Thursday, November 5, 2015

100 Word Challenge by Ava

I saw something move in the shadows. It was Evil, and lurking around in the darkness, It darted around in circles around me, but pretty soon It stopped. I wondered why and what the thing was doing. But I did not have to wait long, I heard the cold, deep pounding breathes of the evil wizard. “Avadacadabra!”
It sounded like a magical spell. “WHOOSH!” suddenly, I saw the creature, It was a skeleton. But a lot um…. Eviler? Creepier? SCARIER? It’s red eyes stared deep into my soul, Pulling out my identedney, my life, my memories. I was paralyzed.


  1. Nice description!Can you spell check it next time?

  2. Nice details and I like your description.