Monday, November 30, 2015

100wc by ken

OW! my head aches I think I'm going to faint.......... 1 HOUR later I wake on a bed. My head is aching again this time but it doesn't  hurt at all. I look up a lego piece is falling down! And its enormous "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"  I run like crazy out of the bedroom. But my head still aches!    What has happened to me! It  starting to hurt again. Then everything went white. I was in a white room and there was a red monster and it attacked me and it bit me it hurt. Then I woke up bloody.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Llama

I unbuckled my seatbelt and reached for the door. I could see giant white hairs dangling over my windshield. I grabbed my stuff and rolled out onto the road. The giant llama sat down on my car and broke it to pieces. Everyone got out of their cars and waited for the beast to attack. I watched as the llama’s ears folded back. I covered my head and the ugly beast spat all over us. Minutes later, the police came and brought animal control. I got to ride in a fancy cop car and the llama was hauled to prison.

100 Word Challenge Sonali

I looked down at a 3 cm. frog crawling onto my leg. can i just say that frogs are disgusting. They are all slimey and are like molecules compared to earth’s core. I wondered to myself… How could something so tiny… be so slimey. Hey! That rhymes! Anyway I walk a little bit hoping to shake off the frog. here’s another… how could something so tiny... ; How could something so tiny stick to my very own skin, I hate it.
I tried to shake the frog off but it just wouldn’t work, so, I grabbed a stick and scraped of the frog.


The big lama was breathing fire from its mouth. Its roars shook the ground it was huge!It  was 500000000 feet tall and its hooves smashed buildings flat! It was so strong it eat building and chomped up jets and missiles. It was crazy! And it was huge! But one day Godzilla came he shot out plasma beams and Llamazilla fell. Godzilla defeated Llamazilla. Llamazilla died. Godzilla dived back into the ocean. The world was at peace. But a T.Rex was and the peace was broken. But the jets took it down the peace was back or is it.

red depression


All Bailey saw was the blood, nothing else, just the blood. The horrible dark red blood. Bailey never understood how dangerous taking someone non-fictional into the fictional world was.

    She just learned the hard way. She new that all Deren had ever wanted was to try to be the hero of his favorite book. Her heart pounded, The way his eyes stayed still, and the way the arrow pierced his heart, the way whenever she called his name he didn’t answer, just spelled out Death. She wanted to scream, and say the world wasn't fair, but she knew that wasn't an option.  

CIA (btw I used fake names.) ;D

"A lama trying out for the CIA?" Jeff asked. "Yep." Said Adam. "He is doing good for now." Adam said again. "He is hiding in the bushes." Jeff told Adam. "People are staring at him." Jeff said again. "He is now the president of the CIA!" Adam told Jeff. "He is TAKING YOUR PLACE!!!" Jeff yellededed. "Wait. yellededed is not a word." the Narrater said. "It is now." My dad said. (btw my dad sucks at spelling and grammerer. and yes, he taught me it...) Anyway, "bye guys say hello to Mr. Lama!" Adam yellededed? "Its ok." dad said. BYE!

100 word challenge

How could something be so tiny. Is was microscopic. I didn't even know what it was. It was some from something but what was it. I think it was part of a laptop. They had to use something but what was it. I ask myself, where am i.  Who are you what is that. That's all i kept asking myself. How did i even get here. Then everything turned white. Just white. You could not see anything. Where am i. Then i have just realised, at that moment. right there. In that room. Right there. It was all a dream.  


It always seems like all of the bugs in the world are in my bedroom even though they aren't. I am personally scarred by bugs, they are creepy, crawly, SLIMY little demons. It all started with a piece of lint. My sister scares me with a fake object that looks like a bug. Today, she used a piece of lint. Very original. She put one on my computer and chuckled. She was up to something. I just knew it.

