Wednesday, January 6, 2016

One Little Word - Ethan

My one little word is passion. I chose passion because I think that every one should have a passion. Whether it's a passion for sports or school or reading. I have a passion. Do you have a passion? A passion is just anything you really love. For example I like to watch movies but it's not a passion because I don't really love it, but I love playing golf so it's one of my passions.

My passion is basketball. Actually that is only one of my passions. I also have a passion of football. I definitely love basketball more though. I love basketball so much because it is so fast paced and you need to be pretty good to keep up with everyone else. I never really think about this but I think I should and you should. What is your passion or if you do not have one you should try to find one. Depending on your personality you may like something more peaceful like reading or something more active like basketball.

1 comment:

  1. I like how you gave detailes of some of your passions. One of mine is definetley cooking and another one is reading