Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow fantasy story by Peter

The Sled Race by Peter 
I was racing towards the finish line. snow was in my face. A saucer was about hit me right when, I went through a portal.
Chapter 1 The Letter
    I held the letter to my face.”I made it in!” I yelled. Mom and dad raced in.” Now before we get ahead of our self’s, you are already an A+ student and ready to go to college. You don’t need to do this. You also are in the military, you-”
    I cut him” Don’t say that. could you imagine what could happen if somebody found out. The U.S computer system could shut down. The planes thrown off course and boats too.”
    “Listen honey.”My mom always uses that voice when I’m mad,” you’re far to caught up with the military business. Remember the foot, remember last time you entered a competition and you got attacked by the Skandians-
    I know but mom ever since I got the super suit I’ll be safe, plus Erik,Aidan,Danny, and Jacob will be there to protect me.”
    “ Okay sweety but we’ll have to visit your court master to get your sled protected and tricked out.” I always thought I would be okay at at competitions but something always happened. I’m only ten. the people I said who are protecting me are always there and we met at training school. I got first posted at New City with Erik,but other people showed up so I got transfered to Glenridge. Then a year after that Erik got transfered to Glenridge. At Glenridge I’m acting as a normal kid. Soon I will be transferred to a different school.

        Chapter 2 The Plan
    When I arrived at the place I knew it was going to be tough. Men with cameras were everywhere. A news chopper was hovering in the air and there were portals on the slope. this is all a simulation. Before every mission I do a small simulation so I know what to expect. The sled was bullet proof, the rails were high up so if someone shot it would be no big deal. Of course there was a sleep dart attachment. I was expected to see a news chopper with a hidden gun also the camera men are armed. I was ready with equipment I’m required to have. My supersuit is working. There are many risks I’m taking here.
    The trip took 4 hours to get the slope. I slept on our private jet. when we arrived I got to the slope and started practice sledding. I also met the competition. They were all girls. The first one was a tall brunette with blue eyes. Already knew her, her name was Sara Glenn. Very tall she was posted at Glenridge but a year younger. Next was Julie Ross medium blond and was from Colorado. Next was Clara Stienbond, tall blond with a English accent. Next Kim Dillon Medium ginger with short hair. That was the competition. I went upstairs and went to bed. I woke the first day of the race I won, Kim got eliminated the first round. The next round I got a tie with Clara for last so we went on our own race. She got eliminated. Even though I fell I got into a portal and won. Next Julie got lst, so it was the final two me and Sara. THe news chopper came. As the blow horn went I saw the chopper get low. I raced pt it. Then the shots came. Hit my sled breaking it. I realized I picked up the wrong sled. I was racing for the finish line a saucer about to hit me when I went through the portal. I was close to the bottom now the chopper still shooting at me when bang I got first place. Then I jumped into the chopper and started to beat up the guys and before I jumped off I got hit and everything went black.

            Chapter 3 The Injury
    I woke up in the hospital. Guards were in front of my door. My stomach was so sore. I looked down and almost screamed. There was a line on my stomach. Dr. George Thomas came in we were friends.” Well nothing serious just a shot in the belly.”
    “In the belly I could have been killed. Think of all the people who got shot int the stomach and died.”
    “ You were lucky.” He sat there looking at me. “ You can go home. I mean Sara delt with the man who shot you and rushed you to the hospital.”
    “ Thanks I’ll stay here for a while. Do you know what time it is?” I asked.
    “ It’s time for you to go to bed.” Mom and Dad said.
    “ Okay.” I said as I drifted off into sleep I realized I was lucky to have people protecting me.  I was lucky to have Sara being there to save me. 

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