So later that night, I forgot about the “bug” so, I touched it when I was lifting up the lid. So after all of that trauma, I am scarred.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


looking at my dead mother that was shrinking by the minute. She was so small but still meant so much It was so weird that she was still shrieking. She died 3 months ago and I had not moved a bone since. I still did not know who did it but I did not get that something so tiny meant so much more I looked the smaller she got but the only thing in my mind was how just how could something so tiny mean so much I shrink with her until we were both dead. Dead in her room.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015


There it was how could something so tiny be so big.
There was an ant that was at least 5 feet tall. It was as big as the empire state building and as wide as bush stadium. It was taking over the world and everything with it. it was taking over the bus stop, the cars, even the schools, well at least no school
but how could something so tiny be so big it was really big, so big that I can kill it, cause I have a magnifying glass to it so that is why it is  big.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

100 WC: Robert

   The explorers

How could something so tiny hurt so much? The forest rustled with mosquitos as the explorer hurried to find shelter.I don’t want to get malaria a explorer complained.Too bad the leader said. We have to find something! They walked on.

By noon half of explorers were dead or sick. What can we do? I don’t know maybe we could leave them behind? One of them said. We will leave them behind the leader announced.

Suddenly he fell to the ground.I leave my leadership to Jack he gasped and then died. Let’s go Jack said. They packed up and left. They went through the African forest and found their way out.  

100 WC: Riley

One gloomy rainy morning I was sitting in my room, at home, alone. And then I saw it, a bright light slammed down into my backyard, I was astonished and VERY scared. I heard many grunts and my back door opened. And then… music? did I hear music? I came down stairs and loads of tiny rainbow colored aliens were jumping around my house. and the song, it was in a foreign language, not something earthy though, it sounded a bit like blerrp gajerp mehhhh wopa gurt. I started dancing thinking “How could something so tiny throw such an epic party!”

A Stinging Trip

                      A STINGING TRIP

7 students got stung by bees on a field trip. One student got stung in the face and another got stung 6 times. But what had happened? The 5th grade students of Glenridge Elementary School had been on their way back to their school after seeing a play performed by Wydown Middle School called Christmas Story. It was planned that the students would have gone to a park on the way back to school. There were many leaves. No one gave this much thought. What harm can leaves do? Students even buried each other in leaves. What was dangerous about the leaves was what they hid. There was a beehive...and the bees were active. No one was prepared. Bees were not known to be active during the winter. There weren't supposed to be bees buzzing around! But nevertheless the bees were awake. The students were running around. That led to a chase. One that was quite one-sided. After all, the ones being chased were not aware of this chase. Fortunately the teachers brought first aid packs. If it was not brought the situation would have been worse. So remember, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

100 Word Challenge: Mitchell

no one could of thought how could something so tiny have caused so much commotion. Lets back up a little my name is mike and my world changed in a matter of minuets, it was a sunny day I was at school leaning and what not when a huge explosion happened right next to my school. We were all surprised this has never happened before but before I knew it we were all running, screaming, and above us was a huge u.f.o appeared with little tiny aliens started coming down and shooting at us and suddenly I awoke      

Fire! (100WC)

I stared at my room. My books. All my belongings. Burning. A fire was destroying my house. And there was nothing I could do about it. I felt like crying. Because all of this was my fault. I light a match and then dropped it. The fire spread throughout the house. How could something so tiny be so destructive? My parents say it isn't my fault. I know they're lying just to make my feel better. Every single second of watching my house burn is excruciating. I hear the deafening siren of the fire truck. Then, I cry.

100WC-11/19/15-Party Aliens

Party Aliens

One gloomy rainy morning I was sitting in my room, at home, alone. And then I saw it, a bright light slammed down into my backyard, I was astonished and VERY scared. I heard many grunts and my back door opened. And then… music? did I hear music? I came down stairs and loads of tiny rainbow colored aliens were jumping around my house. and the song, it was in a foreign language, not something earthy though, it sounded a bit like blerrp gajerp mehhhh wopa gurt. I started dancing thinking “How could something so tiny throw such an epic party!”

scratch all day long

“Uuuuuuuuugh”! Maya, groned. She just couldn’t keep her mind off her head. Scratch, scratch, scratch. She couldn’t stop scratching her head. She couldn’t keep herself from wondering how could something so tiny, cause her head to itch so much? “I hate lice”, she grumbled.

