Monday, November 16, 2015


  This is P.E. Today in P.E. everyone is bowling. This is not a picture of us. These are pictures of second graders. If you notice in the picture the head pin is a different colors. The second through kindergartners get to scoot up when they bowl. The people that are sitting on the mats are supposed to stop the ball if it is going in to another lane. Also they have to retrieve the ball when the person that is bowling bowls. Once the bowler bowls twice or gets a strike has to go and set the pins back up. There are pieces of tape that tells you wear to put the pins.
        In P.E. the third through fifth graders usually do different things then the second through kindergarten. For example the fifth through third graders have to do pacer. The second through kindergarten don't. Fifth through third graders have to do push ups and sit ups. Second through kindergarten don't. 


  1. could you explain how they bowl? Do they bowl in our form or in a different form?

  2. Robert stop asking questions only comments!