Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Int'l Book Release by Manny

International Book Release by Manny 

    I love Lea Michele from Glee, and she’s got bigger news! Her new memoir came out on the 20th of this month! I’m so excited because I’ve waited so long for this book, and it’s also about eating right and fitness too. So she mashed up all she could into the book. I looked at some reviews on websites to see what people thought about the book. And it turns out it was all positive! That’s great! Now I’m even more sure that I should read the book than when I first found out about it! Oops, I forgot to mention that it’s called Brunette Ambition.
    Some cool facts about it are that at the beginning of every chapter is a quote by Barbra Streisand. Isn’t that interesting? Lea’s idol is Barbra Streisand so really, I’m not surprised. Also, Lea spills rumors about who she dated (gossip) and the first time she met Barbra Streisand. I think the book is gonna be great! I’m up for it! After promotion and the Shaw Park celebration, we’re going to go to Barnes and Noble and get the book. I just can’t wait!

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Favorite Book Series by Manny

My Favorite Series of Books by Manny 

    I enjoy reading series during IDR and at my house. You get to have a cool feel of the characters and how they grow from the beginning to the end. I love to read them and there are many different kinds, of course. Realistic fiction series, fantasy series, science fiction series, many kinds. So I’m going to share my 3 favorites.

3: Goosebumps. The author is R.L. Stine. I love Goosebumps even though you can’t really relate to the horror. I’ve read so many and loved every single one. I have so many memories from every single one. My favorites in the series would have to be Welcome to Dead House, Don’t Go to Sleep, Say Cheese and Die!, and Night of the Living Dummy. The series includes 62 books. There are different characters and different story plots in each one.

2: Matched. The author is Ally Condie. I love Matched because it had romance, and it was exciting and very thrilling. It was a trilogy, and my favorite in it was the first one: Matched. The genre is young adult, science fiction, and romance. The first book is one of my favorites EVER!!

1: Sammy Keyes. The author is Wendelin Van Draanen. I love Sammy Keyes so much! It’s the only reason why I LOVE mystery. I’m planning on reading more mystery because of this amazing series! My favorite characters are Sammy and Marissa, and my favorite books are Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes and Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man. The series includes 18 books. All have mysteries.

Writing: A Typical Return, A Special by Manny

A Typical Return, A Special by Manny

    I opened my eyes, and my head was lifted up from the ground by warm hands. I looked back and forth, left and right. Where was I? I saw a woman, and a man. They were communicating in what seemed like a different language. I think they were using sign language, or some type of code thing. I had no idea.
    I looked to my right, and then down. Laying right before my eyes was a cup of water. I drank a little, and it tasted refreshing. I relaxed, and out my hand on my chest, and I felt a long bandage of some sort. All I remember was being struck by an ice blade. Someone with blonde hair, blue eyes, medium height...Elsa! I got up to leave, when the woman set her hand on my arm, and motioned toward the cup of water, then she put her hand to her mouth and tipped her head back. I suddenly realized what she meant, she meant to drink water. So, I bent down to drink the water, because I needed some strength and hydration.
    “Sorry, she’s mute. I thought you should know, you’ve been out for two days. Once we found you in the hot big room, we took care of you ever since. We’ve bandaged you, taken care of you, kept you warm in the nights, and all that stuff to keep you alive.” He smiled at me. Man, were they kind!
    “I have to get going, to the magical part of the forest. Over there are my friends.” I was eager, that I sputtered my words out quickly and didn’t understand what I was saying. Surprisingly, he did. “It’s about 15 minutes west from where you are sitting, so just go straight to your left and you’ll be there.” He smiled again. I said bye and to both of them and headed off to my right. I ran like I was running away from a portal that would suck me in to make me see all the things I hate. I ran like I was running from the scariest monster ever trying to strangle me to death. I ran like I was running from all the voices in my head saying “Tall Weirdo” and “Idiot”. I ran like I was running to a light that would lead me to my friends. I was. And I was close.
    When I got there, I looked to the river just further ahead. I took in the scent of all the trees and houses. I was back here. I was in the place I loved. I ran up to Rapunzel’s house and knocked on the door. She opened it and her mouth dropped open. “Am I seeing correctly?” she said. I nodded, and said,”It’s me. Brad.” She quickly embraced me, for what seemed like forever. After the Forever Hug, I looked back behind her and at the kitchen and kitchen table. “Where’s Elsa?” I asked. Rapunzel cringed, and said “Oh no” over and over again.
    “Where’s Elsa?” I repeated, but I said it calmly.
    Rapunzel took a deep breath and finally said,”Elsa…ran away.”

