Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Review: Moonrise

 Moonrise by Manny 

    Moonrise is the second book in Warriors: A New Prophecy. I have to say, this book improved from the first one. The one first one was bad, and when I tell you bad, I mean BAD BAD BAD! Like, don’t read the book bad! But Moonrise somehow had a sudden click to it that made me drawn into the story. It was great. Now, it’s time to tell you what the book is about.
    Well, the 4 cats are still on their journey heading back to the Clans, when they run into a tribe. They are called The Tribe of Rushing Water. In the prologue, it was about this tribe that sees this face flashing in water that will kill Sharptooth, a GIGANTIC cat who’s killing everyone. So when they run into them, they see that Stormfur is the cat they’ve been hoping to meet. So soon, they keep him prisoner to fight Sharptooth for them, and the 3 other cats try to get him out, but there are too many cats in the tribe.
    The book was full of action, and some loss. But overall, it’s a great improvement from the first book in the series. I can really feel their pain. This book was great. Read it!

Book Review: The Great American Mousical

 The Great American Mousical by Manny 

    The Great American Mousical is this book written by Julie Andrew Edwards. She is is  the person who played Mary Poppins in the movie. It turns out, she can write too! And pretty well, actually. I got this book from our school’s library because I needed a book that would help with my research for Broadway. I figured out that this was the closest to more information about Broadway that I could find, so I got it. The book had so many characters, and the book was horrible the first 50 pages, but then it got better! I love when that happens!
    Well, it’s mainly about this Broadway play that is called The Great American Mousical. It was gonna be on New Years’ Eve, and the beginning was about 10-15 days away until the production would air. Things are looking grim, but when they lose the star of the play, Adelaide, they have to take matters into their own hands. Throughout the book, there are chapters where it’s back in the theatre, and when Adelaide tries to get back on the stage in time for the performance.
    This book was spectacular. It even had a little romance at the end, something I love! But more importantly, this book has an amazing plot, and I forgot to add, the main characters are mice. That’s why it’s called The Great American Mousical. You should really read this book. It deserves some applause!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Writing: A Typical Mystery: Part 11

A Typical Mystery:Part 11 by Manny

            Told from Rapunzel’s point of view:  

    If I could bring back Brad down to this world again, standing on the same ground with me, the answer would be yes. Brad was just like a brother to all of us. We all loved him.
    We kept running through the forest. Very fast. The house full of weird acne filled faces wasn’t that far away. My legs burned badly. Well, that’s what you get for running 6 minutes straight!
    “Shouldn’t we stop to get a quick drink?” Goldilocks asked. I agreed by saying we needed a quick rest.
    “Even though we shouldn’t waste any time, I guess so. I mean, who knows what they could be doing with the apple. They could be burning it,” Flynn Rider suggested. Princess Anna had a responded to that, and it was,”I’m not sure if it could be burned. Can gold be burned?” Anna asked. Everyone shrugged, including me.
    Goldilocks reached into her bag and pulled out fresh, cold water bottles. The water tasted as if it were served from the clearest island or river. Even though nobody’s really sure what flavor water has, it seemed like it had a flavor of 1 million delicious strawberries smashed into one bottle.
    “Okay, guys, let’s get movin’,”Happy said. As we kept running, I tried to breathe through my nose. It always helped me when I was running.
    We saw a house in view about 20 feet in front of us. Bright yellow, with approximately 7 windows in the house.
    “This is it. It’s go time!” Elsa said. Slowly, we all walked quickly around the house. As we got in the front of it, we all nodded to Elsa to use her ice powers. She got ready, lifted huge balls and shards of ice, and...they fell to the ground! “I can’t,” Elsa said,”because I killed Brad with these powers. I can’t, I just can’t.” Anna stepped up, and said,”You’re doing it for good. You’re doing for the whole part of the magical forest. More importantly, you’re doing it for all of us.” Anna’s words must’ve inspired Elsa, because Elsa snapped her fierce mode back on. She relifted the shards and giant balls, and threw them at the door. “Hello, Acne’s! We’ve come to get the Golden Apple, and we will get it. We’ve come to fight, and you’re NOT going to beat us!”

