Thursday, January 28, 2016

Roller blading Madness


In PE we are doing roller blading. Only grades 3-5 get to do this as it would be a hassle for younger kids. But in PE it is not going so well, at least for the fifth graders! Every day there is at least one person who does not get the shoe size they need because they are already out of that size. Also, a lot of people like to slam into each other on pourpose just to be funny. But what happens is that then other skaters bump into them on accident, and then people keep falling, and falling, and falling. Untill it is a heaping pile of skaters all on top of each other. Also, some just go way to fast and bump into others. On top of that, I hear very rude and hurtfull comments from other skaters when they pass by biginners who are not as good at skating as them. ( This has happened to me before). But the pros are that most skaters are very supportive of their classmates, and alwas help them up when they fall. I would like to acknowledge my two best friends Iris and Ava because they are very supportive of me when I skate and are my bodygards so people don't bump into me!
Ski Trip
By :Lily
Every year the fifth graders at Glenridge, Captain and Meramec take a skiing trip to hidden valley. This year it was our turn to go.  We got to school at 8 in the morning and then we got on to the bus right away. We were all so excited to go there. We waited on the bus just talking and talking until finally we were there. We got there got of the bus and went to the main room. That was where we got and attached our ticket  to our self. The teachers and volunteers gave us our forms so we could get our ski’s and we were off. They led us table by table to the room where the ski’s and boots were and we got our lockers situated and then listened to one of the staff members talk about the process. Next they dismissed us to get our ski boots. We got to go pick them out and then we brought them back to the seats so we could get help putting them on. Once we were done we got our form and brought it to the ski line where we waited and waited and waited until we were at the front of the line. When we were there we handed them the ski form, they took it and they used it to get our ski’s. When they got them they handed them to us and we took them out to station 1 at skills camp. there were 7 stations you had to complete before you could ski and when you completed them you were allowed to ski wherever you wanted. Overall the trip was really awesome and I loved it . It was a great way to reunite with and make new friends.

Monday, January 25, 2016

One Little Word 2016

Our One Little Words for 2016

View this link to learn of the one word resolutions the 5B class has made
to make 2016 the best year EVER!

Hidden Valley by Ben


On Thursday, January 14th 2016, my school went to Hidden Valley and it was awesome. I learned how to hockey stop. I also skied with a bunch of friends. Wilson brought a Camel Back. Wilson was one of the best ones out there. He stayed after and skied on almost all of the runs. I was going to stay longer, but my foot hurt.  I was trying to get on the bus but my dad kept talking to Wilson's mom so then I had to drive in my dad's car. They used fake snow but it tastes good.  I usually snowboard but I had to ski for some reason. Now I think I'm going to start skiing again. I started off skiing when I was younger. I wanted to snowboard but now I think I'm going to ski in St Louis and snowboard in Colorado.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Hidden valley was A very fun day because we got to ski. I liked this because I am good and so is my friend so we could go and ski together. I also liked it because could teach some of my other friends how to ski.

First I had to go through ski school I did not like because I knew how to do everything they were doing. I got out of there as fast as I could. I was trying to find my friends but I could not see him there were so many people there but finally I saw him. I had almost missed  him after we met up we started to ski. He was so we all skied together. hidden valley was the best day I have ever had in school.

ski school

Ski School

The ski school was fun most of the time but station three was really hard for me because you are supposed to walk up hill when really all I was doing was going down hill. There was seven stations one was how to put on your skies, two and three was walking up hill, four was how to stop, five was the magic carpet, six was going down hill through cones, seven was going down an even steeper hill through cones. Once you were done with that you were free to ski!

Hidden Valley

             Falling, falling, falling......  ..

your probably wondering why this post is called
falling x3, well my day started with me getting ready to go, getting out the door, aaannnddd....
getting stuck in 1 hour 30 minute long traffic.yay. on the way to school my mom called
Mrs.Hoffman, who fortunately was driving kids who missed the bus to Hidden Valley, so I rode with her. when we got there I was  given a sticker to show that I was with glenridge. we got our boots and skis, and went outside. we were trained on how to use skis and I fell quite a lot of times. then they let us go to do what we want. I went on the yellow badge chair lift   and we left after being there for 4 hours. we went back to glenridge and went home.

Ski Time by Seraphina

 Ski time!