Friday, May 16, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

    "Sissy." Diana tries to grab me with he chubby fingers.
I chuckle, as Diana tries to get up. Diana tries to grab onto me. I lean down, and pick her up.
    "Well have to wait until your mom comes."
I bounce a little, so Diana will not start crying. It's doesn't work, and Diana starts crying. Just then her mom comes barreling in.
    "Oh Shilsha. What has this girl done to my Miha? Oh Shilsha."
It is all to much, and I black out. I wake up minutes later, and remember Diana's mom. What was she saying? Some of the words sounded like a foreign language. That was weird.

100 Word Challenge: DJ

    I was 15 and my mother forced me to become a baby sitter because I did not want to work for a fast food place. I started looking on a website called babycenter.Com. I saw Lebron James add. I was about to collapse. It said Requested 1 Week. I Instantly Accepted the post. He said he was looking forward to meeting me. I told my mother and she said good for me. The next day I went over to Lebron's house and met Lebron James. He said him and his wife are going out of town. The baby started talking, Some of the words sounded like a foreign language.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Review: Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief

Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief by Manny
    I loved this book so much! It’s called Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief and let me tell you that I very much enjoyed this first book in the series. It let me get an idea of how everything started. Two characters hatred for each other, how sammy ended up in the Senior Highrise, and all that stuff. I was excited to read it because it sounded good, and WAS good. It was fun reading it. Now, I’ll tell you what it’s all about.
    Well, Sammy lives with her grandmother in the Senior Highrise, because her mom went off to Hollywood to fulfill her dreams of becoming an actress. And that’s not Sammy’s only problem. She meets a rotten redhead named Heather who constantly bullies and taunts her. And Sammy saw a man digging into a purse and pulling $3,000 out of it from the Heavenly Hotel right next to a window! And he was dressed up as a thief. So, the book is Sammy’s adventurous journey to find the thief. And let me tell you, the book is great and you really should read it.

100 Word Challenge: Manny

100 Word Challenge by Manny
    It sounded like a foreign language to me, when Sammy Keyes said that I was Marissa McKenze, her best friend in the series. It was weird, and I felt weird, and Grams must’ve felt weird because she ended up saying,”Now, what are you doing here, Marissa? I thought you were doing homework?” Wait, what? I just decided to go along with it and said,”Oh yeah, but I finished.”
    “That quickly?” Grams asked. I felt like I needed to get out of there quickly. I dove to the bathroom, and that’s where I saw a giant portal. I jumped through it.
    “Hermione, I need you.” I looked, it was Harry Potter. I was Hermione. A girl again?

To This Day by Manny

                    To This Day by Manny
    During social studies, we watched a very inspiring video called “To This Day”, which is mainly about bullying and him and how it all started. The author is named Shane Koyczak. It started off with him talking about how he thought pork chops and karate chops were the same thing. Then it started to get serious. So serious I cried!
    It was about bullying and it was really depressing. The video was amazing, but it reminded me when I was teased in the first and second grade. And the mean words some people called me this year. Anyways, my favorite and most depressing oart of the video for me was when he said that he’d stay inside for recess, because out there was a place to stand there and get bullied, and to rehearse running from the bullies.
    I loved the video, even though it was sad. I think everyone should see the video. I even tried to show my mom the video, but she wouldn’t budge.

100 Word Challenge: Abby

100 WC

I had just got off the ship. I was now in China. My goal for this trip was to go to the zoo and see some pandas. As I was walking around town trying to find someone who spoke English, I listened to others dialog. Some of the words heard sounded like a foreign language. It was a foreign language. A hard one to understand and connecting English words and making connections was hard. I was one of the weirdest languages I have ever heard. That  was because it was the only other language that I have heard. I wanted to learn some Chinese on this trip. Bye now.