“Hopefully the itching will go down once we use this special lice shampoo”. Her mother replied.
   “ I don’t think it will work mom”. Maya protested.
     “ But I am also going to use this special brush to get the nits out”.
   “FINE”!!! She screamed.
  So, for the next 30 minutes Maya had to sit there and have her hair brushed.

It was the first day of october. People running for this big red alien. I Said to myself"how could something so tiny rule the world" The alien already taken over north america south america europe and antarctica. The world was changing. The world was ending. I was captured in the prison. Over 5.5 billion humans were cramped into 57 cages 9 by 9 miles long. Boom Boom. I her a huge wave of water wash over the prison the little aliens have been invaded by their worst nightmare the angels. Then i heard a voice wake up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The bee stings.

“I gotta go wee wee!”. These were some of the last words we heard before we went to Oak Knoll Park. We walked from Wydown to the park. When we got there we were pretty board. A couple of us started to play capture the flag. What we didn’t know was that we hid the flag under a bee infested tree. Someone took the flag and boom, they got stung. The line just keep going.How could something so tiny hurt so much. Mrs. Scott came in her car and picked four kids up. When we got to school everyone was okay.


I sat still on the sidewalk watching the ants. There was a sandwich on the hard concrete. They were grabbing huge chunks ten times their size. How could something so tiny be so strong? I reached for a worker ant carrying a hunk of cheese. It climbed my finger and I placed it at the top of the anthill. More ants came to me. I took several at a time, placing them all near the anthill opening. There were so many that I put small pieces of sandwich inside the anthill. When every crumb was gone, the ants went home.

Monday, November 16, 2015

100 Word Challenge

I was starting to get bored. I have been dancing all day but I guess that is what happens when your the best dancer in the world. I don’t even get paid to do this. Yes this is my job dancing and signing autographs all day. While I was telling you this a little kid came up to me and challenged me to a dance. I started dancing, I didn’t do my best because he was a little kid and I wanted to give him a chance. He is celebrating. He beat me. How could something so tiny beat me?

field trip of doom......

I have lived to tell the tale of the bees. we were at a park and we were playing a game called capture the flag. capture the flag is where you try to get the other teams flag. They are going to hide it. 1 2 3 shouted someone I was really trying hard to get it. There was a lot of holes and it looked like mars. Just the thing I did not know was there was a hornets nest in one of the holes. We were playing and a kid named jack got stung. I was really having fun. Then I stepped in a hole, hornets came flying out at me got stung at least 3 our more times I could fell it. It felt like someone sticking a small tooth pick in me. I ran to the teachers and I was saking because I did not know if i was allergic to bees. I have never got stung and I did not plan to, and not today.

I was on the way to school with others that got stung. When we got to school I went to the nurse and she said that I got stung by 6 hornets!

                                         HAVE YOU EVER GOT STUNG BY A BEE?

100WC Ben Siwak

"What is it?" Jeff asked as we both looked through the microscope. "Its an atom." I said. "How could it be so tiny." Jeff told me. "I don't know. " I answered. "Its on everything!" Mr. Kearney told us. "Even us?" Asked Jeff. "Sure" Dave told us. "He's right." Mr. Kearney told us.

"What is it?" Jeff asked as we both looked through the microscope. "its what makes and atom. Mr. Kearney told us. "How are they made?" Dave asked. "I don't know yet, but I will try to figure out. Know one ever did in their life.

100 Word Challenge: Ollie

RED by Ollie
It was a bright sunny morning, I was walking down stars. Then walk into the kitchen I paused, I saw RED liquid dripping down the side of the counter. I fainted.
SPLASH! I was woken by getting a face full of water. I stood up and started like I was still I was fear of the red liquid. So really I jumped up and ran up the stars, in my room, and under my covers. Soon my mom comes up the stars, in my room, and pulls the covers off of me.

