Monday, September 21, 2015

Self Portraits

           Self portraits
By Robert
Mrs.Oliver the new art teacher assigned us a self portraits.The assignment was to draw a realistic picture of yourself.We started by looking at our self.We used mirrors,crayons and pencils.                                                                                

First we did a light sketch with pencil.Secondly we used skin colored crayons to color in the skin.Finally we colored the rest in.We did do the head and shoulders. I thought we did well.

Had you ever done a self portrait?     


                                                           CLAYMO Leadership

 We picked this topic because CLAYMO is about caring lots about yourself and many others.  And we big responsibility.  We have CLAYMO in Glenridge.  We do CLAYMO to teach kids leadership skills.  We do CLAYMO once a month.

   Our first CLAYMO was fun, we taught kids to be engineers, and some ideas where crazy, some  sane, but they where good ideas.  We had a girl named Yihan and we had a good time.  My group came up with good ideas, it was a little crazy but we had a good time.  Now how was your CLAYMO?  

                                                                                                       By:Ken and Devon

Friday, September 18, 2015

Kindergarten Buddies

 Kindergarden buddies
By: Seraphina

In fifth grade we have the opportunity to be buddies with adorable kindergardeners! They are fun to be with but can also be troubling because they are so young. In particular, my buddy Avery is like the fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios.This is because unlike most kindergardeners, she has the ability to read very, very well for a kindergardener! This is because her mother is a reading teacher for her class.
      At first I had no idea that this was so, but I figured out soon enough! Her favorite books are Mo Willams'books. When I offered to read her an elephant and piggy book, she said yes! But what was weird was that we both reached for it at the same time! So, I let her pick it up, but instead of me reading it to her, she started reading to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  In conclusion, my buddy Avery is different from any other kindergardeners I have ever met!  

How are your kindergarden buddies different or special from others?


The 5th Grade Musical
    The fifth grade is doing a musical called The 100 Year Snooze. It seems pretty boring but it's really not, it's FULL of drama. Our singing auditions are on Monday September, 14.

    All fifth graders will have a chance to get into it and if they don't they will be in the chorus. This musical is basically Sleeping Beauty but it is toned down for younger kids. This musical will be performed twice, once during school for the kids and teachers and once after school for the adults and some of the teachers.

I wonder what role you will get?

    - Ollie and Lily.


Our Solar System by Claudia and Charlie

      Mrs.Barnes' class is learning about the Solar System. We haven't only been learning about the planets, we've also been learning about moons, asteroids, and comets. We started learning about our Solar System on Thursday, September 10th 2015.

        We learned about it by using flash cards. We arranged them in groups and learned about the order of the planets and the distances of them from the sun. Some of us renamed the planets and moons to be silly. We did this to learn more about the Milky Way. Did you know that the sun's core is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit? Feel free to search our blog for more awesome entries!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dot Day project

Fifth Grade’s Dot Day Project
by Elaine

It is only a few days till Dot Day! Dot Day is celebrated at Glenridge and it is in honor of the book, “The Dot”. In art class, all grades make a dot project. Even if Mrs. Haydon has retired, the tradition is still going on. Fifth grade is doing a mobile/stable project.

A mobile is something that is suspended with string, wire etc. A stabile is

something that is on the ground. Fifth grade has to make something using only card stock, wire, yarn, pipe cleaners, various types of beads, circle shapes, hole punchers, and scissors. This may seem like a vast variety of materials, and maybe it is. But is missing something very important: tape or glue! Without at least one of the materials it is impossible to put things together! Or is it? We (Mrs. Barnes’s class) have improvised and made our own works of art. How we did it? Well we (or at least I!) don’t want to spoil the secret....

Monday, September 14, 2015

Kindergarten Buddies

 Kindergarten Buddies
                                                                                        By: Ethan and Wilson
In fifth grade we have something called kindergarten buddies. With kindergarten buddies the teachers select a fifth grader to go with a kindergartener. We do this in Mrs.Sieve’s classroom. Once a week we go down to their classroom and help them find books to read in the morning. We also once a month go and read a few books to them. If you ever have the chance to watch them read or right you should, because they are so cute.
Last time we were with them we got to teach them about the CLAYMO promise. The CLAYMO promise stands for care lots about yourself and many others. The real CLAYMO promise is I promise to take good care of myself all the people around me and all the things around me. We also got to show them where they would be going the next day for the first CLAYMO lesson.

What would you do if you had a kindergarten buddy?

Our teachers


Our topic is about Ms.Irons and Mrs.Barnes.
Ms. Irons is a great teacher because she plays league of legends and Minecraft and many more.
Ms. Irons is our teacher in training.

Mrs.Barnes is funny and serious at times and she loves homework and Cooper and Ian. She is great at astronomy and also a great teacher. Ms. Irons has a dog named Appa. This all occurs in 5B.
These teachers are so far our favorite and smartest we've come by.

What are your teachers like?

Musical Auditions

Musical Auditions
By:Iris and Ava
The Glenridge fifth grade is putting on a play, and the auditions are in the music room
courtesy of Mrs Williams. The fifth graders have a vocal audition and a memorization audition. The vocal auditions are for singing, and what you do in the vocal audition is you sing a small part from a song in the play. In the memorization audition you memorize a paragraph from a packet that the fifth graders have already gotten.