Art Cards

Art Cards by Manny 

    Art cards are very fun to complete. We do them in art, of course, and have a lot of fun with them. Usually, we have an option to do them after finishing a project, but in our last art lesson, making art cards was our lesson! It was really cool. You may find this unusual, but I never really did art cards ‘cause I had some trouble finishing the projects. So it was good to get some art card experience.
    In the lesson, you had to pick a station. Drawing, fiber, painting, printing, or the collage station. I picked the drawing station. And which ever station you picked, you’d have to either make a collage on the art card, or weaving, painting, printing, and drawing. I finished 3 art cards, and I’m very proud of them all.
    The art lesson was very fun. I enjoyed finally doing a lot of art cards. Mine that I made are creative and unique, along with everyone else’s in class. Did you have fun with the ar cards?

Poetry: I'm On Broadway

 I’m on Broadway! Song by Manny 

            La la la la la la la
            Can you see me on the stage
            Belting out notes
            Singing with a smile

            Da da da da da da da
            Can you see me on the stage
            Acting amazingly
            Connecting with the audience

            I’m on Broadway!
            Oh I’m on Broadway!
            Oh I’m a star!
            I’m on Broadway!
            I’m a star!

Writing: A Typical Mystery, Part 10

A Typical Mystery:Part 10 by Manny 

“Anna!” Elsa said excitedly, still awkwardly crying. Next came Rapunzel with,”Flynn! How did you get here?” she asked. Happy suddenly knew why they were so happy. Well, first and foremost, we were all saved. And second, Princess Anna was Elsa’s sister, and Flynn was Rapunzel’s husband.
Happy was still crying. Just because we’re saved, doesn’t mean you have to forget about Brad’s death, Happy thought. He soon became disgusted. “Brad was my best friend!! And for you guys to, like, forget he’s gone forever is heartbreaking! I know this may sound stupid, but you still need to remember that he’s gone and grieve over it!!” After that, everyone looked at him, and Elsa began to cry as she hugged Anna. “Wait, who died?” Anna asked. She obviously didn’t know what had happened. Happy soon realized why Elsa was crying. All because she killed Brad. Happy also realized he shouldn’t have said what he had said.
“You know, WE NEED TO LEAVE!! Enough with all the crying!! It all. Doesn’t. MATTER!!” Cinderella shouted.
Elsa felt her whole body shake. “You know, Cinderella, you need to shut up!”, she sobbed between words,”because Brad was the best friend also that I have ever had. I loved him because he was so nice and caring. And even though I killed him, I feel the same pain that Goldilocks, Rapunzel, AND Happy feel. You know who doesn’t matter, YOU! So shut up and speak when you know what you’re talking about!” Cinderella pouted with a frowny face on and said,”You know what, it’s time I leave.” Elsa nodded her head.
“Yeah! It’s about time.” Cinderella left and fled. Well soon, they all decided to leave after explaining Brad’s death.
After they all were out the house and running, well, HAPPY scurrying, down to the house, they all breathed heavily. Elsa stopped running and fell to the ground crying. She soon said,”Wait, we need to bring Brad’s body!” Elsa was desperate, and she would be even more heartbroken if the crew didn’t. “I’m afraid it’s too late. Is that okay?” Anna asked.
“Sure.” Elsa seemed fine with it. Finally, it was time to go back to the house, they were gonna get that Golden Apple. No matter how hard it would be to go on without Brad, they needed to keep going. And Elsa was ready for some buttkicking, some face-slapping, and some revenge on the Acne’s.


