Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dillon's Snow Story

The Capture of the Vase by Dillon

“SNOW DAY” Lance screams.  he runs off to go call all of his friends.  they decide to build forts and have a snow ball  fight.  as soon as they got started Lance could  feel something was going to happen to one them. “3 2 1 … Go” they all screamed.  as soon as Lance went to capture the other teams flag he thought of an idea.  that very day they had 2 and a ½ feet of snow.  so he went home and grabbed a shovel and dug until he hit something hard on the ground.  he had found a vase that was “valuable”.  He showed it to his teammates and they call a timeout.  all of them gathered around and then they decided to take it to a cash shop.  so they all went to the cash shop and the guy said “this vase is 102 years old it is worth $300,000.” the boys went nuts and they all decided to give $200,000 to Lance since he found it.  then the winning team in capture the flag will all split the $100,000.  so Lance continued on his secret path to the other teams base.  he had finally reached when the secret path broke so he quickly got the flag and sprinted all the way to his base.  unfortunately for him all the other team was there so they saw him and started throwing snowballs at him.  all of a sudden everything went to slow-mo and Lance started doing matrix and dodging everything.  he captured the flag and won the $100,000 for his team.  that night he told his mom about the money and she went crazy now they were million airs.  so  the next day he got a giant present spent with his money and that was a GO-KART and ROLLER BLADES.

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