Friday, January 22, 2016

Hidden Valley Ski Trip

The Hidden Valley ski trip
                 by Robert

The hidden valley ski trip required perseverance  and resilience. Almost everyone fell and we all got up. The ski school was especially frustrating and in 45 minutes I was only at station 5. The lunch was only a pizza and a soda. The stations were especially frustrating and I wove through the station 7 instructor and I hit the sign with my hand.

The rope tow had to stop a few times because the people didn’t get out of the way. The ski lift had no safety bar so you held on for dear life. They gave you a tiny lunch so you were starving when you got on the bus. But it was really fun so i’m not complaining. Do you love skiing?      


  1. it was very fun but your not the one complaining you were the one who got skittles

  2. Cool! I am sorry that you hit your hand.