Cannonball by Manny 

    Cannonball is a fantastic song by Lea Michele that inspires me in many ways. Yes, yes, I know it’s awkward writing a blog about a song, but, I have my reasons. It’s a very nice song about loss and moving on. Most likely, she wrote it about her dead boyfriend, Cory Monteith.
    Well, Cannonball was written very well and I thought that Lea Michele is the best singer on Earth! I mean, she’s great! Anyways, this song inspires me to move on when bad things happen. Music, is always set to inspire and influence people in a good way. And I think Cannonball does for me.
    I love to listen to music, especially Lea Michele. She is kid friendly, and amazing. She can write other songs that inspire me. I know she can and she has. Especially with this song. Music can always change people in a good way. I think Cannonball has for me.

Genius Hour Learning: Popular Broadway Plays

Popular Broadway Plays by Manny

    Broadway is one of the most successful theatre districts in the world. It has become popular nationwide. People from all over the country and even the world come to see the amazing productions. There have been some controversial ones, bad reviewed plays and such. But then, there are the great ones. The ones that mark history in Broadway and the audience and fans will never forget. That’s what I’m here to talk to you about.
Well, one of the most popular and successful Broadway plays was The Lion King. I watched the original movie and LOVED IT! It was so entertaining and action packed. I’m glad they made a Broadway play about it. The next popular play on Broadway was Wicked. The amazing Idina Menzel was on the Broadway cast, and I heard the play was really good. I was going to watch it, but I couldn’t because of some ticket malfunction. The last popular Broadway play I’m mentioning is the Phantom of the Opera. They made a book, and they made another book, which is the Goosebumps version. The play must’ve been really good, because on the most popular plays on Broadway rankings on, it was like at 12. While The Lion King was 2 and Wicked was 4.
I really want to see a Broadway play, and I have yet to see one. I really hope they make another revival of these plays, because seeing them would be an honor. I wrote about these plays because even though they’re extremely popular, they have messages there too.

Book Review: Snowboard Champ

  Snowboard Champ by Manny
    Snowboard Champ is an amazing book written by sports author, Matt Christopher. He is well known for his sports books for kids. Some of them include, “Mountain Bike Mania”, “Shoot For the Hoop”, and one of my favorites,”Tennis Ace”. Snowboard Champ is one of a couple snowboarding books he’s written. And I have to say, this book brings back so many good memories of when I was in 4th grade. I read this book 3 times and I’m very happy to have found this book. Snowboard Champ is a book that is one of my favorite all timers. This book holds memories and treasures I will always cherish. Now I’ll tell you about it.
Matt is a decent intermediate snowboarder who moves to a new town named Dragon Valley. He doesn’t feel comfortable there, except the fact he’s there with his uncle. I forgot his name. At school in a couple weeks in, rumors spread around the school about him. Really bad rumors, like, about smoking, his mom in jail, and other ones. Matt especially has trouble with some mean kid named Riley. And because of something Riley did to get Matt in trouble, you’ll probably guess correctly, but Matt got in huge trouble! He soon needs to figure out a way that he can prove his innocence. With something he loves dearly. Snowboarding!
I loved this book. I still have it if you want to read it! This book has some hidden messages in the book. I know most of them, but just for you to think about it, I’m not gonna tell you. But really, read this book!

Movie Review: Tangled

  Tangled by Manny 

    Tangled is an animated movie that I have watched many times before. It’s entertaining, heartbreaking, and hilarious. This movie is just like Frozen in some ways. Well, the computer animation, and true love and stuff, lastly the characters. They have someone betraying them, and someone who is friends with the main character. It’s about Rapunzel, except way more exciting and thrilling. You’d love this movie if you ever watched it!
Well, Rapunzel has always been in a tower her WHOLE life. She is kept there by her “mother”, who says that the world is a dark and dangerous place. Soon, her “mother” goes on a quest to find something. And Rapunzel soon finds this person named Flynn Rider, he’s Wanted, Dead or Alive.  Then, he leads Rapunzel to the world, where she’s not in a tower. There are more excitement scenes and trust issues. That’s really all I can tell you. You’re gonna have to watch the movie to find out.
I hope that you thought the movie sounded good, because trust me, it is. The movie includes a lot of messages about true love, sacrificing yourself for other people, and lastly, coming through for people in the end.

