Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow poetry by Lamia

I feel wet snow
On my cold, dry skin
As the darkness falls
To settle in.
The stars shine bright
To lead my way
Through tall, snow covered trees
Which bend and sway

By Lamia

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow story by Lixin

The sledding Attack
By: Lixin 

    It was a perfect snow day. It was up to 2 foot here in Connecticut and if it was even 1 inch lower, it wouldn’t have been a snow day. But that’s that. We had a perfect joke/snow attack on our friend here, Mike. He had no idea what we’ve planned for him. He had wanted to go sledding a lot and this was day. My other friend, Kevin, we had planned this for 4 months. This is secret, but you should know, if you can promise not to tell him, which, I assume you can. We had a shoe box, tall enough to fit a hollow watermelon in there. The hollow watermelon had a cylinder-ish hole down the middle about 0.5 cm wide. There was a string inserted through and attached to the top and bottom. The bottom had a lightly carved circle, light enough to not fall when holding the box, but heavy enough to lift up. When I lift it up, the hollow watermelon with the 15-pound weight. The string will not be strong enough to support it, making it break the string, then the watermelon will roll down the snowy hill. It would then endure a 2-foot fall onto a catapult loaded with snowballs, launching it a Mike. Anyway, we got up the hill, waiting for the perfect time. Just as he was sledding down the hill, we pulled the box. It rolled down the hill, triggering the catapult, and launching the snowballs in his face. He got up and looked around. He saw us at the top of the hill and came up. He said: “What was that for?” “Oh, it was for the fun of it. So now, how about cleanup time.” We gathered the materials, put them back home, and then built snow forts and had a huge snowball fight. It was the best snow day ever.

Dillon's Snow Story

The Capture of the Vase by Dillon

“SNOW DAY” Lance screams.  he runs off to go call all of his friends.  they decide to build forts and have a snow ball  fight.  as soon as they got started Lance could  feel something was going to happen to one them. “3 2 1 … Go” they all screamed.  as soon as Lance went to capture the other teams flag he thought of an idea.  that very day they had 2 and a ½ feet of snow.  so he went home and grabbed a shovel and dug until he hit something hard on the ground.  he had found a vase that was “valuable”.  He showed it to his teammates and they call a timeout.  all of them gathered around and then they decided to take it to a cash shop.  so they all went to the cash shop and the guy said “this vase is 102 years old it is worth $300,000.” the boys went nuts and they all decided to give $200,000 to Lance since he found it.  then the winning team in capture the flag will all split the $100,000.  so Lance continued on his secret path to the other teams base.  he had finally reached when the secret path broke so he quickly got the flag and sprinted all the way to his base.  unfortunately for him all the other team was there so they saw him and started throwing snowballs at him.  all of a sudden everything went to slow-mo and Lance started doing matrix and dodging everything.  he captured the flag and won the $100,000 for his team.  that night he told his mom about the money and she went crazy now they were million airs.  so  the next day he got a giant present spent with his money and that was a GO-KART and ROLLER BLADES.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aidan's Snow Haikus

Snow Haikus by Aidan

Snow is falling hard
The ground is covered in white
It is amazing

The snowman is done
I am having so much fun
I love the cold snow

Sledding is awesome
We are going down Art Hill
The snow is so cold

Snowball fights are fun
I have made a huge fortress
I am very cold

Snow realistic fiction story by Isabella

Snowed In
By Isabella

I sat alone in the train station, listening to music on my iPod. My mother had gone to the ticket stand to refund our tickets. We got snowed into the station.
“Samantha” my mother said as she walked to me.
“It's Sam” I said, under my breath.
“We can not get our money back, but they gave us $100 to spend in the station.”
I slowly lifted my head and took out one of my ear buds. Even if she was trying to be my mother, she will never be. Last year Mary and Jim Perkins adopted me.  They adopted me. I don’t like being called Samantha, it's too “girly.” As my mother walked to the lunch area, she talked to my dad. We had come here for his work. Why did we have to come to Dad's stupid conference?  I thought. My black bangs fell over my eyes, I put my headphones back on and played Dream On by Aerosmith. I looked down and in the reflection of my iPod and I saw a man standing behind me with a knife. I quickly turned around and all I saw was the heavy snow falling. That was the last time I saw him and it’s 12 years later.  