“What was that all about?” said Mom
“Bold” I mumbled
“what? oh I spilt some tomato juice.” said mom

100 WC by Ben Siwak

"What is it?" Jeff asked as we both looked through the microscope. "Its an atom." I said. "How could it be so tiny." Jeff told me. "I don't know. " I answered. "Its on everything!" Mr. Kearney told us. "Even us?" Asked Jeff. "Sure" Dave told us. "He's right." Mr. Kearney told us.

"What is it?" Jeff asked as we both looked through the microscope. "its what makes and atom. Mr. Kearney told us. "How are they made?" Dave asked. "I don't know yet, but I will try to figure out. Know one ever did in their life.

100 WC: Ollie

It was a bright sunny morning, I was walking down the stairs. Then walk into the kitchen I paused, I saw RED liquid dripping down the side of the counter. I fainted. 
SPLASH! I was woken by getting a face full of water. I stood up and started like I was still I was fear of the red liquid. So really I jumped up and ran up the stars, in my room, and under my covers. Soon my mom comes up the stars, in my room, and pulls the covers off of me.

"What was that all about?" said Mom
"Bold" I mumbled
"what? oh I spilt some tomato juice." said mom


100WC tiny

One day the ground started moving, A big alien ship landed on my house. Small aliens started attacking people, The people were screaming. Tomorrow morning the tiny aliens took over the world. How could something so tiny do this! They had trillions of little troops, they wore armor that was unbreakable and dangerous weapons. They enslaved the people that lived on earth. Yet so small but so strong, They were small but unbeatable and were 1 foot tall and were like little napoleons. They were super strong and small. They had awesome jetpacks and technology that was way more advanced.  


  This is P.E. Today in P.E. everyone is bowling. This is not a picture of us. These are pictures of second graders. If you notice in the picture the head pin is a different colors. The second through kindergartners get to scoot up when they bowl. The people that are sitting on the mats are supposed to stop the ball if it is going in to another lane. Also they have to retrieve the ball when the person that is bowling bowls. Once the bowler bowls twice or gets a strike has to go and set the pins back up. There are pieces of tape that tells you wear to put the pins.
        In P.E. the third through fifth graders usually do different things then the second through kindergarten. For example the fifth through third graders have to do pacer. The second through kindergarten don't. Fifth through third graders have to do push ups and sit ups. Second through kindergarten don't. 

100WC By:Iris

The first time I saw it I was so amazed,but as the days grew and the weeks past,I thought, how could something so tiny be so dangerous.It was a friday night I was sitting in my room staring at my diary when there was a pop, and there it was a small  antique bottle.I slowly got up,rubbed it clean…. then it came a small purple genie  he said “Hello,my name is Tiny,I’m a wish genie.I will grant  your wishes.”  First I was too stunned to move  then I started to wish away…….

100WC,Ken Red

The Army was at battle ,red blood was flowing ,rotting carcasses were on the ground. My name is Joe this war has been 20 Years long. It is WorldWar3! The USA, Germany, Russia, Africa, North Korea, South Korea and china have been at war since 4444. The Chinese troops were winning. General Mohawk was having trouble.”RETREAT!” General Mohawk Yelled. All the USA troopers retreated. I retreated too I was part of the USA Army I ran like crazy. The Chinese fired over and over again. Some US troops got shot, Then I heard the Gunshot my eye’s went pitch black.    

Friday, November 13, 2015


Diwali by Sonali

Diwali(Dee-vah-lee) or the festival of lights is the biggest holiday for the Hindus.  Diwali to Hindus is like Christmas to Christians. The holiday ofDiwali celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over dark, and knowledge over ignorance. To decorate the house Hindus spread candles in diya’s(clay candle pots/oil lamps) all over the house leading to the puja(prayer) room. This is done to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune. My grandmother makes special treats for Diwali which are sweet and very tasty. We also eat sweets for Diwali, the sweets we eat are called mittai. We also dress up in our finest clothing. In India children light up firecrackers to celebrate Diwali. It is quite the festive occasion .  I really enjoyed my Diwali this year of 2015. This year Diwali was on November 11th 2015.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

100 WC: Claudia

The Nightmare by Claudia 
 I sat in my gaming chair as the computer began to buzz. I whacked it with my hand and the buzzing got louder. I unplugged my computer and felt myself flying through the air. My head hit the ground and my headphones snapped in two. I couldn’t recognize where I was. The buzzing continued. I ran into a tunnel and hit a wall. The buzzing got louder. I couldn’t escape. I crouched down and hid my face. The buzzing was extremely loud, and then stopped. I felt a small cold hand on my shoulder: and then everything went bright red.

