Friday, March 1, 2013

Kaleigh's SNOW mystery

The Snow Mystery
By: Kaleigh

It was a cold ice day when the roads are blocked and the doors are shut.
But that doesn’t keep anyone coming in from your window. And that’s what happen , that’s the mystery.

There was no cops. But there was a girl named Sarah. She was with her baby brother and her older sister Jellia. Sarah was walking up her staircase when she heard booming music from her older sisters room ( Jellia ). So She decided to creep inside. When she peaked in. No one was there. Only Jellia’s phone with Justin Bieber “ Baby “ on. Sarah was pretty scared but with the bursting music of Justin Bieber kinda made her giggle. Sarah peaked her one eye out of the corner of the window. She saw blood trailing out of the window to the bottom of the hill at the end of Sarahs house.

Sarah started to panic and all of the sudden “ Lemme tell you one time , girl i love , girl i love youu!”. Sarah was getting really annoyed from the music and through the phone out the window. With the phone, She Dropped.

By the time Sarah dropped and got on the cold frozen snow , Sarah saw her parents car parking into the drive way. Sarah went following the blood trail before her parents saw her. Since she didn’t want her parents seeing the blood trail Sarah digged her snow boots into the snow and lift the snow up covering the blood. It was cold, but Sarah was too close to ending the trail that it wasn’t time to go back and admit that her sister was gone and most likely dead. Sarah got to the ending of the trail and when she turned around a strange figure was standing above her. It wasn’t an animal, and nor a tree. She looked up and her sisters body laid there. Dead, and her sisters eyes were still opened , staring at Sarah. Sarah dropped to the ground, balling and crying to death. Sarah then looked behind her, and standing there was a snowman.holding a knife and looking right at Sarah.
“ Hello Snowman” Sarah said.
“” The Snowman said getting closer to Sarah.
“” Even closer the snowman went.
“ I Thought you’ll always be mine,mineeee” And so close the snowman went.
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!”   The snowman toke the knife and a sound came from the tree where Sarahs body layed. And Jellia looked down holding her last breath. And whispered
“ Justin Bieber”
And that was the last words Sarah heard from her sisters mouth ever again.

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