Friday, January 15, 2016

Hidden Valley Ski Trip

Hidden Valley Ski Trip by Claudia

Our Hidden Valley ski trip was a lot of fun. People who could ski got better and people who couldn’t ski learned how. I had a lot of fun learning how to glide and how to move. I had never skied before, so this was all very new to me. Ski school took me around an hour, having to spend about eight minutes in each station. I also had to spend an extra twenty minutes side-stepping up the mountain to show the staff I knew how move. Stopping was easy for me and I loved riding the magic carpet. I soon learned how to swerve and ride the rope tow. A couple falls here and there, but the rope ended up helping more than it hurt.
I reached the top of the hill. Looking down I could see the lines I stood in, and the people that I learned how to ski with. I could see the chair lifts and the big bulldozer used to move snow. I could see all of the stations at ski school, and I could see the lodge clear as day. Then I looked down the hill. It looked more like a mountain from where I was standing. The people at the bottom turned into ants, the bulldozer turned into a toy truck. Everything shrunk into tiny specks. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. I waited. Eventually my feet tired and I felt like I was slipping. I leaned forward and let gravity take me to the ground. In an instant I was flying through the air! The wind hitting my face was a relief. I sped down the hill with my hands in the air. At the bottom I came to a quick stop, spraying snow at everything.
My friend asked “How was it?” I had one reply. “Let’s do that again.”


  1. I loved how detailed you were. I had a great time too. I love how you described everyone like little ants on the top of the hill. It was my first time too.

  2. I love how you were descriptive and I like your plot. And it was also my first time.

  3. WOW Claudia, I am impressed with all the work that you put into this peice of writing! I love the way you discribed things, it is a good way to help people understand. It was also my first time!

  4. Clauds, I bet you are secretly a pro. I know thatyou are amazing at ice skating and rollerblading. But anyway, AWESOME AMAZING SUPER DOOPER JOB! I love how you set this up, I also love how you made it so detailed! Great job! :)