Monday, November 23, 2015


It always seems like all of the bugs in the world are in my bedroom even though they aren't. I am personally scarred by bugs, they are creepy, crawly, SLIMY little demons. It all started with a piece of lint. My sister scares me with a fake object that looks like a bug. Today, she used a piece of lint. Very original. She put one on my computer and chuckled. She was up to something. I just knew it.

So later that night, I forgot about the “bug” so, I touched it when I was lifting up the lid. So after all of that trauma, I am scarred.

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  1. I'm scared of bugs too! Is this a true story? I have bug trauma as well -- Aracnaphobia. I got it at Kami. Daddy long legs on my foot, daddy long legs on my bed, daddy long legs on my back. Daddy long legs on my neck. Daddy long legs on my towel. That was not fun. At all.