Friday, June 6, 2014

Biography: Mrs. Barnes

         Biography 19: Mrs.Barnes by Manny
    Mrs.Barnes is the best teacher that I have ever had in my life! She’s so kind and fair and not uptight. I wish I could stay in her class longer, but we all know Wydown is the next part of the journey for us. Well, Mrs.Barnes is amazing because you can talk to her about anything! Problems that you have, things you like, also things that you have in common with her. It’s been so cool having her as a teacher.
    Mrs.Barnes has three children. Ian, Cooper, and Sophie. With the stories she’s told us all about them, they sound pretty unique. Mrs.Barnes is also into movies and TV and shows and games and music and all that stuff you’d think a student would know. Well, Mrs.Barnes knows all that too, which makes her stand out and makes her an amazing teacher.
    Although we will leave Glenridge, I’ll still think of all the amazing teachers I’ve had. Especially you, Mrs.Barnes. You’re the best one yet. 5B loves you!


  1. mrs barnes omnne of my favorites too

  2. Manny,
    I liked how you showed the biography of Mrs. Barnes. Where do you get all of your ideas for blog posts?