Dancing with The Stars

 Dancing With the Stars by Manny 

    Dancing With the Stars is a dancing show, as it says in the title. It was entertaining when I watched it a lot, but now I don’t watch it that much. But I still remember a lot of it to let you in on it. Have you ever watched Dancing With the Stars? If not, then you really should. It’s fun to watch, and you can criticize the dancers, (that’s what I always do)!
    In Dancing With the Stars, they have professional dancers that stay on the show. Then each season, a celebrity is picked to dance with one of the stars. I think it’s really cool how they do that, and it makes it more interesting. This show is a good show. A good show you have to watch. You can see some of your favorite celebrities dancing on the show!! THat would be entertaining!

Sony Open Tennis

Sony Open Tennis by Manny
    Well, I’ve blogged about Indian Wells tennis, and now it’s Sony Open Tennis I’m talking about! It’s just like Indian Wells, except the courts are purple, and it’s in Miami and not California. I preferred to watch the last tournament better, but this one is still good. Sony open Tennis is one of my favorite parts of the tennis year. It’s such a nice thing to watch on TV, for all ages! You could be old or young, it doesn’t matter. You can just relax, and enjoy the tournament.
    In the Sony Open, a LOT of top players play. Like, ALL of them! It’s entertaining to watch all the professionals grind through their matches. I just love to see it. This tournament rocks! I love to have fun and try to relax on the couch, having fun and talking about the players’ game. You should really watch the Sony Open. Do you watch tennis on TV?

Movies I Want To Watch

Movies I Want to Watch by Manny
    Hello, hello, hello! Movies are something I love to watch, other than TV shows and tennis on Tennis Channel. We all have movies we want to watch, or books we want to read.     But these 3 movies stand out and are different from others. (I haven’t watched these movies, I’m just saying they’re probably unique.)
    The first movie I want to watch is Matilda. I’ve never heard of it, but my good friend Abby recommended that I watch the movie. Also, she said that they made a Broadway production of it, which is really cool. I also saw an add on it which looked REALLY GOOD! The next movie is Divergent. I really want to read the book and and really want to see the movie! Critics are RAVING over this movie, also, my mom and I are planning on watching it in theater’s, so I consider myself lucky. The next and final movie I want osee is Funny Girl. It was used on Broadway, and the movie was popular. It has one of my favorite songs ever,”Don’t Rain on My Parade.”
    Well, those are the movies I want to see. I’m sure they all have great messages, and great plots. If or when I watch these movies, I’m sure I’ll love them.

Bioography: Rachel Berry

Biography 16:Rachel Berry
Rachel Berry is not a real person, but she was a character on the hit TV show called Glee. I chose to blog about a character because I believe that Rachel Berry is a true role model. Whether it comes to talent, or believing in herself, she teaches you something. Along, with great role modeling, she has AMAZING TALENT! Like, some of the best singing I’ve ever heard in my life, she’s so incredible! Let me tell you about her personality.
Well, Rachel Berry is known around the school, McKinley High. She is very self confident and knows how good she was for an audition. After she auditioned for Glee Club in the show, she immediately said,”When are rehearsals?” She is hilarious. Also, Rachel talks a lot, too. She’s not very quiet, which is why she didn’t have as many friends at the beginning of the show. Well that’s Rachel Berry for you. Do you think Rachel Berry is good character?

Famous Rachel Berry Quotes:

 “I deserved that solo!”
 “I’m gonna go Barbra Streisand for my Funny Girl audition.”
  “You’re dating Quinn Fabray!?”
  “You may think it’s funny after I write my name I put a gold star after it, but it’s a sign. A sign I’ll be a star.”

Badminton in PE

Badminton in P.E by Manny
In P.E for a couple of days, we played badminton games. I always loved the badminton unit in P.E. It’s always been so active and fun! Many people, including me, have loved doing this unit. It’s been great!
Well, there are about 10 people on each side of the net. The person on the far edge of the court serves, and that person is behind someone. They could move up a little if their serve wasn’t really big. Anyways, we just kept playing and having fun and playing. I missed the 2d and 3rd because I was still in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. But on the last day, I still had great fun. Playing badminton is SO fun for me! Did you have fun with our badminton unit?    