100 Word Challenge: Quinn

Hello my name is Devin and I have a brother named Quinn. He's like, obsessed with video games. It's like, crazy. So one day I walked down there to see why he was so like, hooked on it. He said he was playing like, Call of Duty or whatever. He said something like, SatCom and Kem Strike. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language. I like, tried it out, and it was like, addicting. Like, so addicting. I got 25 kills in 30 minutes. For a beginner, my brother said it was like, ballistic. Like, whatever that means. I am so proud of my self. Like, so proud.

Writing by Quinn

One day in Florida, my dad and I decided to go fishing. At first, we got nothing everything was calm and quiet. We went out farther and farther and then stopped. We "dropped anchor" and got out our fishing poles. At that moment I remembered the first time I went fishing. My dad told me,"if you feel the line tingle, reel it in." I felt a tiny nibble right after putting it in the water. My dad didn't believe I had a fish but when we reeled it in the bait was gone! Anyway, back to the real story. About 20 minutes later I felt a nibble, then it went away. I thought the bait got caught on a rock or something, but then there was a huge bite! A couple seconds later, I saw a fin, then a body! It turns out the line didn't get stuck on a rock. I got a fish! But when I realized what the fin was I got mad. A dolphin took my fish! This happened 3 times in a row! Eventually we moved and the dolphins stopped bothering us. It was a spectacular day! Even though a dolphin took my fish!!

Gym by Sam

By; Sam

 In gym this week we had a blast with some outdoor spring games. We first played capture the ball, which is the same as Capture the Flag. just with 4 foam balls. But, the bad thing is that it's outside and hot. And every time we end at the end of our class we are all sweaty and gross. We are also playing kick ball, and it is fun playing with others and as a team. Also trying to kick as hard and far as they can. And looking at how strong everyone can be.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Field Day by Shane

    Have you ever of field day? Well if you didn't this is the entry for you. Really field day is a time near the end of the school year and every CLAYMO group do multiple activity that are fun and active. My favorite part is when we go out on the field and we squirt each other with bottles of water and most of the time you get drenched. Good thing we do it every year because its always the best time of the year. So what do you think about field day now. Sounds fun right? So if you want to try it out ask your teacher and I know you will have a blast.

Question: Whats your favorite part about field day?

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

Today a giant bee flew into town, destroying 90% of the citizens. Little people, with big shoes, meanwhile big people with little shoes, had a little bee which destroyed 90% of town. It was a nightmare. Shoes went flying. Men and women were crying. It was dreadful. Then, an army of grasshoppers, came to hold off the bees. They fought well, until the bees figured out that if they sting them it kills themselves, as well as the enemy. Then mosquito mercenaries began to insert their tradozones into anyone who wasn't paying them. It was downright, a battle of the bugs.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Strawberry Festival


The Strawberry Festival this year was really exciting.  I really liked the rides, and the sponge throwing was funny and entertaining.  The pie eating contest was fun, and many peoples’ faces were covered in whipped cream.  It was sunny and warm, the perfect ice cream eating weather.  It was cool inside, and hot outside.  It was one of the best money raising activities in Glenridge.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Writing: Flourish by Diniti

                By Diniti

June 9, 2012

Dear Ivy,                                                                    
I know that you’re disappointed about not getting your magic, but I hope that you’ll    feel better reading this.
I think my parents copied your birthday present, because they gave me a gold bracelet studded with fresh-cut emeralds. They told me that emeralds was the birthstone of May, and is a symbol of rebirth.                                            

When I was blowing out my candles from my tenth birthday cake, I felt myself rising off the ground. In fact, in a few minutes I was whizzing around the room!
                        Wishing you
                      a good day,

    The light letter shook gently in Ivy’s hand. Why did Dove have to rub it in? “ She probably meant to, too” Ivy realized. She took out a fresh piece of paper and started writing:
                                      June 10, 2012
Dear Dove,
     Thanks for the letter, because I did feel much better, though I  think I still got my magic, for I have started having a connection with nature.
As for your bracelet, I’m sure your parents didn’t copy us entirely,  because  I know  diamonds and emeralds are not   the same thing.
                                     Hoping to see
you next week
Ivy smiled as a deep sensation of satisfaction settled in her.
    Ivy’s Mom’s side of her family was a very unique. Every time a child turned 12, they would receive a special power. Ivy’s mom had gotten a the power of seeing with her eyes closed, a perfect mom gift. Ivy’s dad was from a normal family, so he didn’t get any real power, but Dad was nearly perfect, in every way Ivy could think of. He was wise and always right. But Dad was also imperfect, with his clumsy feet, and little silly mistakes that never did any harm.
    Ivy had always worried that she wouldn’t get her power, having Dad’s blood in her. Now that her worst nightmare had come true, Ivy was living in a world of shame.

