Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Stinging Trip

                      A STINGING TRIP

7 students got stung by bees on a field trip. One student got stung in the face and another got stung 6 times. But what had happened? The 5th grade students of Glenridge Elementary School had been on their way back to their school after seeing a play performed by Wydown Middle School called Christmas Story. It was planned that the students would have gone to a park on the way back to school. There were many leaves. No one gave this much thought. What harm can leaves do? Students even buried each other in leaves. What was dangerous about the leaves was what they hid. There was a beehive...and the bees were active. No one was prepared. Bees were not known to be active during the winter. There weren't supposed to be bees buzzing around! But nevertheless the bees were awake. The students were running around. That led to a chase. One that was quite one-sided. After all, the ones being chased were not aware of this chase. Fortunately the teachers brought first aid packs. If it was not brought the situation would have been worse. So remember, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

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