Wednesday, November 4, 2015


kiddy by edward kagan

‘’Were here’’ I said to drake and aidan as we walked up my stone   pathway to my house.
we walked in and my 1 foot midget dog waged her tail. Then my 100 pound dog the kid aka neymar jr the 5th waged his tail so hard it could break a glass tv. Neymar is 1 years old he is a chocolate lab mixed with a german shepherd. my other dog foxy is 8 years old and she is a pug mixed with a Jack Russell.

we had a quick noodle party and went to my huge basement.  We were bored as a huge wooden board.  Then, the kid came down to have some fun. The kid is another name for my dog neymar because sometimes I have bloody battles with him, bloody battles are bloody because we fight till one of us gets hurt our one of us bleeds
he has one every time……
I like bloody battles because I don't like bloody battles because they are bloody.
 He looked at my bloody face and barked, “Man up son, let’s have some fun!”
or at least I think he said that.
Then he did something that was unusual,
he jumped on Drake…”Get him off me, Ge-”  I had to do something.
 I kicked the kid in the face like a kickboxer.  He jumped off and started attacking me like a mama bear protecting her cub.
 “Ahhh!  Get him off me.Get this beast off me. Aidan help!”
 Aidan jumped him in his face so hard that I got hurt.  I was covering my face in case the kid came back and attacked me from behind with his razor sharp claws.  
“Dude, you ok?” I heard Drake say
I looked at the kid he was really mean I almost felt sorry for him...not… I grabbed his face and jaw bone and I was jerkerkin it
just as drake was saying that he attacked drake drake was bloody there was blood on the carpet and there was blood on drake and now there was blood on, me.
‘’kid stop being a major weenie’’ I yelled at the kid.
Aidan was almost laughing well me and drake were bloody. Then the kid ran at aidan I got up and grabbed a cardboard brick and beat up the kid.  Sorry to all the fun dog lovers.
he barked as Aiden and Drake backed off like that.  I was torturing the kid but every time I hit him he got madder and he I got hated even more.  

The kid and I were now all bloody like Percy Jackson (more like Mercy Jackson).  I don’t know but Aiden and Drake ran into downstairs closet and left me battling the kid and begging for mercy.  I got up and hit him with a cardboard brick five times.
 I ran to hide with Drake and Aidan.  “Bloody, bloody, bloody,” I snickered.
“Shut up, he’s coming.  Hide!  Hide!”
 He came in and sniffed for us.  He sniffed so hard his nose hairs must be suffering.  I don’t know but he saw me.  I am dead I thought.  He charged at me like a ram.  He knocked me out.  He won, I thought.
I was down I was dead I was gone, gone, gone,aiden and drake well I did not see them I thought they were dead cause I was almost… I was really mad at the kid for doing this to us I invited them to my house to have fun but instead we got attacked by the kid the bloody beast the kid who is 1 years old. I did not want a puppy who Is mean I wanted a dog who I could cuddle with not huddle with.



  1. Replies
    1. it is a ramen noddle party where you have fun

  2. I second mitchell's question.What is a Jack Russell breed of dog?What is a chocolate lab?I like how you exaggerated a bit.

    1. I have a jack russell! They are terriers so they are very hyper