100 Word Challenge: Sam

As we examine the beastly creature, we think about ourselves, we think we are so smart and powerful in this world. But, look at what is in front of us. A giant with black and yellow stripes. Its wings sparkle in the sunlight. It has a very sharp razor point at it ends we think for hunting. We touch it and it is gushy, like jello. We touch it again and it starts turning over. Then like a bullet coming out of a gun, it's eyes bolt up. It flies away with fear. Are we a monster or a prey.

100 Word Challenge: Grace

100 word challenge

 I was going on a trip and figured out i was as small as a pea and when i heard a big thud i looked and saw a big thing falling down."timber" someone screamed.It was the biggest bug I ever saw. it was a big bee and it was hairier then i imagined. THERE WERE MEN TALKING PICTURES OF IT.I waited until the hairy bee moved his leg and came alive to be a part of this world again.Maybe he was just sleeping but the men were very interested in  the bug and was shooting pictures away

100 Word Challenge: Manny

            100 Word Challenge by Manny
    I saw men eying a bee nearby and I wondered why the world was so weird. Maybe cause I was weird.
    I was walking home from school, thinking about middle school. Man, this is gonna be tough, being at middle school. I sure hope I'll do well and have fun there, but the homework will be frustrating. Now, I just can't believe that I'm going to grow up and be more responsible. Maybe I'm just not ready.
    Then when I got home, I thought about the good things about it. Maybe it wouldn't be bad.

100 Word Challenge: Mya

One day there was a little land of small people that never saw big things at all. There was a little girl named Jessica and she was a very curious girl that always loved to go out of the land. One day she decided to go out for a walk, And she spotted a big fluffy thing that had black and yellow stripes. What is that thing? Jessica wondered. She then touched it and the fluffy thing began to shake and then it spread out it's wings and flu away. "I hope it was OK" said Jessica. "And it will"

100 Word Challenge Diniti

Kids should not hunt for their allowances. After all, we already earned it. My mom hides stuff in places easy to find. Occasionally, there is one that's a bit of a challenge, but we always find every single dollar. Mom only fooled us twice before, and that was when my siblings and I were little. Mom is one of those people who laughs at every corny joke. So anyway I've searched the everywhere, and I haven't found any money. There's only one other place I can think of, the cupboard. I pushed aside boxes, and when I opened the cupboard door, the basement was flooded with light.

100 Word Challenge: Ned

100 word challenge:Ned
There is a virus it's called beeites.These sad people have too where these white suits too go to the airport with there little bags,but the bee is in the way.so all the flights have too be delayed.These people will not leave the city of Hivevill.This disease will make you shrink in size and not make you as smart as you usually are.The city is all caught in this disses , the only good part is that there is no school.Only 300 residents of the city are a live still out of the 3,000 there was before.End.

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

    The men stumbled, the heavy suits holding them down. This, this beast could be toxic, and the General would not take any chances. The men circled the furry creature. How bizarre. The people of Hisparia had never seen anything like it. The odd yellow- black fur, was new, and the large wings were out of their world. The men's commander General Gourge circled the beast.
    "Okay men. Spread out and pick this- this thing up."
The men fanned out, each holding part of the animal. At least they thought it was an animal. Then General Gourge led the men away.

Book Review: Peter and the Star Catchers

Book Review

Do you want to read a FANTASTIC AMAZING book series? Then read Peter and the Star Catchers sieres. It is about a boy named Peter, and his adventures. The series is the back story to Peter Pan. It explains how Peter Pan became Peter Pan. You learn about Wendy(and her mother Molly). You learn about Captain Hook, and TinkerBell. The Lost Boys, and Never Land. What makes Never Land so special? What made Peter, Peter Pan? Find out this, and much much more in this exiting thriller sieres. Peter and the Star Catchers.