100 Word Challenge: Steven

If I am a night zoo keeper, I will use guns and bomb or something to kill all the monsters and save the zoo. When the monsters come from north of the zoo, the fishtiger start crying as soon as I heard the crying, I am running to north of the zoo and throw a bomb to the monster but the monster has a shield to defense the bomb.  Then I throw an atomic bomb to the monster, finely I kill the monster. But still a lot of monsters come to the night zoo every night, the night zoo needs you.

100 Word Challenge: Eva

Yes I would want to be a night zoo keeper,Because I would want to fight for justice!And because I like animals and working with them.I would not want to get eaten though!But I would wonder what the creatures looked like and when our lunch break would be?Also when would these so called"creatures" get here?If I were a night zoo keeper it would be a little scary though and would we get and defense?
I would apply to be a night zoo keeper,
would you,if so, why,why not but......BE WARNED!!!!So that is the end of my 100 word challenge.Bye now.

100 Word Challenge: Bing Bing

        100 WC
  I want to be a night zookeeper because I want to time travel with the elephants and spy with the giraffes.I want to time travel because I've never ever,ever time traveled before.I also want to spy with the giraffes because I never ever,ever spied before.

  I also want to fight Nilth and be a hero!

Science Groups

            Science Groups by Manny

    During the afternoon, we have science groups that we do usually when reading time takes place. I like my science group. The people in my group are Eva, Aidan, Mya, BingBing, and me! Together, we are Group C.
    We are currently doing stuff on the Sun, Moon, and Stars unit. That was by far my favorite unit in science. I was proud of myself on Wednesday because I always explained my thoughts, and objected to answers I knew were wrong. I was on fire that day! I wonder what the other groups are doing. Maybe they're doing the same thing as my group. Maybe they aren't.
    Overall, I just love science groups, and I like the people in my group. It's a very fun time to explain your thinking and be smart, and stretch your brain. That's what science groups is all about. Do you like science groups like I do?

Poetry: The Sky

                  The Sky by Manny
    The sky
    Oh the sky
    It's a wonderful blue
    A beautiful light
    The sky
    Oh the sky
    It expands all over the Earth
    It's filled with clouds

    The sky
    Oh the sky
    I look up at you
    From down on the ground

            Do you like looking up at the sky?

Friday, March 28, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Kaleb

I would like to be a Night Zookeeper to see all of the neat animals you told me about especially those elephants!
By the way, would you happen to have any flying cheetahs at this zoo, 'cause I read a book about those. But seriously how do you manage that? I would think that you get tired but somehow you deal with it. And I would be honored to work with you sir.
Just to make sure am I allowed to bring friends.Thank you.

100 Word Challenge: Shane

            100 WC
    I want to be a night zoo keeper so I can stay with all the amazing animals and fight till the end of time and fun at the same time. Also I'm good with animals and I love them so I would do anything to protect them. And the animal I would stay with most is the speeding wolf that can run as fast as the speed of sound and did in say they can talk. And it would be a honor to meet one and fight with the speeding wolf against to powerful creatures of the night!

100 Word Challenge: Mya

            100 word challenge

If I got requested to be a night time zoo keeper than I will say yes because it would be cool to see all the animals go to sleep and see cool things that I would never see before. Also if there was evil monsters than I would pack a very special weapon that no one not even the bravest person on earth could ever think! BUT not just any sword,no,no, it would be a blade that could kill you even if you taped it on the side of the blade.And that is why FOLKS!

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

    Why would anyone want creativity? It drives our society, our world. Everything we know is creativity. What is math? It creativity. Every day is creative, but the most creative thing in the world? The Night Zoo! I want to be creative, so the Night Zookeeper is my perfect job! I will keep the animals safe, and spread creativity flowing.     My next reason is that I love animals. I always have, and always will. Animals are all around us. From flies to humans.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is, that  I want this job. It's just perfect for me.