    On Thursday we went to hidden valley, which are ski slopes about an hour away from our school! All three Clayton schools went, including us! My favorite part was going on the ski lift and skiing down the bunny slope. It was a lot of fun! The hart part about using the ski lift was getting off, we had to be fast enough to ski off the lift, and not have the seat bump us on the butt. That was my problem. On the very last time I went on the ski lift I managed to get off without falling, but I was unaware that I got off to early, and the seat I was sitting in bumped me really, really hard in the butt. Which sent me flying into the artificial snow! If you have skied before, you would know how hard it is to get up once you have fallen. Yes, really hard, I fell so many times, which resulted in me having to get up so many times as well. That part of it was very unpleasant. Another thing I really enjoyed was going on the rope tow. A rope tow is something you grab onto, and it pulls you up to the top of the hill. It takes you really, really fast up the hill and so many people fell off because of this. Also, lunch was amazing. Eating one slice of pizza and an ice cold drink of Hi-C is the best thing in the world after you ski! Skiing is awesome, (and hard)!

Back in Fourth by Ava

Back in Fourth by Ava

Instead of going to Hidden Valley, I just stayed at school and helped 4th grade. I usually stay at school to help classes every year when there is a field trip. In 3rd grade I stayed and helped 1st grade instead of going to Meramec Caverns. And last year in 4th grade, I stayed and helped 1st grade again instead of going to Jefferson City. Yesterday, I just helped Mrs. Hallan's class. But since nobody needed help, I just did some math, read my book and worked on Social Studies Homework. I basically had to go to specials with them, go to recess with them, and well, did everything that they did. It was a little weird because people might have been scared of me just because I am a 5th grader, but really, they should not be scared of me at all! It just could have been I was taller than a lot of them, but still! I hoped that they liked me and I would be happy to do it again any time.

I wonder if next year, you have to go to the field trips?

Ski Trip by Edward

Ski Trip by Edward

We went on a ski trip and it was really fun. The only really boring thing was that people got to go on the ski lift but I did not. People Were sneaking on to the ski lift but I did not and that was good. The food was so good also it was horrible because we got one lazy piece of pizza and baby carrots that is not a lot of food for me. The ski trip was kinda dangerous people who did not know how to ski ran into people like me. It was my first time skiing but we went back so I could actually have more fun on the ski lift.

Hidden Valley by Mitchell

Hidden Valley by Mitchell

Hello my name is Mitchell and 5th grade and I went to hidden valley on January 14. I'm going to talk about the trip. So the ride there was probably the least exciting thing but the ride was pretty awesome so if that tells you anything, the skiing was pretty awesome. The ride was awesome because everyone was so excited to go skiing. Some people were so excited that they where there helmets and goggles on the ride. as soon as we got there meramac was there so we sat at some empty tables in the hidden valley loge and talked until we had to watch a safety instruction video. After that was done we went into this HUGE warehouse that had tons of snow board/skiing boots and polls and skies and snowboards. Oh my! So we got are skis and we hit the slopes. there were 7 stations. 1.was getting on and off your skis. 2.waslearning what to do if you fall. 3.was the worst station where you would climb up a hill and it took so long and was so frustrating. 4 5 and 6 and 7 were about how to stop, turn and the magic carpet. Lunch was the best thing you've ever tasted in your whole entire life because you've been skiing all day and you are very hungry. My advice is eat slowly it will last longer. So after the 7 stations you can either take the biggener lift or if you are experienced skier than you can go on the big slopes. I went on the biggener chairlift a couple thousand times

Hidden Valley Ski Lunch


The ski lunch is probably
the best school lunch you've ever had so let me tell you about it. So it first starts out with you coming in at 11:15 exclusively for Glenridge school Starving and thirsty for a pizza and soda and it's of your choice of anything you want to have from that soda machine  and a really good thick crust cheese pizza and some baby carrots.Then you get to sit down by anyone with (only glenridge students) and have a blast. And when you're done you dismiss yourself to go back outside to go skiing.

Hidden Valley Ski Trip by Ken

The Ski Trip  By Ken

Today was Thursday, 5th grade was going to Hidden Valley. I couldn’t wait it was my 1st time skiing!, Mermac was coming. So was Captain. When we got to Hidden Valley, we into a building, I sat beside Robert. The 5th graders watched a safety video. After that we went into a stinky warehouse, “It stinks” Devon commented. Then we listened to one of the staff. I went to get my ski boots. Then I had to wait in a line forever, I got my ski’s. Than I went through the stations it was lunchtime when I got to the Magic carpet. Then I went back, it took me forever to get to station7. It took me 3 tries to get to the “Falling hills” That’s what I call the skiing hills, because I falled like 6 times. I went down the small hill 2 times. I also went on the lift 2 times which was awesome! The Rope till was very fast so I fell 3 times. I went with Devon on the lift. When we had to leave I was kind of sad, because I wanted to ski way more. I wish I could stay behind and ski more. When we got back to Glenridge. I wanted to go home, but I had to go to GCC.