Snow Haikus by Erik

Erik’s Amazing Snow Haikus

I see the white snow
And the roads look treacherous
Yay no school today

I make my snow fort
I throw a bunch of snow balls
I love snow ball fights

I received the call
And slept in insanely late
Snow days are the best

I sped down the hill
Speeding on my Toboggan
Sledding is the best

Snow days are epic
With snow angels and snow men
Snow ball fights and sleds

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Haiku by Nicholas

 Snow Haiku

Snow is falling down
It feels like a soft blanket
It is getting cold

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow Personal Narrative by Filip

Art Hill Sledding      by Filip

On a Sunday, I woke up with excitement. I told my mom that I will call my friend Jake, so we can go sledding together. He happily accepted the invite. My mom, sister and I waited for Jake at the front of his house. He came out with this huge object. My mom was wondering what that was. Jake told us that it was a snow tube. We were still confused. He told us that it’s like a tube for water, but you go sledding on it. His snow tube was so big, it barely fit in the car. Along with that, Jake was barely visible because of the ginormous snow tube. When we parked at the Art Hill parking lot, all of us were excited. My mom and my sister went to the other side of the hill, while Jake and I were sledding on the other half. Jake and I found a place where there were holes in the ground. Jake nodded and we went down. I had a spongy sled, while Jake was in the snow tube. I was holding onto Jake’s snow tube because it goes faster than my sled. We switched spots after each time we went down the hill. While we were nearing the bottom, we were going faster and faster so we hat to jump off our sleds and tubes. Even though Jake and I got a little wet and cold, we liked going down the hill. We especially liked when we went in air because of the potholes. When it was time to go, Jake and I were WET! And by WET, you know what I think. Jake and I came to an agreement that we should play at my house. He could’ve come to my house only after we get a nice shower. We had a lot more fun later during the day.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow poem by Nathan

snow day

One chilly morning
I wake up and see
flurries falling
and I dance around happily.

Slip on your mittens and your gloves
zip up your jacket too,
cause we’re gonna
play with you.

Outside this cold morning
with all the snow you see.
Sledding down the hill



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow fantasy story by Peter

The Sled Race by Peter 
I was racing towards the finish line. snow was in my face. A saucer was about hit me right when, I went through a portal.
Chapter 1 The Letter
    I held the letter to my face.”I made it in!” I yelled. Mom and dad raced in.” Now before we get ahead of our self’s, you are already an A+ student and ready to go to college. You don’t need to do this. You also are in the military, you-”
    I cut him” Don’t say that. could you imagine what could happen if somebody found out. The U.S computer system could shut down. The planes thrown off course and boats too.”
    “Listen honey.”My mom always uses that voice when I’m mad,” you’re far to caught up with the military business. Remember the foot, remember last time you entered a competition and you got attacked by the Skandians-
    I know but mom ever since I got the super suit I’ll be safe, plus Erik,Aidan,Danny, and Jacob will be there to protect me.”
    “ Okay sweety but we’ll have to visit your court master to get your sled protected and tricked out.” I always thought I would be okay at at competitions but something always happened. I’m only ten. the people I said who are protecting me are always there and we met at training school. I got first posted at New City with Erik,but other people showed up so I got transfered to Glenridge. Then a year after that Erik got transfered to Glenridge. At Glenridge I’m acting as a normal kid. Soon I will be transferred to a different school.