100 Word Challenge: Sarah

I should be a night zookeeper because I'm fantastic at every job I do. I think perfectly no matter what! Don't even bother asking me about my athletic agility, because it's unheard of in Nilth. Besides, with my brains, my bronze, and the other night zookeepers doing whatever I say. Then Nilth will no longer be a problem anymore. Once those monsters of Nilth see me, they will scream like little girls all the way back to where they came from. Those are basically all the reasons why I should be a night zookeeper. Now, what are yours?

100 Word Challenge: Sam

I would like to be the zoo keeper because I would be the protector of creativity! That means that I would be creative also. I would also like it because as I will be like a war hero. People will tell stories of me looking over the gate of the night zoo, looking at all the dark black monsters with no fear in my eyes. Charging into battle with a very colorful, creative, and storage army behind be. We will be shrieking with a battle cry. Then I will grow old and have grand kids that will be the most creative.

100 Word Challenge: Ned

          100 word challenge

I would like too be a zoo keeper,I would like to defend my side of the world.
Even though I might get scared of the scary animals.
It is going too be hard but I'll power through it and get the job done.I would be the man for the job because I am strong and not scared of the dark.
I think I would be great at it and you will to when I start my job at the NIGHT ZOO.
I believe in my self to defeat the scary animals. choose me for the job.
from Ned

100 Word Challenge: Manny

          100 Word Challenge by Manny
    I would not like to be a night zoo keeper. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you why.
    I would not like to be a night zoo keeper because I like to get my sleep. I would like to be relaxed at home instead of working at night. Also, you'd have to be WIDE AWAKE to see the criminals. I wouldn't be up for it. You may want to be a night zoo keeper, but I wouldn't like to. People have different opinions about things, so...
    That's why night zoo keeping isn't for me.

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

Dear Night Watch,

    I feel like I should be part of the Night Watch, because I have trained in Kung Fu, Karate, Tao Fun, Tai Kwon Do, and boxing. I have the necessary skills to, um, well, 'beat up' the monsters of the Nilth. I have fought the legendary beasts of Waseruf. I recieved a temporary injure, but know I am back to work! I have recieved 1,000,000,000,000 medals for my service at the Day Watch. If you would accept me, I may or may not be a great, great service to you and your corporation.

                With pure desperation,
                  Xorglfoob Zoofgaloot

100 Word Challenge: Sammy

i would like to be the night zoo keeper because I love animals and I want to protect them because they are exotic and not ones alike so if I can help I would pitch in and make a change

    plus i like it at night the world feels so big and to me it  just feels so big and to me it just feels so good also i'd get to play with the animals and have some fun playing with them but most of all i would get to shelter and take care of them so they would like me and i would like them back.

100 Word Challenge: Emma

January 12 3015,
  I stare around, I'm in this cage. People are looking and laughing at me. My face gets red. I see a big man with a key Come to the lock of the cage. "GET OUT!" He shouts at me as the door opens. I look behind me and see a bright teal horse coming at me."NOW!" He shouts. I take no second warning and scurry out of the cage.

January 12, 3015
    He throws me into his office. I fall into a chair. "What?" I ask.
"You have been selected to be a night zoo keeper..."
"A night zoo keeper?" I interrupt.
"Yes a night zoo keeper what do you say?"
My mind races, What if I say no? Why do they need me? My curiosity got the best of me.
"I accept!"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Diniti

I think I should be a night zookeeper because I care deeply about animals. The land of Nilth has no right to destroy the most wonderful land of Night. The Land of Nilth has no right destroy creativity. The land of Nilth has absolutely no right to destroy animals The land of Nilth has especially no right to destroy animals that are different, no right to destroy animals that are unique. You say that there are Time Traveling Elephants? I assume these animals are endangered because I have not heard of them before. So destroying these animals would be horrendous.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

TV Review: Teen Nick Top 10

 TeenNick Top 10 by Manny 

    TennNick Top 10 is a show on TeenNick that ranks the most voted music videos in America. I really enjoy watching the show. They show two music videos before the commercial break. I think TeenNick Top 10 is a good chance to get to listen to some good music. I, am a HUGE fan of music. I know a lot of music and artists.
    In TeenNick Top 10, if there’s a song with bad words, then they block it out completely so you can’t hear it. At the beginning of the show, they start at number 10. Then from there, they go all the way down.   
It’s a nice to show to watch. You can relax by listening to some really popular music. I like watching the show because it relaxes me a lot. Listening to the great music is awesome! You should really watch the show. Do you like watching musical shows?