Hidden Valley By Iris

The Wonderful Ski Trip Of Clayton
By: Iris

This Thursday the Clayton School District Fifth Graders went to Hidden Valley to Ski. The line for the equipment was very long it took forever for the me to get my skis and go. When I finally got out there I went through all the stations. My favorite was the last one where we went around the cones. My least favorite was the side step station because there was someone in front of me who was not side stepping but stepping on everybody’s skis stepping. And also it just took forever to get to the top because their was so many cones we had to sidestep past. But once I got past the stations I did the rope tow. The line takes forever to get past and once I got on it was really fun. The lift was super fun. But on one of the last times me and my friend Seraphina were going on the way there she fell, so I went to go help her, but at the same time I was unaware that there was a big pile up in front of me. Then when I turned around a girl who was trying to get into the line slipped and fell in front of me but I did not notice her so I slipped on her ski and feel down. Then I noticed the big pile up in front of me. There was a girl who was on the ground crying black tears because she had makeup on. And her friends were trying to help her but they were falling down and on top of that her ski’s were not coming off. And I couldn’t get up.  Then after that was over I went on the rope tow and fell off three times.

Hidden Valley Ski Trip

The Hidden Valley ski trip
                 by Robert

The hidden valley ski trip required perseverance  and resilience. Almost everyone fell and we all got up. The ski school was especially frustrating and in 45 minutes I was only at station 5. The lunch was only a pizza and a soda. The stations were especially frustrating and I wove through the station 7 instructor and I hit the sign with my hand.

The rope tow had to stop a few times because the people didn’t get out of the way. The ski lift had no safety bar so you held on for dear life. They gave you a tiny lunch so you were starving when you got on the bus. But it was really fun so i’m not complaining. Do you love skiing?      

Victory on the Slopes

     Victory on the Slopes
Hidden Valley was a new experience for me. I had never been skiing before. When we first got to Hidden Valley we watched a safety video. I payed close attention because it was my first time. When we finally got to the locker room I grabbed my size boots and they were broken so I went back to get new one’s that weren't broken. By the time I got back and got in line to get my ski’s the line was very long. By the time I finally got my ski’s some people were done with ski school.
I was super scared when I got on the snow. But after a couple of minutes I realized hey I’m not that bad at this. After that I whizzed through ski school until it was time for lunch.
Lunch was very small. We got a piece of pizza and the choice of a drink with baby carrots. I thought I was going to starve but thankfully my mom packed me a snack if I got hungry.
When I was done with lunch I went back on the slopes. I couldn’t believe it I was done with ski school. I went to the little lift to get practice going on the lift. I am scared of heights so even though it wasn’t that high I was still really scared. After one or two times I started to get the hang of it. I started to go to the rope tow. There was a super long line because everyone kept falling. I did that a couple of times and then I went on the mini lift to get some practice before I went on the big lift. I did that a lot and before I knew it all the schools had to leave. It was just me and my dad having fun skiing. My dad took me on the giant lift and I was super scared. I am afraid of heights and the lift kept stopping.
When we got to the top I decided to go on the less steep hill to start because it was my first time skiing. I tried to pizza stop on my way down like the people at ski school taught us but it wasn’t stopping me. I was going as fast as a rocket and I couldn’t stop finally the pizza stop slowed me down enough to where I could just fall back and I wouldn’t hurt myself. After that my dad taught me how to hockey stop I went on the little lift some more to practice. My dad told me I could go down one more hill and then we would have to leave. I chose the big hill. I started out really slow but then I went down like a pro using my new knowledge on how to hockey stop. We left when I got down the hill. That was the best field trip ever! I will never forget how much fun I had.

