Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow story by Lixin

The sledding Attack
By: Lixin 

    It was a perfect snow day. It was up to 2 foot here in Connecticut and if it was even 1 inch lower, it wouldn’t have been a snow day. But that’s that. We had a perfect joke/snow attack on our friend here, Mike. He had no idea what we’ve planned for him. He had wanted to go sledding a lot and this was day. My other friend, Kevin, we had planned this for 4 months. This is secret, but you should know, if you can promise not to tell him, which, I assume you can. We had a shoe box, tall enough to fit a hollow watermelon in there. The hollow watermelon had a cylinder-ish hole down the middle about 0.5 cm wide. There was a string inserted through and attached to the top and bottom. The bottom had a lightly carved circle, light enough to not fall when holding the box, but heavy enough to lift up. When I lift it up, the hollow watermelon with the 15-pound weight. The string will not be strong enough to support it, making it break the string, then the watermelon will roll down the snowy hill. It would then endure a 2-foot fall onto a catapult loaded with snowballs, launching it a Mike. Anyway, we got up the hill, waiting for the perfect time. Just as he was sledding down the hill, we pulled the box. It rolled down the hill, triggering the catapult, and launching the snowballs in his face. He got up and looked around. He saw us at the top of the hill and came up. He said: “What was that for?” “Oh, it was for the fun of it. So now, how about cleanup time.” We gathered the materials, put them back home, and then built snow forts and had a huge snowball fight. It was the best snow day ever.

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