TV Review: I Carly

  iCarly by Manny 

    iCarly is an amazing show that I’ve watched a LOT!! It’s on Nickelodeon. It is age appropriate, so don’t be worried. iCarly can be make you laugh, make you sad, and make you full of joy. The show is HILARIOUS!! It has a lot of random humor, but it’s still really funny.
    Carly and Sam are best friends. They are chosen to host a talent show at their school. The principal doesn’t approve of their choices to put in the talent show, because most of them are peculiar, but most likely to go viral funny. From the crazy ideas in the talent show, they decide to start their own web show:iCarly, along with other good friend , Freddie Benson, who is the technician. That’s really where it all started.
    iCarly is such a great show. Many of you have seen the great show. I’m sure you all loved it. It’s filled with great messages, humor, and friendship. Have you watched iCarly?

Writing: A Typical Mystery - Part 9

A Typical Mystery:Part 9 by Manny 

    “Oh no!! I killed Brad!” Elsa screamed. Rapunzel took Elsa in her arms as she started to sob. “It’s okay, Elsa. Even though we all loved Brad, it was just a mistake,” Rapunzel suggested, trying to cheer up Elsa.
    “It’s not okay!! I killed someone because of my anger issues. I didn’t mean anything I said. Nothing. No. Nothing. And because of me, we’re probably stuck here forever. If only I didn’t hurt Brad.” As she said that she didn’t mean anything about what she said, she sobbed even more. Soon, she was gasping for breath, so shocked at what happened.
    The whole big room was hot and dry, and they all felt as if there were no chance of getting out.

   4 Hours Later:
    They were all hungry, starving, even. Also, they were very, very thirsty. The crew needed something to quench their tongues.
    “I’m so hungry and so thirsty,” Cinderella said. Goldilocks agreed, as she wiped her final silent tears away from the drama. Elsa continued to sob, even harder, now. Rapunzel shared a few tears, admiring how brave and kind Brad was.
    “You know, I’m heart broken that Brad is gone. He was my best friend. I just can’t believe he’s gone. He was the person who brought me here, to be with you guys…” Happy shed tears a lot of tears after that. It was definitely a heart breaking moment for him. How can  Happy live without his amazing best friend? That’s what he wanted to know.

                30 Minutes Later, Outside The House
    “Flynn, they could be in here,” Princess Anna said. She was really hoping she would find her sister.
    “We could head in now, if you want,” Flynn suggested. Princess Anna wanted to take as many chances as she could get to find Elsa and the others, so she said yes.
    They headed in together, Princess Anna hurrying, desperate to find her sister.
    “I think they’re in here,” Flynn said, pointing to a raggedy old door. They headed in their and opened the iron door. They both saw people in their. Familiar ones. They soon smiled and came running down to see them.
    “Hey it’s, Flynn Rider and Princess Anna,” Happy was saying,”we’re SAVED!”

100 Word Challenge: Daboh

I would definitely be willing to become a Night Zookeeper. If Nilth is a land that has no creativity then we can’t let them destroy us. Then the Night Zoo will never have anymore fun. The animals that live in the Night Zoo are probably quite rare, and If we don’t stop Nilth then the generations after us will never be able to live to see these mystical animals. It wouldn’t be fair that we would be alive to go to a once in a lifetime trip while the generations after us couldn’t. I’m willing to become a Night Zookeeper.

