Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Fantasy by Madeleine

Exploding Hot Chocolate
                                                    By Madeleine

Snow was dancing everywhere. It was twenty degrees outside and it was freezing. I had nothing to worry about. I just sat inside with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Man, was I lucky to have this cocoa in front of me. It was so dreamy and sweet. I just couldn’t bear to drink it all in one gulp. I had to savor it. So i decided to take a nap. I went upstairs to get my moms sherpa blanket. Then I lay down on the couch, curl up, and fall asleep.

I wake up. I start blinking to get awake. I stretch and yawn. “Man, that was a really nice nap.” I walk over to my hot chocolate. It was still nice and warm, but it had a lot of bubbles in the cup. It was really strange. So I just sit back down and watch some T.V. After a few episodes of Spongebob I go to check on my hot chocolate. But then... BOOM! It exploded! The mug busted into a million  pieces, I was soaked, and the house was soaking! I didn’t know what to do :S
    I stood there. Just wondering what to do. Then I decided I should get a bunch of paper napkins and dry the house. I was racing around the house trying to dry the place. But then I heard the door open. Poop. My mom was home. When she walked into the room all she had to say was “ GRAM, TO YOUR ROOM!!!!!!!”

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