Wednesday, January 6, 2016

One Little Word by Lily

BY: Lily

My word is happiness. This word means a lot to me because in my opinion if you don’t have happiness in life there really is no point in living. Wouldn’t you rather feel happy in life than sad all the time?

On my google slide I have 2 emoji type pictures. One is just a regular big smiley face because that is what you do when you are happy, smile! The other one is a face that is winking with it’s tounge sticking out. It looks like it is laughing and when you are happy you laugh. I have a list of happy things just because they are happy. I wanted to show how many happy things there are in life. I have the color pencil heart because I love art and when I do it it makes me happy. I have all the quotes because they mean things to me and they all apply to me. I chose the gifts because it always makes me happy to recieve a gift from someone. I chose the smiling alarm clock just because I thought it was cute and I liked it and it made me laugh.  I chose the picture with all the frowning blue balls and the one smiling yellow ball because it shows that you can choose to be happy and I chose the picture where the bowling pins say can’t and the bowling ball says can becuse it shows that a the pins are getting knocked down which to me means all the cants are demolished and the can is left standing.  That was why I chose what I chose.

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  1. Just reading the 1st sentince makes me laugh Lily! Super Great job! Keep up the awesome work! :)