Monday, November 9, 2015

100 WC: Charlie

Ready For Your Surgery

It was a long day after my RED dog chased me in the middle of my soccer practice. Spotty my dog is different because he is RED. Everyone makes fun of him. He broke a leg and needed surgery. They put a shot in him and he turned RED. He was chasing me all day. People looked at him because of his color. They started pointing and laughing. I love spotty because he is fun nice and everybody does not like him because he is RED.  I just woke up  from a nap and I am ready for spottys surgery.

The Bloodiest Battle

The Bloodiest Battle By Drake

Hi , i'm Drake Vetter ,  I served in the most bloodiest battle ever , I still have the scar ,  Oh sorry Excuse me , it started about a year ago I was helpless I didn't know better , well to the BLOODY story.

Man I thought this is a very good hiding basement , this is also way to hide , especially when you're going against Edward and Aidan.
I could hear them all over the place , now they  were opening the closet door at my hiding place ,  I knew to stop breathing and stay as still as possible. and they look right passed me after 5 seconds of holding my breath , they exited my hiding room but didn't close the door.
20 seconds went by , dead silence , so I poked my head out the door , I looked over at the couch asuming they would be there so I qwickly put my head back in , and got in my hiding spot crunching in a round ball.Then i heard a noise coming from upstairs , it went something like ‘Kiddy’ I knew who was saying that , Edward knew it beacaues his tone of voice but it didnt make much sence beacause ‘the Kid’ AKA Neymar  , Edwards dog.Then a big blast of stomping went off then I heard sceaming like 2 little girls had just seen a very scary movie It got closer and clloser and whatever had been screaming got louder and louder.It was going back and forth though my mind should I look or not , I decided yes beacause I was really geting bored , especilly in that corner.So I got got up out of my spot and out the closet and took a peek all I saw was a BLOODY mess , Aidan and Edward running up and down the stairs , Aidan got out of the way and  hid behind couch while the bloody kid jumed form the 6th step like a huge medevil beast ready to kill . But it got even worse when Edward tripped down at the second stair down , but with the length of the kids arm he caught him mid air throwing Edward down almost breaking his ribs ,I started to sprint tord Edward to see if he was ok until the Kid took a very scary grin and barked and growled.I imagined they were talking it went something like Get up and man up and BEAT me or els- Edward sat up and kicked the kid straight in the middle of his bloody spine making him going flying through the air into a metal pole on the kids back , at the looks of it it looked like the kids back was broken , this qwickly turned into a bloody battle . The Kid with only a empty tank of fuel just went OVER 9000 , it could only meant one thing , DEATH KID . Aidan noticed me in the corner of his eye while running at full speed , He grabbed the collar of my shirt for a shield . But out of nowhere Edward jumped out of the corner and kicked him in the middle of the Kids chest like sin cara sending the Kid flying across the room landing on a very hard bathroom tile , like a boss . Then I launched myself in the air doing a 360 high knee to the side of his bloody death  jaw , it knocked him out for about 30 seconds from the impacted of my knee , when we finally thought it was over the Kid rouse , after that I don't know why but Edward and Aidan started to run , but the kid was blocking the way to MY exit , it was only me and the Kid left , the kid ramed me at full speed straight for the chest knocking me on the bed ripping my shirt open Blood started to rush down my chest then he took a big bite out of my arm with his bloody jaw , leaving gushing blood dripping down my arm , at this time I was screaming for mercy.

