Monday, November 9, 2015

The Bloodiest Battle

The Bloodiest Battle By Drake

Hi , i'm Drake Vetter ,  I served in the most bloodiest battle ever , I still have the scar ,  Oh sorry Excuse me , it started about a year ago I was helpless I didn't know better , well to the BLOODY story.

Man I thought this is a very good hiding basement , this is also way to hide , especially when you're going against Edward and Aidan.
I could hear them all over the place , now they  were opening the closet door at my hiding place ,  I knew to stop breathing and stay as still as possible. and they look right passed me after 5 seconds of holding my breath , they exited my hiding room but didn't close the door.
20 seconds went by , dead silence , so I poked my head out the door , I looked over at the couch asuming they would be there so I qwickly put my head back in , and got in my hiding spot crunching in a round ball.Then i heard a noise coming from upstairs , it went something like ‘Kiddy’ I knew who was saying that , Edward knew it beacaues his tone of voice but it didnt make much sence beacause ‘the Kid’ AKA Neymar  , Edwards dog.Then a big blast of stomping went off then I heard sceaming like 2 little girls had just seen a very scary movie It got closer and clloser and whatever had been screaming got louder and louder.It was going back and forth though my mind should I look or not , I decided yes beacause I was really geting bored , especilly in that corner.So I got got up out of my spot and out the closet and took a peek all I saw was a BLOODY mess , Aidan and Edward running up and down the stairs , Aidan got out of the way and  hid behind couch while the bloody kid jumed form the 6th step like a huge medevil beast ready to kill . But it got even worse when Edward tripped down at the second stair down , but with the length of the kids arm he caught him mid air throwing Edward down almost breaking his ribs ,I started to sprint tord Edward to see if he was ok until the Kid took a very scary grin and barked and growled.I imagined they were talking it went something like Get up and man up and BEAT me or els- Edward sat up and kicked the kid straight in the middle of his bloody spine making him going flying through the air into a metal pole on the kids back , at the looks of it it looked like the kids back was broken , this qwickly turned into a bloody battle . The Kid with only a empty tank of fuel just went OVER 9000 , it could only meant one thing , DEATH KID . Aidan noticed me in the corner of his eye while running at full speed , He grabbed the collar of my shirt for a shield . But out of nowhere Edward jumped out of the corner and kicked him in the middle of the Kids chest like sin cara sending the Kid flying across the room landing on a very hard bathroom tile , like a boss . Then I launched myself in the air doing a 360 high knee to the side of his bloody death  jaw , it knocked him out for about 30 seconds from the impacted of my knee , when we finally thought it was over the Kid rouse , after that I don't know why but Edward and Aidan started to run , but the kid was blocking the way to MY exit , it was only me and the Kid left , the kid ramed me at full speed straight for the chest knocking me on the bed ripping my shirt open Blood started to rush down my chest then he took a big bite out of my arm with his bloody jaw , leaving gushing blood dripping down my arm , at this time I was screaming for mercy.

Finally Aidan and Edward came sprinting in with some cardboard bricks … and screaming at the top of their lungs like cavemen would of done they whacked the Kid in the eye and the no-no square . The Kids eye got
SO bloody it didn't even look real anymore . We weren't taking chances anymore we ran out of the room of “DEATH” and locked the door behind us , and locked it hard.
I actually kind of felt bad we were beating up a not even a 1 year old dog in human years , well i guess not it's a 500 pound bloody mix of germen sheperd and chocolate lab .
We were all panting like a tired beat up dogs left out in the 100 degree sun “so  HUH HUH  what's the plan”said Edward BANG “uhh guys did you hear that?” “no” responded aidan “OH I HAVE A PERFECT PLAN”said aidan and Edward at the same time well the plan was … a very DIRTY plan , a VERY VERY dirty plan , medal poles.
Each of us ran into the dark scary closet and grab some poles , (we never expected it) as soon as Edward reached for poles , I got Split open by the Kid from Behind after that he through me to the floor and .. I got knocked out cold for a minute or 2
“Huh? where am I??” “SHHH” I turned my he just to see Aidan beat up and tortured lying down next to me.
I look up over the couch Edward was there he was beat up to though “what happened here?” I asked “The Kid got taken to the park” idan responded
“WE WON THE BATTLE” yelled Edward , BARK “THATS HIM” I noticed
Edward got up so did Aidan I could see the Kid pacing down the stairs very slowly waiting for its prey seconds after he charged as hard as and other dog strait for Edward , Edward gave him a knuckle sandwich strait to the noise . The Kid fell the floor and got up without a struggle and started to snap his blood feasting jaws at aidan and HE punched him in the nose once again The Kid got up without a struggle and jumped up on the couch and started to corner me and Edward stared to move his bottom jaw left to right and through him down on the small wood table almost crashing him through the table by then he was knocked out cold.
“thank you for having my back I told edward” I said “no problem” he responded
I look down at the dog “dead dog” I said “you're sure right” responded Aidan as soon as aidan said , you're sure right the Kids eyes opened.
“O GOD” said me and aidan we ran to the corner
but Edward went straight to the medale poles.
But the worst thing about it is The Kid went for me and Aidan
But out of nowhere Edward hit The Kid with a brick and knocked it to the point where it went through his
head knocking him down coollllld.


or is it?

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