Friday, June 6, 2014

Blogging Reunion

            Blogging Reunion by Manny 

    It turns out that this will not be my last blog that I will write because I Gmailed Mrs.Barnes and she said that it was perfectly fine! So that’s great! I have so many more ideas to share and thoughts to bring.
    I’m so excited that I can do it and I’m going to make sure that ALL my ideas are down on the blog. That might be a little difficult, because I have so many, but who doesn’t love a challenge? So I’m going to keep blogging over this summer, and also do other things too, including reading, making this miniseries/movie called “Jelbom” with my good friends who live close by, and play outside, play tennis, etc. So this summer is going to action packed! What are you doing this summer?

A Typical Return Again - A Special by Manny

 A Typical Return Again, A Special by Manny
    I am Elsa, and I do NOT know where I am. This is crazy, okay, I just need to recollect myself, although what I did makes me filled with regret. I ran away during our tribute to Brad around the campfire.
    “Okay, maybe God will light the way, and I’ll be whisked back home. Maybe I need to follow the Yellow Brick Road, wait dang it! I’m not in Oz.” Boy, was I angry! You know what, I’m just gonna nowhere! I can’t believe I just did that. Yes, I killed Brad, but I have a certain feeling he’s back. I just don’t know why. It’s crazy, I know, but I just feel like I need to  go back. I just feel like I have to...Call me crazy, I don’t care, but I NEED to get back.
    Suddenly, I remembered where I was. I was next to the yellowish brown house that we went to to fight the Acne’s. Don’t worry, we killed them all. Rapunzel did...with a frying pan! I also remembered where we started the trip and then we wounded up at this house. I don’t have a watch, but I think I remember. 1 hour straight to the right, then two hours north, then an hour left, and an hour left. I started to run. Why was I brain feeling so smart today? Don’t know why, but I knew that I needed to get back. Get back this second.

                       Part 2:
    I was running all the directions until I saw a river streaming. “Yes, this is it! I’m here!” I ran to Rapunzel’s house and knocked on her door. When I heard footsteps, I beamed with joy.
    “Who is it?” I heard. I wanted to joke around, so I said,”I’m Brad.”
    “No, it can’t be Brad because he’s here.” Rapunzel opened the door, and she almost cried when she saw. We embraced, a long, very long, EXTREMELY long embrace. Wow, it felt good to be here again. “Wait, Brad’s here?” I asked. I looked behind her. What?, I thoiught. I wasn’t believing my eyes. I ran to him, and asked if he was fine and apologized a million times. He said he’s never been better. And then I felt a kiss on my cheek. A nice soft one.
    “OOOOOHHHH,” I heard from other people. I looked behind him and there was Happy, and Goldilocks, and wait-
    “Cinderella? What are you doing here?”
    “I came to apologize for my horrible behavior on our mystery to find the Golden Apple. I want to make things right, and I’m sorry.” I came and embraced her, and I apologized too.
    “Brad kissed Elsa, Brad kissed Elsa,” teased Happy. I shot him a look. Happy shoulders shrunk, and he was laughing. We all started to laugh.
    “I’m so glad we’re back together again, I’m gonna stay here a little while.” Brad smiled, and we all hugged. I held back, because I had something for him. “Brad, I have a gift for you.” I smiled, and laughed. He laughed too and asked what it was. As he came closer, I said,”It’s this.” And I kissed him. On the lips. It was a little inappropriate in front of our friends, but I figured like it was time. I heard a chorus “OOOHHHHHH”, but I didn’t care. We must’ve been kissing too long, because Goldilocks said, “Okay, break it up.” As we let go, I started to cackle. And giggling. We all started to laugh, AGAIN, and it was a moment I remembered together.
    And just like that, we were together again. Brad was fine, and I was able to be with them again. We’ve done so much together, and now we reunited. Once again. And I knew, that together, we’d be able to complete any journey. As long as we’re never apart.

Last Blog Entry by Manny

Last Blog by Manny
    Leaving Glenridge sucks, I know. But we need new beginnings in our lives. And the beginning I had with blogging was a little obsessive, I know, but I really get to share my thoughts and opinions. It was great doing that. I only blog because I love it, and I LOVE writing.
    It’s been an amazing year. A few teachers I want to give thanks to are Ms.Kelly from GCC, who’s always supporting me. Also, Mrs.Carson for being the funniest teacher I ever had. And Ms.Wickel too, for being a great reading teacher, and I know she’d be the one of the best 5th grade teachers ever! And lastly to you, Mrs.Barnes, for believing in my writing and myself with my school work. You’re the best.
    Blogging has been amazing, and I’ve loved it so much. These are my last few sentences that I’m going to write. So I want them special. Thank you for 5B for being the best class ever! You what the B in 5B stands for...BEST! And we truly are, so I can’t wait to see you later on in middle school. See ya there!

Promotion Rehearsal

            Promotion Rehearsal by Manny
    Promotion is on the 30th of May, which is tomorrow. I’m nervous, and not sure if I’ll cry...I really have no idea how it’s gonna be like. But I’m here to talk about the rehearsal. In the rehearsal, we practiced a lot of stuff. The certificate part, the standing up part, “I am a Small Part of the World” song, etc.
    Well, first we practiced entering and knowing where we were going to sit. It was pretty fun to know where we were gonna be and stay for the whole hour. Also, we got to sing “I am a Small Part of the World”. I thought we sounded great and so in tune. It is a pretty song. Don’t you think so too? Anyways, we practiced getting the certificates. And we found out a little bit more about the Shaw Park picnic, but I wish the teachers could go too, I’m really upset about that. But overall the rehearsal was pretty good. I enjoyed practicing the welcome speech. That was fun. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’ll be exciting!

Biography: Mrs. Barnes

         Biography 19: Mrs.Barnes by Manny
    Mrs.Barnes is the best teacher that I have ever had in my life! She’s so kind and fair and not uptight. I wish I could stay in her class longer, but we all know Wydown is the next part of the journey for us. Well, Mrs.Barnes is amazing because you can talk to her about anything! Problems that you have, things you like, also things that you have in common with her. It’s been so cool having her as a teacher.
    Mrs.Barnes has three children. Ian, Cooper, and Sophie. With the stories she’s told us all about them, they sound pretty unique. Mrs.Barnes is also into movies and TV and shows and games and music and all that stuff you’d think a student would know. Well, Mrs.Barnes knows all that too, which makes her stand out and makes her an amazing teacher.
    Although we will leave Glenridge, I’ll still think of all the amazing teachers I’ve had. Especially you, Mrs.Barnes. You’re the best one yet. 5B loves you!