Finally Aidan and Edward came sprinting in with some cardboard bricks … and screaming at the top of their lungs like cavemen would of done they whacked the Kid in the eye and the no-no square . The Kids eye got
SO bloody it didn't even look real anymore . We weren't taking chances anymore we ran out of the room of “DEATH” and locked the door behind us , and locked it hard.
I actually kind of felt bad we were beating up a not even a 1 year old dog in human years , well i guess not it's a 500 pound bloody mix of germen sheperd and chocolate lab .
We were all panting like a tired beat up dogs left out in the 100 degree sun “so  HUH HUH  what's the plan”said Edward BANG “uhh guys did you hear that?” “no” responded aidan “OH I HAVE A PERFECT PLAN”said aidan and Edward at the same time well the plan was … a very DIRTY plan , a VERY VERY dirty plan , medal poles.
Each of us ran into the dark scary closet and grab some poles , (we never expected it) as soon as Edward reached for poles , I got Split open by the Kid from Behind after that he through me to the floor and .. I got knocked out cold for a minute or 2
“Huh? where am I??” “SHHH” I turned my he just to see Aidan beat up and tortured lying down next to me.
I look up over the couch Edward was there he was beat up to though “what happened here?” I asked “The Kid got taken to the park” idan responded
“WE WON THE BATTLE” yelled Edward , BARK “THATS HIM” I noticed
Edward got up so did Aidan I could see the Kid pacing down the stairs very slowly waiting for its prey seconds after he charged as hard as and other dog strait for Edward , Edward gave him a knuckle sandwich strait to the noise . The Kid fell the floor and got up without a struggle and started to snap his blood feasting jaws at aidan and HE punched him in the nose once again The Kid got up without a struggle and jumped up on the couch and started to corner me and Edward stared to move his bottom jaw left to right and through him down on the small wood table almost crashing him through the table by then he was knocked out cold.
“thank you for having my back I told edward” I said “no problem” he responded
I look down at the dog “dead dog” I said “you're sure right” responded Aidan as soon as aidan said , you're sure right the Kids eyes opened.
“O GOD” said me and aidan we ran to the corner
but Edward went straight to the medale poles.
But the worst thing about it is The Kid went for me and Aidan
But out of nowhere Edward hit The Kid with a brick and knocked it to the point where it went through his
head knocking him down coollllld.


or is it?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Drake

Proology:One day.. in a dark dark forest … There was a secret underground city where only monsters would live.

Halloween night: “hey!” said ryan “ do you see that?”  “yeah we better check it out” responded bob “Eww its bones , wanna dig it up?” ryhan asked “ yeah let's use this bo-” craaaack “what the heck”said Bob “Look… its a hole” bob said “ BYE “ screamed ryhan he giggled the whole way down then the gigle turned it to2` a s scream “ ryhan? CRACKKK he's gone.. i'll just take his candy and get out of here!!!

100 Word Challenge: Wilson


It was 10 years after the murder of Wilson. I remember the night I buried him. That was so much fun but I wanted to find him. So I decided to go and try to find him. But then I realized it was down by the creek. I realized how high the river was about a week ago. But know all the water was gone so I started digging. Then I looked to the left and there it was all those bones. Then I pulled the bones out and put them in the bag and ran ha ha ha

100 Word Challenge Devon

the robot had been buried for 100 million years.
but the rain had been uncovering it,powered by light the robot came to life on a sunny,bright day just as two boys walked into the park.”Whoa” said one of the boys, the skelebot was aiming a cannon at him,full charge. the other boy said “watch out”! he jumped in the way and was blasted to bits.”nooo”! said the other boy.He charged at the robot,only to share the same fate.the robot was going town wide killing people,then countrywide…..then world wide.

he killed  human beings to build a robot army.

100 Word Challenge: Sonali

I walk into the amazon finding my adventurous body already swinging on a vine toward th aztec-mayan temple. Well, I can’t tell you my name or where I live because I am a spy…
my mission is to retrieve a golden honeycomb.
A few hours later…
oh hi again shiver.Oh, God I just found a creepy skeleton laying partly out of the ground. You probably know what it looks like so I won’t remind you.
a day later…
I look into the distance and see the city but I couldn’t help sensing a trap with that creepy old skeleton.