        Chapter 2 The Plan
    When I arrived at the place I knew it was going to be tough. Men with cameras were everywhere. A news chopper was hovering in the air and there were portals on the slope. this is all a simulation. Before every mission I do a small simulation so I know what to expect. The sled was bullet proof, the rails were high up so if someone shot it would be no big deal. Of course there was a sleep dart attachment. I was expected to see a news chopper with a hidden gun also the camera men are armed. I was ready with equipment I’m required to have. My supersuit is working. There are many risks I’m taking here.
    The trip took 4 hours to get the slope. I slept on our private jet. when we arrived I got to the slope and started practice sledding. I also met the competition. They were all girls. The first one was a tall brunette with blue eyes. Already knew her, her name was Sara Glenn. Very tall she was posted at Glenridge but a year younger. Next was Julie Ross medium blond and was from Colorado. Next was Clara Stienbond, tall blond with a English accent. Next Kim Dillon Medium ginger with short hair. That was the competition. I went upstairs and went to bed. I woke the first day of the race I won, Kim got eliminated the first round. The next round I got a tie with Clara for last so we went on our own race. She got eliminated. Even though I fell I got into a portal and won. Next Julie got lst, so it was the final two me and Sara. THe news chopper came. As the blow horn went I saw the chopper get low. I raced pt it. Then the shots came. Hit my sled breaking it. I realized I picked up the wrong sled. I was racing for the finish line a saucer about to hit me when I went through the portal. I was close to the bottom now the chopper still shooting at me when bang I got first place. Then I jumped into the chopper and started to beat up the guys and before I jumped off I got hit and everything went black.

            Chapter 3 The Injury
    I woke up in the hospital. Guards were in front of my door. My stomach was so sore. I looked down and almost screamed. There was a line on my stomach. Dr. George Thomas came in we were friends.” Well nothing serious just a shot in the belly.”
    “In the belly I could have been killed. Think of all the people who got shot int the stomach and died.”
    “ You were lucky.” He sat there looking at me. “ You can go home. I mean Sara delt with the man who shot you and rushed you to the hospital.”
    “ Thanks I’ll stay here for a while. Do you know what time it is?” I asked.
    “ It’s time for you to go to bed.” Mom and Dad said.
    “ Okay.” I said as I drifted off into sleep I realized I was lucky to have people protecting me.  I was lucky to have Sara being there to save me. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Fantasy by Madeleine

Exploding Hot Chocolate
                                                    By Madeleine

Snow was dancing everywhere. It was twenty degrees outside and it was freezing. I had nothing to worry about. I just sat inside with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Man, was I lucky to have this cocoa in front of me. It was so dreamy and sweet. I just couldn’t bear to drink it all in one gulp. I had to savor it. So i decided to take a nap. I went upstairs to get my moms sherpa blanket. Then I lay down on the couch, curl up, and fall asleep.

I wake up. I start blinking to get awake. I stretch and yawn. “Man, that was a really nice nap.” I walk over to my hot chocolate. It was still nice and warm, but it had a lot of bubbles in the cup. It was really strange. So I just sit back down and watch some T.V. After a few episodes of Spongebob I go to check on my hot chocolate. But then... BOOM! It exploded! The mug busted into a million  pieces, I was soaked, and the house was soaking! I didn’t know what to do :S
    I stood there. Just wondering what to do. Then I decided I should get a bunch of paper napkins and dry the house. I was racing around the house trying to dry the place. But then I heard the door open. Poop. My mom was home. When she walked into the room all she had to say was “ GRAM, TO YOUR ROOM!!!!!!!”