Hidden Valley Ski Trip - Persevering on the Slopes

persevering on slopes
by charles

Thursday January 14 2016 Glenridge, Captain and Meramec went on a trip to Hidden Valley. Everyone was talking about the trip and what they were going to do and who they where gonna ski with and when we got there after along 30 minute bus drive everyone got up and started pushing there way to the door. When  the bus door opened everyone was out of the bus in a second. We lined up with are classes and walk to the building so we can watch the safety video. Captain was the first school in the room than glenridge and we walk in  a sat down with our friends and talk until the instructor got our attention and everyone looked at him. He told us what we were going to do and some main safety rules before we started the video. After the video the teachers walked around and gave us a clip to put on our zipper. Some people found that very challenging. Then they gave us are sticker with our ticket on it and it said if we can do the lift or not. Than we all went to another building to get our shoes and skis. Once we were done we went outside and started the first station to are ski school. The first station was how to put the skis on then you had to duck walk all the way to station 3 where you did turns and went down to station 4. At station 4 you practice stopping. Then at station 5 and 6 you practiced going in between cones going down to station 7 where you practice turning, then after 7 you could go ski. I went right to the first lift i sall and i started going up. Then i saw grant right behind me on the lift. once we got to the top we skied down together. We kept going on the same run until he met up with wilson. Me and christian and ezra were going on all the slopes that were open [ which was only 2 because the whole west side of the mountain was closed] When the unopened slopes open we went down those and skied all the blacks. Then are only way out to get back to the bus to leave stopped we were confused so we asked someone what happened. they said it shut down. so we went on the same slope 4 times are 5 time ezra accidentally went left off of the lift not right so we were stuck on the hardest steepest slope. Are first time all of us fell 2. We set a goal to run the slope without falling. it took us 3 or 4 runs to do it but we did. And are last run was are lucky one because right after the lift to get back to the bus was open. we took that lift and then we sale my grandpa come down the mountain. We tried to get his attention but he did not hear us so we had to go all the way back down on are way down we sale my grandpa on the lift going back so we quickly got on. We started screaming his name he turned around and said There you are. He waited for us on the top and we went to the lunchroom to get a snack. There hot chocolate was soooooo hot. So about ten minutes later we left to go home after are long and hard but fun adventure.                           

Hidden Valley Ski Trip

The Hidden Valley Ski Trip
By Elaine

On January 15, the students of Clayton School district were going on a ski trip, including me! After a 50 minute (and very hot) bus ride, we finally arrived. Everyone who was renting had to go in a massive line to get equipment. When I was in the line, I seriously were envying the people who brought their own equipment. I had to wait for about a hour and I was in the middle of the line. I wasn’t able to imagine how long I would have waited if I were at the back.

When the skis were too big for me, I had to go all the way back and get in line, this time lugging some heavy skis with me! I was extremely annoyed. When I finally got some skis that fit me, I had to go to ski school. At least I was able to ski a little bit as I passed all the stations. Then came the real fun, the slopes!

Since my parents signed that I was a beginner at first, we had to pay a extra $10 to change the paperwork because that was a mistake. I was able to go on the lifts because of that. The infuriating thing was, people who were begginer were sneaking on the lift. You aren’t allowed to do that! Because of that, many people fell of and the lift stopped so much that when I finally reached the top, it had taken 10 minutes and it really should have taken 4! Some people just aren’t fair. What would you have done if you weren’t allowed on the lift?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hidden Valley Ski Trip

Hidden Valley Ski Trip by Claudia

Our Hidden Valley ski trip was a lot of fun. People who could ski got better and people who couldn’t ski learned how. I had a lot of fun learning how to glide and how to move. I had never skied before, so this was all very new to me. Ski school took me around an hour, having to spend about eight minutes in each station. I also had to spend an extra twenty minutes side-stepping up the mountain to show the staff I knew how move. Stopping was easy for me and I loved riding the magic carpet. I soon learned how to swerve and ride the rope tow. A couple falls here and there, but the rope ended up helping more than it hurt.
I reached the top of the hill. Looking down I could see the lines I stood in, and the people that I learned how to ski with. I could see the chair lifts and the big bulldozer used to move snow. I could see all of the stations at ski school, and I could see the lodge clear as day. Then I looked down the hill. It looked more like a mountain from where I was standing. The people at the bottom turned into ants, the bulldozer turned into a toy truck. Everything shrunk into tiny specks. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. I waited. Eventually my feet tired and I felt like I was slipping. I leaned forward and let gravity take me to the ground. In an instant I was flying through the air! The wind hitting my face was a relief. I sped down the hill with my hands in the air. At the bottom I came to a quick stop, spraying snow at everything.
My friend asked “How was it?” I had one reply. “Let’s do that again.”