Make a Difference

Make a difference.
This is the 5th grade make a diff poster and it was really fun to make, The only thing was that the whole grade made one and that would be a lot so it is over lapping. Are favorite student teacher Ms.irons made this and it is really good. 

Every one made one with there favorite stuff and there favorite color it was fun.
We all have different hands some are big and some are small but they really good.

What is your favorite color... 

Elaine's 100 word challenge 2

“Come on!” Nicole called. There was no answer. “Jenna? It isn’t time for jokes. We need to make camp soon.” Still no answer. “Jenna?” Nicole started to backtrack her steps. “Not hide and seek again.” she muttered. There was a rustle in a bush. “Jenna? Was that you?” Yet again, silence. Nicole pushed through the bush. The bush shook wildly behind her. So much for stealth. She stepped into a clearing and there was a crunch. Nicole immediately looked down. She screamed. There was skeleton, about the same size of her and she had just stepped on the femur.

100 Word Challenge: Riley

It was a rainy November Saturday and i was walking through the park. I wasn’t surprised, it had been raining for a few days and it was creating serious erosion. Our yard was completely striped of its grass. the street drains are clogged with grass leafs and… dirt. while I was walking on the park a white thing in the distance. I ran across the washed away brick path and… a skeleton was sticking out of the ground, big and obvious. I really can't believe that no one saw it. when I got home… I called the police.

100 WC By: Ollie

I was frozen standing there staring at the weird scary white bony skeleton.

Let me tell you how this all happened, I walking in the forest because It was a short  -cut to home from work. It was going to be dark soon. I hear movement in the bushes but I suspect it was a bunny. But didn’t sound like it, it  was bigger. It was getting louder and louder.

I saw a white bony hand, I jumped then started running I could hear footsteps behind me, my heart was racing. I didn’t stop running till I couldn’t hear the bones anymore.

-It was the scariest moment of my life.


This is are buddies. We come done and read to them every now in then. Once a week we go down and we help them pick out books. There teacher has them pick 5 books that is a good book for them and then she has them pick 5 books that are "hard" 

We help them do all of that and when we help them pick books it's in the morning. When we read to them we read a lot of books, but there so short that we read them in like 5 minutes. And we are with them for 30 minutes, I have learned to by some time. Would you like do this?

100 Word Challenge: Charlie

The Boney Hands Of Doom

by charlie

The skeleton  was coming out slow its head appeared first , arms second and legs third and then i got off the ground headed towards me. The dirt road was ending the skeleton was running  fast. Faster than me and he was catching up. then i felt a hand boney and scary. I heard a voice and then i fell. My legs were bleeding and the skeleton was was not attacking me. I heard something say get up get up. I got up and I still heard it get up get up you are late for the first day of School.

100 Word Challenge By :Lily

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I ran through the hole in the fence and darted to the nearest gas station. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself into a stahl. I looked down at my arm and there was blood all over it. I wiped it off, washed it and then walked out of the bathroom. There it was a big, dusty skeleton pressing its skull against the doors. I was so scared that I locked into my place and almost fell over. The skeleton put its hand on the door and pushed it open. It walked towards me then I woke up.

100 Word Challenge by Ava

I saw something move in the shadows. It was Evil, and lurking around in the darkness, It darted around in circles around me, but pretty soon It stopped. I wondered why and what the thing was doing. But I did not have to wait long, I heard the cold, deep pounding breathes of the evil wizard. “Avadacadabra!”
It sounded like a magical spell. “WHOOSH!” suddenly, I saw the creature, It was a skeleton. But a lot um…. Eviler? Creepier? SCARIER? It’s red eyes stared deep into my soul, Pulling out my identedney, my life, my memories. I was paralyzed.

