Monday, November 16, 2015

field trip of doom......

I have lived to tell the tale of the bees. we were at a park and we were playing a game called capture the flag. capture the flag is where you try to get the other teams flag. They are going to hide it. 1 2 3 shouted someone I was really trying hard to get it. There was a lot of holes and it looked like mars. Just the thing I did not know was there was a hornets nest in one of the holes. We were playing and a kid named jack got stung. I was really having fun. Then I stepped in a hole, hornets came flying out at me got stung at least 3 our more times I could fell it. It felt like someone sticking a small tooth pick in me. I ran to the teachers and I was saking because I did not know if i was allergic to bees. I have never got stung and I did not plan to, and not today.

I was on the way to school with others that got stung. When we got to school I went to the nurse and she said that I got stung by 6 hornets!

                                         HAVE YOU EVER GOT STUNG BY A BEE?

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