Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snow realistic fiction story by Isabella

Snowed In
By Isabella

I sat alone in the train station, listening to music on my iPod. My mother had gone to the ticket stand to refund our tickets. We got snowed into the station.
“Samantha” my mother said as she walked to me.
“It's Sam” I said, under my breath.
“We can not get our money back, but they gave us $100 to spend in the station.”
I slowly lifted my head and took out one of my ear buds. Even if she was trying to be my mother, she will never be. Last year Mary and Jim Perkins adopted me.  They adopted me. I don’t like being called Samantha, it's too “girly.” As my mother walked to the lunch area, she talked to my dad. We had come here for his work. Why did we have to come to Dad's stupid conference?  I thought. My black bangs fell over my eyes, I put my headphones back on and played Dream On by Aerosmith. I looked down and in the reflection of my iPod and I saw a man standing behind me with a knife. I quickly turned around and all I saw was the heavy snow falling. That was the last time I saw him and it’s 12 years later.  

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