Snow Haikus by Koji

Haiku Masterpieces by Koji

snow, snow, everywhere
slipping, sliding, in the ice
looks like a snow day

The cold winter blew
a groundhog sees his shadow
spring is on it’s way

I want a snow day
cause there’s no school on snow days
and snow days are fun

Friday, March 1, 2013

Vincent's realistic fiction SNOW story

The Holiday Disaster by Vincent

Snow always managed to get into Jace's gloves.  And he hated it.  He hated snow all together.  It was always in the way when he walked to school, and his parents expected him to shovel their driveway.  There was one good thing about snow.  It means that Christmas was close.  And this Christmas Jace has something in store for his family.  Something they won’t forget.  Jace calls this the holiday disaster.
The Holiday Disaster was just a thought that Jace had when his twin sister Lizzy broke his favorite model airplane.  For nights he had been working on this holiday disaster.  It had been six months since he started working on it.  Every day he went to school (he was in 5th grade) came home and worked on the holiday disaster.  
Christmas was just around the corner and Jace couldn't wait.  All he needed was some fresh snow and he would be ready.  What was in the holiday disaster remained a secret.  But as a reader I think you should know.  First there was a shoebox which Jace would rap as a gift for Lizzy.  But inside the shoebox was an airbag.  You would but the snow on top of the airbag.  What triggers the airbag is a string connected to the top of the shoebox box that opens up.  
Then Christmas came.
Christmas morning came and it went like this.  
“Jace wake up.” Said Lizzy.
“Why are you in my room.”
“Because it is Christmas and I have to wait for your lazy butt to get out of bed to open presents!”  She screamed.
“Fine I’m coming.”
Jace walked down stairs to see the Christmas tree surrounded by presents.  
“Lets start opening them.”  Mom said in a cheerful voice.  “How about we start with Lizzy’s.” Said Mom
“Yey!” Lizzy screeched.  She took a look at the holiday disaster which was neatly wrapped in snowmen present rap.  “This one is from Jace.”  She mumbled.  Her tiny hand unwrapped the wrapping.  Everything went slowly for Jace.  Then her hand gently took of the top and then BAM.  And Jace couldn't stop laughing.

Kaleigh's SNOW mystery

The Snow Mystery
By: Kaleigh

It was a cold ice day when the roads are blocked and the doors are shut.
But that doesn’t keep anyone coming in from your window. And that’s what happen , that’s the mystery.

There was no cops. But there was a girl named Sarah. She was with her baby brother and her older sister Jellia. Sarah was walking up her staircase when she heard booming music from her older sisters room ( Jellia ). So She decided to creep inside. When she peaked in. No one was there. Only Jellia’s phone with Justin Bieber “ Baby “ on. Sarah was pretty scared but with the bursting music of Justin Bieber kinda made her giggle. Sarah peaked her one eye out of the corner of the window. She saw blood trailing out of the window to the bottom of the hill at the end of Sarahs house.

Sarah started to panic and all of the sudden “ Lemme tell you one time , girl i love , girl i love youu!”. Sarah was getting really annoyed from the music and through the phone out the window. With the phone, She Dropped.

By the time Sarah dropped and got on the cold frozen snow , Sarah saw her parents car parking into the drive way. Sarah went following the blood trail before her parents saw her. Since she didn’t want her parents seeing the blood trail Sarah digged her snow boots into the snow and lift the snow up covering the blood. It was cold, but Sarah was too close to ending the trail that it wasn’t time to go back and admit that her sister was gone and most likely dead. Sarah got to the ending of the trail and when she turned around a strange figure was standing above her. It wasn’t an animal, and nor a tree. She looked up and her sisters body laid there. Dead, and her sisters eyes were still opened , staring at Sarah. Sarah dropped to the ground, balling and crying to death. Sarah then looked behind her, and standing there was a snowman.holding a knife and looking right at Sarah.
“ Hello Snowman” Sarah said.
“” The Snowman said getting closer to Sarah.
“” Even closer the snowman went.
“ I Thought you’ll always be mine,mineeee” And so close the snowman went.
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!”   The snowman toke the knife and a sound came from the tree where Sarahs body layed. And Jellia looked down holding her last breath. And whispered
“ Justin Bieber”
And that was the last words Sarah heard from her sisters mouth ever again.

Snow poetry by Iman

Frost of Winter

Cold, dead on the ground
My bare hands touching it softly
It connects with the cold breeze that is behind
As it cracks under my boots I can see my boot print in the ground
It stays there till it melts away