firefighter would do the same thing. 
    One day, he was presented with a medal for saving the baby. The medal didn't make him feel like a hero either, but then he saw the mother of the baby! She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek and she said, "thank you for saving my baby." From that    moment on, the firefighter knew that he was a hero.


  by Timothy

We have kindergarten buddies to help them make arts and crafts. The kindergarten class we meet with is Mrs. Carter's class.  We usually meet the first Friday of each month, but we were in for a pleasant surprise when we got to meet with them on the 30th of October, the day before Halloween.  We helped them with a word search and two coloring worksheets.  We are looking forward to meeting with them again on the 8th of November.

Monday, November 4, 2013


            By: Quinn
Feathers has finished their reading group, and according to the group they loved it. The book is about a girl named Frannie who is going through tough times and she realizes that all she needs is hope.
    Throughout the book a quote is said: "Hope is the thing with feathers."
    Two characters, Ray Ray and Trevor were bullies at the beginning but Ray Ray got nicer throughout the book and then, at the end I came to like him.
    The new kid: Jesus boy, everyone makes fun of and they call him Jesus because he looks like Jesus. And some people think he's actually Jesus until he talked trash to Trevor.I think they should make a Feathers 2 because I still have so many questions.
    In conclusion feathers was a great book and a very good cliffhanger.

Claymo Meeting #3

Claymo by Aidan

We had our Claymo meeting #3.  We read a book about blue and he was bullied by red. The other colors did not step up for him. Then 1 came and stood up for blue and all the colors became numbers. Red wanted to change and was nice and they were all good. Then we made bookmarks and that was all. we will keep you in by.



    The first quarter in 5B went very well. Then it was time for conferences, sometimes kids don't go to conferences but in 5B you do. At conferences in 5B what happens is, the child shares their goals and what there good at. Then the teacher shares some things that they think the child is doing good at. That is what I call the circle of complements. The child gets lots of happy things to think about. Except then your have to talk about things that you can improve on. Its not that scary it is just that sometimes not everyone is perfect. Our 5B conferences happen at the brown back table of the 5B classroom. We have it in that spot because everyone can sit together and talk about your progress in school. Happy 2nd quarter.

Pumpkin PIe

       Pumpkin Pie Songs by Manny
    We are wrapping up personal narrative stories in writing time. So the people that finished their final draft can have some choice work. I decided to write pumpkin pie songs since I finished my final draft of my personal narrative. After I finished my first, I shared it with my writing partner Sofia. She thought it was funny. I wrote six pumpkin pie songs in total!
    If you want to learn how to write pumpkin pie songs, then I'll tell you. First, you got to love pumpkin pie. When  you love it, then think of writing a song about how you love it. Next, start with a poem. I prefer writing a super short, kid-friendly poem, not a long and super serious one. Then, you think of a tune that goes with your poem. Soon, your poem will be a song! It is really fun! I hope you can have fun writing pumpkin pie songs, if you do them.