Wednesday, May 14, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Abby

100 WC

I had just got off the ship. I was now in China. My goal for this trip was to go to the zoo and see some pandas. As I was walking around town trying to find someone who spoke English, I listened to others dialog. Some of the words heard sounded like a foreign language. It was a foreign language. A hard one to understand and connecting English words and making connections was hard. I was one of the weirdest languages I have ever heard. That  was because it was the only other language that I have heard. I wanted to learn some Chinese on this trip. Bye now.

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  1. Cara Barnes,
    Wow! Was this a fake story you made up? It sounds realistic! Great Job it was very descriptive. That doesn't look like 100 words, that shows how easy it is too write a lot. Come Check Out My Blog! :) --->

    Thanks :D