Biography: Idina Menzel

 Biography 15:Idina Menzel by Manny 

    Idina Menzel is a famous Broadway star, singer, and actress. Idina has many things to be proud about in her life. She has had many accomplishments in her life. And I’m here to share them with you.
    Well, Idina Menzel was born in 1972. I don’t know that much about her, but I know enough to tell you the amazing accomplishments she has in her life. First, she was on Broadway, and she was the star on Wicked. She even had her own song, called “Defying Gravity.” The song was a hit known to people who’re big fans of Broadway. The song was even covered on Glee, a hit musical dramedy. Also, she was even on that show! For about, 10 episodes. But she played a decent part. She played the part of the main characters birth mother. Last but not least, her role in the spectacular movie, Frozen. She played Queen Elsa and she got her own song “Let it Go”, known to families and children all around the world.
    Like I said, I don’t know that much about Idina Menzel, but I know that she has had an amazing career. After reading this, I’m sure you think that too.

Poetry: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Poem by Manny 

        Time for thanks
        Time for joy
        Time for family
        Time for Thanksgiving

        Time for happiness
        Time for smiles
        Time for relaxing
        Time for Thanksgiving
        Thanksgiving is a fun time
        Thanksgiving is the right time
        Thanksgiving is a nice time
        Thanksgiving is a thankful time

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


  Pizzarelli by Manny 

    Pizzarelli is a great pizza place I went to in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It has nice pizza, and I was very surprised it would taste so good! Do you like pizza places? Well, you would love Pizzarelli. Even though I was there in a rush, I still loved the food. It tastes so rich and delicious.
    At Pizzarelli, there are calzones. Calzones are like mini burritos, except that the fact that they are stuffed with pepperoni and cheese. I never had one there, but I knew they must’ve tasted good. Moving on to the pizza, the first thing you think about is how HUGE THEY ARE! They’re pretty big pizzas, but I managed to finish it quickly, for we were on a rush to tour the old colonial part of Santo Domingo.
    This place is great. If you ever come to Santo Domingo, you have to come eat here! Everything is so good! If you try it, promise me, you’ll love it!

Boo Boo Poetry: Abby

The Storm

We scream
We shout
No one can hear us

Our hearts in pain
Our legs cracking
Our arms dropping

We tried to hard
To stay alive
During the storm


They were skiing, all 4 of them. Then it hit them. The worst storm of the winter. They knew it was coming but they did not believe others. They were hit. Down to the cold harsh ground. After the sky cleared up and everyone was feeling better they started their way down the mountain to get medical help. But there adventure was not over yet……..

What would you do in a life of death situation?

Movie Review: Free Birds Interview

  Free Birds, Q and A by Manny 

   Today, I’m interviewing my amazing little brother, Alex, on Free Birds. He watched the movie on our way to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I was curious about what he thought about the movie, so here’s the Q and A.

Q: What was the plot of the movie?
Alex: The plot of the movie was to get turkeys off the Thanksgiving menu because the main characters were turkeys, and they didn’t want to die.

Q: Who was the main character, and what was he/she like?
Alex: His name was Reggie, and he was brave, nervous a lot, and kind.

Q: What was the main genre of the movie?
Alex: It was a little fantasy and action.

Q: Who were Reggie’s friends?
Alex: Too many to count.

Q: Why should everyone watch the movie?
Alex: It’s very funny, and the message was that hard work can accomplish many things.


Curiosity Projects

                                              Curiosity Projects by Manny 

    Curiosity projects are projects we have to complete these last 8 weeks of school. We have to think of something we are curious about. I looked at the successful curiosity projects from the past, and a lot of them have to do with science. I’m glad mine are not like that, because that means that my ideas are different from the past ones. My curiosity has to do with music, but I can’t tell anyone yet. I think these projects will be very fun, and I’m ready for the hard work!
    Mrs.Barnes started the introduction to this project by talking about the people working for Google. They work 80% on their job, and 20% on something they want to do. You could make an app if you wanted to, and you get to do that for 20% of your time there! So, that’s what we’re gonna do. I’m so excited to study my project. Have you picked your project yet?