Friday, January 22, 2016

Hidden Valley Ski Trip

The Hidden Valley Ski Trip
By Elaine

On January 15, the students of Clayton School district were going on a ski trip, including me! After a 50 minute (and very hot) bus ride, we finally arrived. Everyone who was renting had to go in a massive line to get equipment. When I was in the line, I seriously were envying the people who brought their own equipment. I had to wait for about a hour and I was in the middle of the line. I wasn’t able to imagine how long I would have waited if I were at the back.

When the skis were too big for me, I had to go all the way back and get in line, this time lugging some heavy skis with me! I was extremely annoyed. When I finally got some skis that fit me, I had to go to ski school. At least I was able to ski a little bit as I passed all the stations. Then came the real fun, the slopes!

Since my parents signed that I was a beginner at first, we had to pay a extra $10 to change the paperwork because that was a mistake. I was able to go on the lifts because of that. The infuriating thing was, people who were begginer were sneaking on the lift. You aren’t allowed to do that! Because of that, many people fell of and the lift stopped so much that when I finally reached the top, it had taken 10 minutes and it really should have taken 4! Some people just aren’t fair. What would you have done if you weren’t allowed on the lift?


  1. Great job Elaine! I agree that it was super anoying when people who were not supposed to go on the lift went on it anyway! Even though you had some difficulty with the trip I hope that you still enjoyed it! =)

  2. WHT DID THEY DO THAT?! I think that they should have not been able to ski because of that, either way, AMAZING Elaine! I love how discriptive this was and how you set it up in an amazing way! Great Job! :)