This is a fun way to practice music and drama because Glenridge does not have a drama club/class. The fifth graders are going to work very hard for this play to happen for you and Glenridge.

I wonder if the play will be a success?


by Aidan and Ben

Powwow is something for our class. To talk about problems and to give complaints and to just understand other people and to try to open up to are feelings. Sometimes we celebrate just because we did something good. Ben and i like powwow because it helps us understand what is going on.
In powwow we have not celebrated yet but we are looking forward to doing a something special to do, and i know it will be every fun. Ben and i really like to have powwow after claymo because we get to tell how we did.
Would you like to come to powwow?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Claymo: Parent Letters

          Claymo Parent Letters
             by Mitchell

After the ceremony, you get letters from your parents. Some people were really emotional, and some people cried. A few people were on the verge of tears, but they thought they were too cool to cry. These letters were completely secret! No one knows what your letter said, and you don't know what other people's letters said.

Claymo: Retreat Ceremony

Claymo Retreat Ceremony
Aidan and Ben  

To Ben and I,  the ceremony was very heart touching. This ceremony was for the Glenridge fifth graders. It felt like someone died. It was very exciting. It was at Tillis Park on August 27, 2015. Ben and I were very happy to me apart of Claymo and be a part of the Glenridge school.   It has been a long journey and it will be unforgettable. We will remember this day forever!

Claymo: Engineering Challenge

Muncha Muncha Munch
by Charlie and Sonali

The book we read about was about how Mr. McGreely who wanted to build a garden with carrots lettuce  peas and tomatoes. The first night the bunnies went and ate all the veggies. Muncha Muncha Muncha. Mr. McGreely built a wire fence around the garden. The second night the bunnies hop right over the fence. Muncha Muncha Muncha! The next morning he was very upset so he built a wire fence around the mini fence in the middle. They dug in and ate all the veggies. Muncha Muncha Muncha. Mr McGreely was really mad so he built a moat. but the Bunnies can swam and munch munch munch. Mr McGreely was furious. he built a brick wall and at the night the bunnies could not get in. Mr McGreely the next morning brought the bucket in to get the veggies. but to his surprise the bunnies were in the basket and munch munch munch.

We read this story and then got to choose to solve problems of the bunnies or Mr. McGreeley.  Students brainstormed ideas on how to help the bunnies would get in or the students designed solutions for Mr. McGreeley.  It was fun to design and we all enjoyed the story.  

Claymo: Teacher Video

The video of our teachers

    At the end of the Claymo retreat [3:00] all the classes saw a heart-warming video of their old teachers. The teachers had faith in us and wanted to work with us again. They told us to keep working hard.

    - by Ken  & Ollie

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Claymo: Dance Party

Dance Party!!!!!!!
by Devon and Drake

We went to Tillis Park to lean more about the skills of leadership.  And one of those skills is dancing! We learned The Whip, The Nae Nae, Happy dance, some shuffle things.  It was very exciting.  We also danced with all the fifth graders and we poured water on our head.  Watch me whip, Watch me Nae Nae helped us build confidence in our dancing.

Claymo: Steal the Ball

  Claymo:  Steal The Ball
By: Ethan, Claudia, Robert

The Glenridge fifth grade class of 2023 went to Tilles park on a Claymo retreat on August 27 2015. We went on this trip to help us build team work, confidence, and leadership skills. We did a lot of activities one of our favorites was a game called Steal The Ball. In this game you have to run around and take balls out of peoples hula hoops, but while your gone people can take balls out of your hula hoop. The person with the most balls at the end of the game wins. We had alot of fun at this retreat but we loved Steal The Ball.

Claymo: Superhero Shields

Claymo Retreat:  Superhero Shields
        By:Riley & Iris

Last week on Thursday August 27 at about 9:45 in Tilles Park,the Glenridge fifth graders did many teamwork related activities but the one that we're focusing on is the Super Hero Shields.This activity was done because to show us responsibility and power of becoming Claymo leaders,"with great power comes great responsibility"(Uncle Ben,Spider Man 1) These are some examples of Super Hero Shields.

Notice how the P has an extra line making it a R.  Therefore the P=Power and the R=Responsibility, which was the main lesson of this activity.

Claymo: Web Activity

          The Web Activity
   by Seraphina  and Ava

Our class (5B) went to Tillis Park on August 27 from 9:00 to 3:00, 2015. We did a Claymo retreat in order to celebrate a new year of Claymo Fith Graders. One activity in the retreat was the ending. The ending was an activity called the web. The web is an activity where you get a ball of yarn, and you loop it around you finger, so it wont fall of when you throw it to the next person. When you ave the ball of yarn, the person who trows the ball of yarn gets to say a nice thing that the have noticed that is a good property of being of a Claymo leader. After they are done saying something nice about you, you get to pick someone to say something nice to. This goes on and on and on until everyone got something nice said to. in the end, there is a big web of yarn, that's why it's called the web! You get a yarn bracelet to wear for the entire year and if you do, you get a prize!

Claymo Retreat: Minefield

By: Elaine, Lily and Wilson

    On the Fifth Grade Claymo Retreat we had a activity called Minefield. In this activity we had to trust our partners to lead us through a "minefield". We were blindfolded and our partners had to lead us through, using only words. This was fun because we were at Tillis Park (and it made it even more fun!). Now we know that we are ready to be a fifth grade leader.