100 Word Challenge By Iris

Once long ago,there was a girl staring at the ground, hands covered in blood.On the ground was a woman with beautiful bronze hair,it was her mother.She stared up and screamed,a scream so loud everybody was paralyzed. And she vowed to her self to kill the person who murdered her mother.She walked off snarling,screaming.Her long black hair trailing behind her.A couple years later when she was a young woman she avenged her mother,killing the murderer who killed her mother.Now only one person can find that person. That person is…...You.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

100 Word Challenge: Benjamin

Me and Jeff were at the beach. He started shrinking. “Woh! where are your feet?” I asked him. “QUICKSAND!” He yelled. I got my parents. They were too late. By the time they got there he was gone. “You guys are tricking us.” Mom said. “No it’s true!” I yelled. I started crying, they believed me. We called the cops. Since we were crying, they tried to help. “There is nothing we can do.” :-(  XP
I woke up 23 years from then and went to the quicksand. I saw a skeleton. I put flowers there and let them sink in.


kiddy by edward kagan

‘’Were here’’ I said to drake and aidan as we walked up my stone   pathway to my house.
we walked in and my 1 foot midget dog waged her tail. Then my 100 pound dog the kid aka neymar jr the 5th waged his tail so hard it could break a glass tv. Neymar is 1 years old he is a chocolate lab mixed with a german shepherd. my other dog foxy is 8 years old and she is a pug mixed with a Jack Russell.

we had a quick noodle party and went to my huge basement.  We were bored as a huge wooden board.  Then, the kid came down to have some fun. The kid is another name for my dog neymar because sometimes I have bloody battles with him, bloody battles are bloody because we fight till one of us gets hurt our one of us bleeds
he has one every time……
I like bloody battles because I don't like bloody battles because they are bloody.
 He looked at my bloody face and barked, “Man up son, let’s have some fun!”
or at least I think he said that.
Then he did something that was unusual,
he jumped on Drake…”Get him off me, Ge-”  I had to do something.
 I kicked the kid in the face like a kickboxer.  He jumped off and started attacking me like a mama bear protecting her cub.
 “Ahhh!  Get him off me.Get this beast off me. Aidan help!”
 Aidan jumped him in his face so hard that I got hurt.  I was covering my face in case the kid came back and attacked me from behind with his razor sharp claws.  
“Dude, you ok?” I heard Drake say
I looked at the kid he was really mean I almost felt sorry for him...not… I grabbed his face and jaw bone and I was jerkerkin it
just as drake was saying that he attacked drake drake was bloody there was blood on the carpet and there was blood on drake and now there was blood on, me.
‘’kid stop being a major weenie’’ I yelled at the kid.
Aidan was almost laughing well me and drake were bloody. Then the kid ran at aidan I got up and grabbed a cardboard brick and beat up the kid.  Sorry to all the fun dog lovers.
he barked as Aiden and Drake backed off like that.  I was torturing the kid but every time I hit him he got madder and he I got hated even more.  

The kid and I were now all bloody like Percy Jackson (more like Mercy Jackson).  I don’t know but Aiden and Drake ran into downstairs closet and left me battling the kid and begging for mercy.  I got up and hit him with a cardboard brick five times.
 I ran to hide with Drake and Aidan.  “Bloody, bloody, bloody,” I snickered.
“Shut up, he’s coming.  Hide!  Hide!”
 He came in and sniffed for us.  He sniffed so hard his nose hairs must be suffering.  I don’t know but he saw me.  I am dead I thought.  He charged at me like a ram.  He knocked me out.  He won, I thought.
I was down I was dead I was gone, gone, gone,aiden and drake well I did not see them I thought they were dead cause I was almost… I was really mad at the kid for doing this to us I invited them to my house to have fun but instead we got attacked by the kid the bloody beast the kid who is 1 years old. I did not want a puppy who Is mean I wanted a dog who I could cuddle with not huddle with.


100 wc: Aidan

Once upon a time there were 5 teenagers, and they were out for a walk and one came across a knife and 4 of them agreed to not touch it but the other one did he picked it up and, swing. It hit one of right across his throat his head fell off.


There was 2 people and they came across the dead body and they called the cops right away. The cops were there in 4 minutes. What took you so long said the lady. Ther case we reopened and they were in life in prison.