Friday, March 1, 2013

Vincent's realistic fiction SNOW story

The Holiday Disaster by Vincent

Snow always managed to get into Jace's gloves.  And he hated it.  He hated snow all together.  It was always in the way when he walked to school, and his parents expected him to shovel their driveway.  There was one good thing about snow.  It means that Christmas was close.  And this Christmas Jace has something in store for his family.  Something they won’t forget.  Jace calls this the holiday disaster.
The Holiday Disaster was just a thought that Jace had when his twin sister Lizzy broke his favorite model airplane.  For nights he had been working on this holiday disaster.  It had been six months since he started working on it.  Every day he went to school (he was in 5th grade) came home and worked on the holiday disaster.  
Christmas was just around the corner and Jace couldn't wait.  All he needed was some fresh snow and he would be ready.  What was in the holiday disaster remained a secret.  But as a reader I think you should know.  First there was a shoebox which Jace would rap as a gift for Lizzy.  But inside the shoebox was an airbag.  You would but the snow on top of the airbag.  What triggers the airbag is a string connected to the top of the shoebox box that opens up.  
Then Christmas came.
Christmas morning came and it went like this.  
“Jace wake up.” Said Lizzy.
“Why are you in my room.”
“Because it is Christmas and I have to wait for your lazy butt to get out of bed to open presents!”  She screamed.
“Fine I’m coming.”
Jace walked down stairs to see the Christmas tree surrounded by presents.  
“Lets start opening them.”  Mom said in a cheerful voice.  “How about we start with Lizzy’s.” Said Mom
“Yey!” Lizzy screeched.  She took a look at the holiday disaster which was neatly wrapped in snowmen present rap.  “This one is from Jace.”  She mumbled.  Her tiny hand unwrapped the wrapping.  Everything went slowly for Jace.  Then her hand gently took of the top and then BAM.  And Jace couldn't stop laughing.

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