100 Word Challenge: Emma

Bill walks up to the bee. “Carfel now” Joe says walking up behind Bill. Bill reaches for the bee. He gently touches the bee’s leg and Joe starts to open his brief-case. “Do you think we’ll need it?” Joe asks Bill.
“Quickly” Bill replies. Joe starts to work on the bee. “Come on!” Bill urges. “There almost to us.” They hear footsteps in the distance. Joe shushes him and turns his attention to the bee again. The footsteps get louder. “Got it” says Joe and stuffs the bee leg in the case. The hear voices where they are. They leave.

100 Word Challenge: Tim

The situation was horrible.  A giant insect had been destroying much of the Midwest, and it finally hit Missouri.  The military was called in, and they tried and tried to shell the beast out of the sky, but the enlarged honeybee was too quick.  Saint Louis lay in ruins, the Arch completely destroyed.


“The serum is almost ready!”  called out a scientist.  “It will have to be tested as soon as it is ready,”  William said.  He was feeling particularly tired today, and he had a good reason.  He had been working all day and all night for the past few days, perfecting a serum to enlarge a being’s body, but still keeping the muscles’ mass in the same proportion to the other body mass (fat, bones, skin, etc.)  Soon the serum was ready to test, and he inserted it into the correct slot in the testing room.  Since his whole team was so tired, they forgot to check for living things they did not want to alter, and one team member entered some extra zeroes in the size enlargement on one sector.  A honeybee flew in, and by way of coincidence, got enlarged way too much.  It obliterated the whole compound almost instantly, its sheer size breaking the walls.  The team was killed, and the beast proceeded to destroy everything in sight.


Curiosity Projects by Emma

Curiosity Projects

In class we are doing a project called the curiosity project. What we have to do is pick a topic that we are curious about. It could be anything. From cake decorating to animal abuse. We research the topic and then we have to be creative on how to present it. You could do a poster, a speech, a movie, a slideshow, (etc.) You present them to the class.
The deadline for our projects is may 13. We present them to our parents may 19. WE will set up our station and walk around and look at others station. The curiosity projects is a lot of fun and I think you should try to do something that interests you.

                What are you curious about?

100 Word Challenge: Steven

One day, everything getting larger and larger.  But all the people and things people used did not change.  Then there is a bee come to a park, all of people scared, and they use gun to kill it.  When they finish to killed it, they look at the big bee and take picture for it, they start think this hairy, yellow, black, four wings monster is bee.  Then, they think it is a big project in the world.  They take some of the leg from it for play and kids heard it, they jumped on it and play with it.

100 Word Challenge: Daboh

The two men carefully looked at the gigantic and fuzzy creature; it's black and yellow back terrifying them. Still, they had to find out what this was. The name they gave it was Bumble B. The men wear white suits and always keep a first aid kit with them just in case they get hurt. The town of Tinysota is very concerned about this fury beast. They have never seen anything like it and are sure they never will again. The research will still go on and continue its search for the answer to the mystery of the Bumble B.

100 Word Challenge: Sarah

“You want to know what this picture means to me Bethany,” said Maria.
“I don’t really care,” replied Bethany annoyed.
“Well you should because it’s putr next homework assignment. You know what I see, a bee being dissected,” she added.
“You forgot by tiny people, that sort of look like oompa loompas, but more skinny. Well, have you started yours?”
“No, but I will be soon, so what are you going to write your challenge on the huge bee about?”
“Maybe just what I was talking about, gotta go, I have to get started on the bee assignment.”
“Ok, bye.”

Writing: Sophie the Weirdo

As I was in bed, almost asleep, I heard the door crack open and my sister ran into the room. She was wearing pink footie pajamas with cartoon pandas all over them. She had her hands behind her back, and began dancing around my room.
Then she started singing, “I turn the lights off then I turn them back ooooonnnn, shining like it’s a light.”  And the the next thing I know she’s turning the lights on and off. To make me laugh even more, she opened her hands and threw money all over the place, I would have gotten out of bed to get it, but she picked it up to fast. Finally after she left, I was able to fall asleep peacefully.

