Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Curiosity Projects

Curiosity projects

In class we have been working on our curiosity projects. Over spring break we were given the assignment to think about what we were curious about. Then when we got back to the school we had to chose a topic to research. I chose the topic of how to tell if someone is lying. At first I thought the topic would be to small and not a lot to research. When I really got into it I learned a lot and found the topic very very interesting. Everyone else in the class has chosen a topic and is researching it to present to the class one day. SOme other projects will be on radiation, animal abuse, sharks, cake decoration and sea turtles and many more.
Now let me tell a little about how we will be graded. We will be graded on spelling and grammar, our information, how our idea began ( our curiosity story ), a reflection which we have to complete and our organization. I am looking forward to the day where we present our projects to the class. To learn about others curiosities and to teach everyone in my class about how to tell if  someone is lying. Some people are presenting their projects in a form of a movie, a keynote, prezi and many more ways. I also have tested my knowledge on how to tell if someone is lying on my sister. This journey has been very fun.
What are you curious about?

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