Ski Trip by Riley

Ski Trip

Hi i’m Riley and I went to hidden valley Ski resort along with every 5th grader in the district. Befor I got there I was worried and thought it was very hard but when i got on the slopes it was like a dream come true. infact I only fell down twice and those happened in line, let me tell you about them.
The first time I fell, I was in line for the beginners lift, i was in the back ow what i call the coloso-line and I saw a skier going down the 2nd hill with the rope tow he was blasting down the hill and did not slow down to get in line, He curved away and I thought he was going somewhere else But then I realised he was going towards a hill and I knew he was turning to get in line. I thought He would slow down but He didn't seem to know how to stop. In a split second He slammed into me with (What I thought was) The force of a semi and next thing I knew I was in the snow face first.

The second time I fell I was waiting in the line for the rope toe when Jack came up behind me and lightly shoved me in the direction of the sign.sliding backwards I had no Idea where I was going. I slammed into the sign and fell over.

Hidden Valley

This day was fun and not fun at the same time. Now you're probably wondering what do i mean. It was fun skiing but i did not have a green pass so i couldn't go on everything. I could only go on half hills. I learned that if you're good at ice skating or stopping in ice skating than you will be good at skiing because it is like the same thing. Therefore i was good at skiing because i'm good at ice skating. When it was lunch i was so sweaty. But that one soda and that was peace a pizza was so good. I felt like i earned that. Than after i was done i was back on the slopes. Do you like to ski?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One Little Word: Ava

My one little word is interest because, I get interested in many thing, like swimming, Cooking, Jogging… But to add to my one little word, I chose it to be unique. (Darn it! I could have done Unique for my one little word!) But, I also would like to know other people's interests. So I could try them out. (But I am not very good at any…) But, that is my one little word reasoning.

                                                 What is your one little word?

Friday, January 8, 2016

One Little Word: Drake


Always believe , if you do hard enough  you will succeed every time. For example , when you play a sports game and there's only 60 seconds left in the game and you're down by 15 , don't let that slow you down.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I picked the word tranquility because  staying calm during hard problems or anytime can turn out really good for you, or having a great day, don't worry about tomorrow and just enjoy your time.

One Little Word-Imagine


What would be the world without imagination? It could be more devastating that you would think. There would be no stories, no books, but that's not all. What about designs? Designs of houses, vehicles, furniture and more. If there is no design, in your head or on paper, then where would you be? You can't think of anything new, so you have to build as you go. But you can't imagine any possible problems which means you can't do things to be prepared. Video games need imagination to be created, math problems need imagination. If you really think about this, there are a ton of things that need imagination. And that is why I chose this word my one little word.

My word is never give up because I want to exercise and to do that I have to keep going and never give up

One Little Word-Riley-LIFE

I chose Life because, Well think about it. One Little Word is just a word that will guide you
through 2016. I'm a living human being... Right? No seriously... am I?(Just Kidding)
But I'm talking about walks on the beach, eating ice-cream with your family, And more common things like Going to school, eating at a restaurant, spending time with your friends.
That is why life is the word driving me through 2016


Resilience. I chose that word because I like the meaning to it I like the motivation. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Are class has a poster and it's all about are resilience throughout the years our other people showing resilience. have you ever shown resilience?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

One LIttle Word - Aidan

One Little Word by Aidan

Now the word i have picked is impact. Now The reason why i have picked this world is because it means something to me. Have you ever got that feeling that there's just that one world that speaks to you. For example when i meet someone i want to make an impact on their life. I don't want them to think oh i have do something with this kid again. I want them to think yeah i get to do something or go somewhere with this kid. When i make an impact on someone's life is a good one. What is you one little word.    

One Little Word by Lily

BY: Lily

My word is happiness. This word means a lot to me because in my opinion if you don’t have happiness in life there really is no point in living. Wouldn’t you rather feel happy in life than sad all the time?

On my google slide I have 2 emoji type pictures. One is just a regular big smiley face because that is what you do when you are happy, smile! The other one is a face that is winking with it’s tounge sticking out. It looks like it is laughing and when you are happy you laugh. I have a list of happy things just because they are happy. I wanted to show how many happy things there are in life. I have the color pencil heart because I love art and when I do it it makes me happy. I have all the quotes because they mean things to me and they all apply to me. I chose the gifts because it always makes me happy to recieve a gift from someone. I chose the smiling alarm clock just because I thought it was cute and I liked it and it made me laugh.  I chose the picture with all the frowning blue balls and the one smiling yellow ball because it shows that you can choose to be happy and I chose the picture where the bowling pins say can’t and the bowling ball says can becuse it shows that a the pins are getting knocked down which to me means all the cants are demolished and the can is left standing.  That was why I chose what I chose.

