Friday, January 22, 2016

Hidden Valley Ski Trip by Ken

The Ski Trip  By Ken

Today was Thursday, 5th grade was going to Hidden Valley. I couldn’t wait it was my 1st time skiing!, Mermac was coming. So was Captain. When we got to Hidden Valley, we into a building, I sat beside Robert. The 5th graders watched a safety video. After that we went into a stinky warehouse, “It stinks” Devon commented. Then we listened to one of the staff. I went to get my ski boots. Then I had to wait in a line forever, I got my ski’s. Than I went through the stations it was lunchtime when I got to the Magic carpet. Then I went back, it took me forever to get to station7. It took me 3 tries to get to the “Falling hills” That’s what I call the skiing hills, because I falled like 6 times. I went down the small hill 2 times. I also went on the lift 2 times which was awesome! The Rope till was very fast so I fell 3 times. I went with Devon on the lift. When we had to leave I was kind of sad, because I wanted to ski way more. I wish I could stay behind and ski more. When we got back to Glenridge. I wanted to go home, but I had to go to GCC.

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  1. I like how detailed you were and if I was skiing, I would DEFINETLEY want to go home and relax! :)