100 Word Challenge: Bing Bing

100 WC
I was taking a walk in the park one night when suddenly, I saw a meteor falling toward the Earth. I was freaked out and decided to make a run for it! I ran back into my house and looked out the window, the meteor was right there on the ground in my front yard! But something about this meteor was weird…

Once I opened the door and peeked outside(feel free to hum a scary tune while reading this)the meteor was gone. What stood there now was a strange looking device with buttons and levers…(okay, you can stop humming now)The device looked like a spaceship.

100 Word Challenge: Abby

100 WC

I am a bug investigator. My partner and I had just been assigned on a mission to figure out how a bee had been shot. We only know that the bee is dead and it had no living family members. We live in a world where everyone is small and the people who live there are called awahoos ( A- Wa- Hoo- S ).  Well I should stop telling you about our life here in our country and figure out who killed the bee. I really dont want to get hurt in this investigation so you shall come with me. Lets go!

100 Word Challenge: Diniti

I hate how Homo Sapiens Think they are oh so superior and are aloud to kill an innocent animal, and get away with it. but us klʊərɨkɔːn, or to the hominids, Pygmies, can easily wipe them out, just as we
did with homo erectus, and homo habilis, and homo erectus, and antecessor….This bee was dying because some cruel person swatted her out of the
air. I shook his hand, a simple gesture we do in respect. Just you wait, Homo sapiens,
we can hunt every single one of you, until not a single human face will show
itself on earth.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Favorite Genres

                  My Favorite Genres in Books by Manny
    I’m here right now to share some of my favorite genres in books and reading. I love to read! Fantasy, realistic fiction, poetry, anything! Except historical fiction. But I love to read, and in this next paragraph, I’m gonna share my favorite genres.
    Well first, I love realistic fiction! For a long while, it was all I read. StarGirl, Jake and Lily, and a lot of others! I like realistic fiction because it’s really cool how you can relate to the characters in life situations. The next genre is adventure. Some books in the adventure genre I’ve read are Warriors, Geronimo Stilton, and last but not least The Land of Stories; The Wishing Spell. I’m not a fan of survival adventure, but I like it to have a little sports in it. I like adventure because it’s always exciting and urges you onward in the book. The last genre I’m going to share with you is mystery. I love mystery! It really pushes you to read more, like in adventure. Some mystery novels I’ve read include the A to Z Mysteries, and Sammy Keyes. I like mystery because you feel like you can predict and have a feeling of who stole what, or who did this or that.
    Well, those are my favorite genres in books. I love these all, and I’ll always take time to read them.

Curiosity Projects

Curiosity projects

In class we have been working on our curiosity projects. Over spring break we were given the assignment to think about what we were curious about. Then when we got back to the school we had to chose a topic to research. I chose the topic of how to tell if someone is lying. At first I thought the topic would be to small and not a lot to research. When I really got into it I learned a lot and found the topic very very interesting. Everyone else in the class has chosen a topic and is researching it to present to the class one day. SOme other projects will be on radiation, animal abuse, sharks, cake decoration and sea turtles and many more.
Now let me tell a little about how we will be graded. We will be graded on spelling and grammar, our information, how our idea began ( our curiosity story ), a reflection which we have to complete and our organization. I am looking forward to the day where we present our projects to the class. To learn about others curiosities and to teach everyone in my class about how to tell if  someone is lying. Some people are presenting their projects in a form of a movie, a keynote, prezi and many more ways. I also have tested my knowledge on how to tell if someone is lying on my sister. This journey has been very fun.
What are you curious about?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Review: Sammy Keyes And the Hotel Thief

  The Anticipated Book #6 by Manny
    As you all know, I heart Sammy Keyes. I love everything about it, but I just have one problem: I haven’t read the first book! BingBing decided to read it, and Mya got it as an ASK book from the library. And because of that, I had to start at book #2. Now I’m on #4, Sammy Keyes and the Runaway Elf. But I have heard that this is the most popular and successful in the whole series, so of course I’ll give it a shot! Also, this won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Children’s Mystery!
    The book is about Sammy and how she saw a man look into her a woman’s purse and find 3,000 bucks! Apparently he sees her, which is pretty scary! I’m not sure the rest of the story, but I’m really sure it’ll be a great Sammy Keyes. Have you read this book?