Thursday, November 19, 2015

scratch all day long

“Uuuuuuuuugh”! Maya, groned. She just couldn’t keep her mind off her head. Scratch, scratch, scratch. She couldn’t stop scratching her head. She couldn’t keep herself from wondering how could something so tiny, cause her head to itch so much? “I hate lice”, she grumbled.

“Hopefully the itching will go down once we use this special lice shampoo”. Her mother replied.
   “ I don’t think it will work mom”. Maya protested.
     “ But I am also going to use this special brush to get the nits out”.
   “FINE”!!! She screamed.
  So, for the next 30 minutes Maya had to sit there and have her hair brushed.


  1. I recently sew something on head lice. I enjoy your story and would like to know more. You made a satisfying ending, Although it was a cliffhanger. I end my story's off like that a lot and I am glad that I now know we have the same 100WC writing stile and i can come to you for advice

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