Thursday, May 8, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Tim

The situation was horrible.  A giant insect had been destroying much of the Midwest, and it finally hit Missouri.  The military was called in, and they tried and tried to shell the beast out of the sky, but the enlarged honeybee was too quick.  Saint Louis lay in ruins, the Arch completely destroyed.


“The serum is almost ready!”  called out a scientist.  “It will have to be tested as soon as it is ready,”  William said.  He was feeling particularly tired today, and he had a good reason.  He had been working all day and all night for the past few days, perfecting a serum to enlarge a being’s body, but still keeping the muscles’ mass in the same proportion to the other body mass (fat, bones, skin, etc.)  Soon the serum was ready to test, and he inserted it into the correct slot in the testing room.  Since his whole team was so tired, they forgot to check for living things they did not want to alter, and one team member entered some extra zeroes in the size enlargement on one sector.  A honeybee flew in, and by way of coincidence, got enlarged way too much.  It obliterated the whole compound almost instantly, its sheer size breaking the walls.  The team was killed, and the beast proceeded to destroy everything in sight.


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  1. Great writing Tim! I like the military report style and your use of proper nouns really add a sense of realism. Make sure you stick to 100words.