Monday, May 16, 2016

STEM DAY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to the STEM day field trip was a lot of fun. We got to meet so many new people from Meramec and Captain, but we also got to got to meet many high school students who helped us out! All of the activities we did were really fun, but the one that stood out most to me were the BioMed activities. One of the BioMed activities we did was seeing what our heart rate was by attaching sensors to three places on our arms. The sensors were attached to a computer that showed us what our heart rate was. We did something similar in the second BioMed activity. What we did was we held sensor like things that were kind of like nunchucks in our hands. The sensors read our heart rate and shows us what it was. Then they had us do exercise for thirty seconds and then they checked our heart rate again to see what might have happened. Like I thought, our heart rate skyrocketed!!! But the activity that for sure went above and beyond was when we got to see the dissected lamb hearts!!!!!!!!! For safety we put on safety gloves that made our hands all powdery and dusty, and then we got to TOUCH the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It had a very squishy texture, and it was cut through the middle so we could look on the inside too! The inside looked a little bit like zombie guts, and the whole heart inside and out was a dull, lazy brown.

  Over all, STEM day was really fun, but I bet that BioMed will be the fourth graders favorite activity!                                                

STEM Day- Sonali

This year stem day was AMAZING!!!! One of my favorite stations was called pixel press. I think it was called that because we used blocks/cubes and then took a picture of them on ipads. We used a program called bloxels. There were 6 stations- Aerodynamics, Robotics, Math, Department of nature(?) things, Pixel Press, and Biomed.

In pixel press we took little cubes and put them into a grid. Once we were done we took a picture of it on an ipad and it became a video game . So Much Fun!!!!! We all worked in groups of 1, 2, or 3. For some reason I was in a group of four. It was strange. The people in my group were Isra (5R), Isabella (5S), Me (5B), and someone from another school.

This was an amazing day and adventure!!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

STEM Day - Math

Math by Robert

Our class went to the high school to celebrate STEM day on may 6th 2016 and one of the stations was math. The math station was walking the same as a bar graph. Now I know this sounds easy but it’s not because a motion  sensor picks up exactly how fast you move. That means if you step unevenly then it will pick that up and therefore mess it up.

Then there was tower building. The first part was using wood blocks to create whatever your instructions said to create. We created a chair, house and bench. The second part was creating a cube If both groups finished then the instructor told the two groups to create a rectangular prism (we failed).

Would you like the math station?

STEM by Devon and Mitchell

   Pixel Press  
Today all the districts of Clayton went to the Clayton high school/the center of Clayton and we had stem day. One activity we did was pixel press. You began pixel pressing by using different cubes that represent different colors. It was kind of like mario. When we finished building our world we would take a picture with an iPad and upload it to an app called bloxels. Then we would use bloxels to code what our enemies did and what the powerups gave us. We could choose between walker flyer and sanitary for our enemies and the power ups were jetpack, bombs, health, map, invincibility and shrink potion. We could also add other areas to the levels. I played a level that was mostly coins and lava.   

The most interesting powerup on bloxels was the shrink potion. It turned you one block high (one block on one cube) and everything seemed huge! The moving enemies looked like godzilla! Well, that's all for now, bye!

stem day by kenmcavoy

   STEM Day Biomeds
The biomeds was fun and disgusting, we got to touch a real sheeps heart, the sheep's heart was disgusting and revolting. The sheep heart was made out of muscle and fat, the inside of the heart was mostly made out of muscle. After that we went to measure our heart beat.

Only 2 people got their heartbeat measured. Then we went to a station that measured how many times our heart beated in 1 minute. We did some jumping jacks,and ran in place. We measured our heart beat after that. My heart beat beated 143 beats in 1 minute after I ran in place, and did some jumping jacks. After we finished with biomeds we went to our last station.

STEM day Robo Hounds

STEM Day Robo Hounds
By: Ethan and Aidan

We had a great time today at STEM day. One of our favorite stations was the robotics station. We got to meet some of the Robo hounds (members of robotics club) and they showed us their robot that they made for two   this year. It costed four thousand dollars to create. The coolest thing the robot could do was shoot balls into a hoop. They went to Florida for one of their . One of their main sponsors is Bowing. While he was explaining this each person got to try to shoot a ball in the hoop using a controller (controls the robot).
Each cost 5,000 dollars to participate in. Bowing and the Robo Hounds other sponsors pay for the robot and the cost to get in the competitions. At the competition in Florida the Robo Hounds took 6th place. That is pretty good. At the competition in St. Louis they placed 4th. Then the controller person from the Robo Hounds started throwing the balls at us and we tried to catch them. We had a ton of fun at this activity. Does this sound like fun to you?

STEM Day by wilson and drake

STEM Day Robotics      RG 2016 By: Drake V. and Wilson S.

On may 6th we went to the clayton high school. When we got there we were astonished by the 2016 #1 robot from the robohounds, it could go about 10mph very easily under seconds  it could shoot a ball about 7 feet into the air, and was only built in six weeks. The cost of the robot was 14,000 dollars but with the sponsor of boing they had just enough money to cover the robot.
We also reviewed the way a electric circuit would work and how it works, there were 9 sets of mind obstacles of goals to turn on lights and set up a circuit that would light up lights or turn on a motor requiring d cells and switches. The cost of the robot was 14,000 dollars but with the sponsor of boing they had just enough money to cover the robot. In conclusion the monster 180 pound robot was the most astonishing station we gone out the entire day. Would you want to build a 180 pound robot I would but what about you please comment and share what you think.

Aerodynamic Engineering Station

On STEM day, the 5th grade students in Clayton went to Clayton High School to learn about: Science, technology, engineering, and math. There were six stations to help us learn more about each. One of our favorite stations was the aerodynamic engineering station. At this station, we made paper airplanes with different designs, and tried to make them go through a hula hoop. It was difficult, and we tried many times. Very few people succeed. If you happened to be one the lucky winners, you received a piece of candy. YUM! To launch the planes, we used cool machines that propelled our planes into the air. Some people were PRO level airplane makers, while others, had copied off of PRO level builders. Many people tried, but only few people succeeded. After the hula-hoop contest, there was another contest, only about how FAR your plane went. Again, many people failed, but only ONE person succeeded. The prize for that contest, was the MOST candy… Each and every one of the people who did not get any candy, were drooling with jealousy.