Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alien Math

 Alien Math

        By: Daboh and Sarah

    Every Tuesday and Wednesday Miss. McMillion's math class has Mrs. Slodounik come and teach us how to multiply, divide, add, and subtract in different number systems. Also known and bases. The base we got most connected to was base 2 also known as Binary. Every time she comes we get at least 2 knew sheets or packs of a story based on the math. What happens in the story is Earth is about to become a road for other Aliens, so to prove that Earth is just as Intelligent as the other planets. A human goes to prove how smart we are and has to learn how to do all this stuff in different number systems. How you would count in Binary would be 0,1,10, because two equals 10 in Binary. Then it would go 11,100,101, its skips to 100 because in base two there is no two, so you can only use 0's and 1's. We had to make charts and multiplication grids to help us under stand. One base we had to do was base 16, and that base had letters in it. Once we finished the whole thing the human goes back to Earth, which is saved. Although Alien math was hard it was still fun and that's the good part.

Mr. Diadie

Mr.Diadie was in Glenridge School doing African Dance and teaching it to Glenridge students.Its a four step beat containing both rhythm and repetition.Also Mr.Diadie is very patient with his learners.We also learn some african language while doing African dancing.Mr.Diadie also very focused during teaching,he doesn't go off task he always stays on task.Mr.Diadie is also a very good artist,he likes to draw people doing African dancing moves.But sadly Mr.Diadie is only there once a week,And he also is very funny when it comes to people doing it wrong.He even teaches us where he lives and the continents of Africa.I especially like it when he doesn't get mad and takes his patience and well talks slowly.
Mr.Diadie, thank you for your time, and don't get him mad!

The Loft

THE LOFT by Sammy

in are classroom we have a loft basically an elevated corner in are room. we use the loft as a place to read, we also have a list to tell when its are turn or day to read in the loft. up in the loft we have three bean bags and a carpeted floor for top quality comfortness. We also have a table under it that we can work at. We also have three posters, there's one of Albert Einstein a loft calender a poster of are class norms (rules) and a poster saying reading is an adventure. which in fact is true. we have to take a ladder to get up in to the loft  but as long as its still there we  can have a comfortable time reading.

P.s. if you don't have one you're missing out oh and we also have extra supplies there.

Fraction Math

Fraction Math
By:Shane and DJ
    Fraction math was a fun activity that we did in math class.  Obviously we did fraction all day in math, and I mean everything was fraction. We played fraction games and did fraction art. Even though we did not do a shading packet today it was still fractions. Our teacher made brownies and them into 24/24. Everyone in our class got one if they wanted.  Well that's what we did for the whole day of math. It does not sound like a lot but it was. 

Fraction Fun Day!

        Fraction Fun Day!!

On Friday October 25 , 2013 Mrs. Barnes' math class celebrated , finishing a fraction and mixed numbers unit.
There was 4 stations to rotate in and out of every 15 minutes. The  stations were fun fraction games number, fraction recipes where we also so got chocolate chip brownies.The 3 station was a computer game called Fastt Math: Fastt Math is a game were you test your multiplication,division,subtraction and addition.After you finished Fastt Math you got to play fraction games on the computer! Station 4 was the art station. There was fraction art , where you got to color all the shapes that had the correct answer to the problem! You could also decided to see why sally wore goggles?
Fraction fun day was really fun way to end the fraction unit.


Halloween Obstacle Course

The Halloween Obstacle Course!


    In P.E, the last few days, we have been doing this obstacle course. They call it the Halloween obstacle course. An obstacle course is a consistently moving activity. Some activities are a tunnel, maze, 2 swinging rope activities, and scooter mazes. In the swinging ropes, there's a knot at the end so you can sit or stand. Once you stand, you swing into a cylinder. In the scooter maze, you take a scooter and scoot around cones. The tunnel maze is when you go in the tunnels then over a hump. This course is for all grades and it is super fun! It lasts Tuesday through Wednesday. Go check out the course!



    POWWOW is when you talk about your problem[s] to the class and then one person can get a horse [it's stuffed] and make a solution and if you are talking about something that we all take turns on like for ex.where is the "ALL ABOUT US!"book? and then somebody raises their hand then they have it and the person who assigned the POWWOW gets it and then they get to take it home and then bring it back when there done which is probably the next day.The other thing you can  ask for a POWWOW is when you have someone or like 3 or more people bothering you,you can talk to Miss.Barns and then she will put it on the schedule on the white board and maybe later or the next day she could talk to you and the person or people and if it is personal then you can talk to your parents.POWWOW can be funny to because maybe it is about what title to do for your favorite animal like a dog or a unicorn.POWWOW is good because you can get suggestions from your classmates weather it is good idea or a bad idea you can always try it!and you can also give compliments on a person or people or tell your favorite highlight of the week.POWWOW is so special because people can tell you in the nicest way as possible to help you get through your problems.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diniti's Halloween Story

A Dangerous Night,
A Dangerous Night!
By Diniti

I stare at the young girl across the street from me. She had a midnight black dress with red stripes and cuffs with long trail behind her. A crimson stone hung  on a dangling gold chain.
The girl flashed me a toothy grin. A sharp toothy grin with teeth as pointy as daggers. In one hand she carried a staff and in the the other was the most dangerous thing of all, a trick-or-treating bag. The candy stealing, smirking little pumpkin with a handle. I gave Regan a little wave and turned to knock the door next to me.
A plump old woman in a black and orange dress and a fall apple red pointy hat opened the door with a warm smile. She gave me a fist bump saying” Witches rock” and dropped a pumpkin shaped lollipop in my bucket..
I Trick-or-Treated around the neighborhood,with bright lights flashing in my face. Some people asked for tricks, and I happily answered each and everyone with a different riddle or joke. One man told me “MY what a unique basket you  un,n.   .jkiu,gaqp
.Mbčgi. have.” he said looking at my shiny gray bucket that I held. It was covered in stickers, buttons, bottle caps, fur, eyeballs, glitter, sticky hands, words, and bunch more stuff. “It’s silver to keep the vamps away, Don’t wanna be messing with those show-offs,” I told him.
I went around a few more houses and dropped dead in my car. When we arrived home I dumped the candy on the floor, and sat on the floor, “As soon as I’m finished with this bunch, my teeth will be wishing they could’ve just picked themselves up and run away!” I cackled. It had been a dangerous night. A dangerous night !!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Party

Our Party

On Thursday October 17,2013 the kids in 5B had party! We had the party to celebrate finishing the first quarter. And how much work we did!  Some kids brought snacks, and everyone wore pajamas. Then Mrs. Barnes played a movie on the smart board.  It was so much fun and we hope we can do it again.


                Crash by Ildiko

Mrs.Barnes is reading aloud a book to us, Crash by Jerry Spinelli.  It's about a boy who was playing before first grade started and he met an unusual boy named Penn Webb. The boy is John but goes by his nickname of Crash. Do you know why they call Crash, Crash? Well one Christmas Crash got a football helmet and he was aiming at the door with it on his head.    That's right when his cousin opened the door and Crash hit his cousin in the stoumach and knocked her out into the snow. The whole class laughed at that.We are now chapter 32.  There is a new character named Scooter.  Scooter is Crash's grandfather.