One Little Word by Wilson

One Little Word by Wilson

My one little word is health I picked health because my parents like to swim and go to the gym. I usually stay home and have nothing to do. This also helps me stay in shape instead of watching TV. I also think this is fun because I get to be with my parents. I also can see how I get better for an example last year I was very bad at swimming. This year I would like to get better at it. I want to get better at swimming because it is very good for you.
Also working out is very good for you. It is also very fun. I also like it because I have to stay in shape for hockey. The reason that I have to work out for hockey is because I do not have hockey everyday. This is why I like swimming because it is fun and it is very good for you.

One Little Word - Ethan

My one little word is passion. I chose passion because I think that every one should have a passion. Whether it's a passion for sports or school or reading. I have a passion. Do you have a passion? A passion is just anything you really love. For example I like to watch movies but it's not a passion because I don't really love it, but I love playing golf so it's one of my passions.

My passion is basketball. Actually that is only one of my passions. I also have a passion of football. I definitely love basketball more though. I love basketball so much because it is so fast paced and you need to be pretty good to keep up with everyone else. I never really think about this but I think I should and you should. What is your passion or if you do not have one you should try to find one. Depending on your personality you may like something more peaceful like reading or something more active like basketball.

OLW Impossible

Impossible By: Iris

My word is impossible. I chose this word because sometimes I think or other people say that something is impossible, and most of the time I believe it. Impossible describes a big part of my life. Almost everything I do before I do it I think this will be impossible, but when I do it, it doesn't feel as impossible. And I want to feel that way for everything else.

One LIttle Word by Ben

I picked Shalom because it means peace. I want there to be peace in the world. I want to have peace with my family by being nice. I will try not to fight with my brother and sister.

One Little Word - Claudia

I chose to have courage as my one little word because I have been trying a lot of new things, and it is one of my New Year's resolutions is to scare myself every day. I think it's better to challenge the fears you have instead of not having them at all. I think trying new things is important because new can be scary... and also fun. Overcoming fear is not always easy, or fast. That means it's all the more important to work on facing them.

One Little Word by Robert

By Robert

I chose peace because there are so many peaceful moments I think that a lot of people like me miss the peaceful moments.I’ve never taken time to think about what peace really means and I think it’s time to discover that the meaning of peace to me.Reading is one of my hobbies and I feel at peace when I read. I think that what peace means to me is silence.

I enjoy many other activities that require peace. I have not thought about peace in a long time.I’d never thought about peace very hard. I believe that the peaceful times that you experience help you stock up for when the hard times come. I never was very encouraged to earn peace loops but I was jealous of the people who got peace loops  

One Little Word by Sonali

One Little Word by Sonali

Hi my name is sonali and for ‘one little word,’ I chose the word friendship. I chose ‘friendship’ because friendships are not easy to have and I look at my friends as if they are my family ; So, I wanted to represent how important and wonderful a true friendship can_be/feel.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Little Word

My Little Word by Seraphina

The word I chose was harmony. This word describes my life because I make my family and my group of friends who they are as a whole. You can think of it as a song. The song is the whole, but the different instruments that play the song make it what it is and what it sounds like in the end. The harmony and melody complete the song, so you can’t have just the melody or just the harmony. You have to have both, to make the song what it is.

Monday, January 4, 2016

100 Word Challenge Sonali

Once far away in a land filled with lustrous amounts of candy and sweets, named Choco-Harrisburg, there was a building named townhall or in our case ‘Sugarhall’. On one particular day, Sugarhall called for the help of two men, name William and Paul. They were called because there was a rumor that someone didn’t correctly make a cupcake. Everyone in town knew that a cupcake that wasn’t made ‘just right’ would, in 2 days, go bad and turn into a raw, slimy cupcake creature that would devour the town. William and Paul’s mission was to make the cupcake ‘just right.’

100 WC:Robert

The two men sweated in hot air chopping wood after the sandstorm. We will conquer the  enemies and defeat the storms once and for all the leader .aid. They chased the source of the storm and A spear hit the ground right in front of them.

Stop and drop your weapons a automated voice boomed in  the men attacking yelled never! Then they charged and quickly a light slammed into them. Bones flew everywhere and the last men fled. Two men retreated to the dessert and the chopped more wood. Another storm hit and the men were never seen again.