Wednesday, April 30, 2014

100 Word Challenge: BingBing

100 WC...SPECIAL EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 One day, my friend Larry was at my house playing Minecraft. We were in Creative mode and we were playing mean tricks on NPC(Non-Player Character)villagers by spawning them on pressure plates that were on sand blocks and under the sand blocks, was a TNT(Uh-Oh!)block. What happened was because when a pressure plate gets activated, if there was a block of TNT under the block the pressure plate was on, the TNT makes a SSSSSS sound and after a few seconds, it explodes. Once the TNT makes the SSSSSS sound, it becomes invulnerable and sense sand has an ability to fall, so once the TNT gets activated, the sand falls, allowing the villager to fall into the two-block hole, so it won’t escape, and once the TNT explodes, the villager dies. :(

 I took a break to use the bathroom, and once I got out, Larry was gone…
I looked everywhere for him. Finally, I got hungry and went into the kitchen for a snack.(Little did I know that I was in for a surprise.)And once I opened the cupboard door...LARRY JUMPED OUT AND SCARED THE ENERGY OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note:Minecraft is my FAVORITE game!

100 Word Challenge: Tim

I started to search more and more.  I hoped the the battery was somewhere in the cupboard, where I had last put it.  I saw the cupboard door open.  Maybe I left it open, I thought to myself, and I opened the cupboard door.  There was no battery.  I knew that the person would starve if left him/her alone, and I also knew the portal would close soon.  The portals have a timing device and automatically close after some time.  I needed to build another battery now.  I knew that if I clipped together some 9-volt batteries, I could potentially receive enough power to fire off one portal.  I needed about 7000 volts to do this.  I did some calculations, and figured out I needed about 200 batteries to do this.  I had exactly 10 batteries.  I also had a 10-hour time limit.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Ned

100 word challenge:Ned

I went in to the pantry destined to get the goldfish out of the drawer , I got them out of the cupboard and i tried to open the door it was locked.I tried again it was still locked.But when I opened the cupboard inside was a chainsaw,I stuck the chainsaw in the door so it made a hole , I crawled through the hole.I was out of the pantry.Now I went to the den and watched the Monday night baseball game it was braves vs giants. Mike Minor who had came back from the 15 day disabled list was pitching for the braves.
The End

100 Word Challenge: Quinn

"Lets play hide and seek", I said to Stephano. "I'll seek you hide". "Ready, Set, Go"!

        5 hours later...
"Finally. Ready or not here I come!". I checked the fridge. No, to cold. I checked the basement. No, to obvious. Under the blanket on the couch? Nope it was flat. I checked the kitchen. Every single cabinet! Bu t then I heard a sound of a clicking. Probably paws. From a dog! "Stephano"!
    "I swear I checked every cabinet"! I took a break to eat a chicken sandwich. I was going to get a drink, and as I opened the cupboard door, Stephano was there!

100 Word Challenge: Sarah

    One very hot day in summer, there was an ice cream truck driving by. I ran to go and get some, but when I asked for an ice cream sandwich, the guy working there said they were all out of the sandwiches. So I ran home to see if we had some in our cupboard. First I checked and freezer, there was nothing there, and when I opened the cupboard door I saw nothing. I then decided to make my own yummy ice cream sandwich. So I got some bread and some chocolate ice cream out. Then I plopped some ice cream on bread, and ate it.

100 Word Challenge: Emma

 I open the cabinet. "Nope not here" I say after throwing everything out of it. My sister stands behind me and catches everything I throw. After opening, tossing everything out, putting the items back in, and closing almost all of the cabinets, my face is bright red and my sister is sweating. "Come on!" My sister whines.
"I'm trying" I say back. We move to the last cupboard. "here we go" I say taking steps towards the cupboard. "Come on" My sister cuts into the story. "Let me finish!" I say. And when I opened the cupboard door I saw..."
"Girls, come down to dinner!" We grunt.

100 Word Challenge: Daboh

Shuffle, shuffle.
I heard it in the cupboard one afternoon when I got home from school. I cautiously walked over to it and pressed my ear against the wooden door. Shuffle, shuffle. I heard it again. I was curious and when I opened the cupboard door, my little brother jumped out with paint smeared on his face. He had feathers in his hair and had on fake, clip-on earings. He shouted a war cry and I knew he was trying to be a Native American. His class was studying Native Americans and social studies was his favorite subject. I got myself a snack and hugged him hard.

Cardinals' Performance

Cardinals Performance by Manny

    On the 25th of April, our Glenridge chorus performed at the Cardinals game. We sang “The National Anthem”, and nailed it! The crowd applauded so much, and I was so happy with it. It was sad because it was my second and last year doing it, but I had a great time, and I’ll remember the experience for a long while.
    The game was good, and I had my friends with me, which was good. I couldn’t wait to see if the Cardinals would get further ahead than 1-0, but no. I guessed wrong, but watching it was fun. I stayed till the 6th inning, and through that I kept thinking of our amazing performance. I’m so proud of all of us, and we did amazing. Were you at the baseball game?

100 Word Challenge: Manny

100 Word Challenge by Manny

    I awakened from my slumber, but I wasn’t in my house. I was inside Sammy Keyes’ house. I loved reading Sammy Keyes, and I could tell that Sammy was Sammy because she was called that by Grams and Sammy called Grams Grams. Not confusing at all. I don’t think they’d notice me, but I was hungry, so decided to go to the kitchen and eat some food. And when I opened the cupboard, they turned towards me. And Sammy said something I hadn’t expected ever. She said, “Marissa, I’m so glad you’re here!” She came and gave me a hug.
    Wait, Marissa? Marissa McKenze? I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I looked into the mirror. It’s true.

The Anticipated Book #5

The Anticipated Book #5 by Manny 

    I love Sammy Keyes! I love it I love it I love it I love it and I love it! I am on the third book in the series, and that is Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy. It’s a good book, but the book I really want to read next is Sammy Keyes and the Runaway Elf. I’m so glad I’m almost on that book because the book I really want to read is the fourth and I’m on the third! The book sounds so good! I cannot wait till I get to read it! Now, I’ll tell you all about the book.    
Well, it’s around Christmas time in Santa Martina and Sammy goes to the Christmas Parade. But then these pranksters ruin it by throwing dog’s on Sammy’s float. They fly in all different directions, and Sammy has to find them. Then all of sudden, she gets blackmailed. She has to solve what everything’s going on, or else she’s going to have a lot trouble in the future.
I can’t wait to read this book, and I hope it’s really good. Because that’s how the book sounds.

Monday, April 28, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Aidan

It was a long night I had my parents out on a date. I look for some food in the refrigerator and nothing. Then I see some hot sauce I don't take hot well but I'm so hungry I chugged it down. I freak out and hit the cabinet and a delivery man I call. Its out of service I go to the office. When  I opened the cupboard door and saw a man. But it was for a vegan place. I hear the doorbell and open it. "Hey mark you ordered a XXL with all meat hear on the house". I bless him and eat it all.

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

    "Jenny, go get me food!" My sister Annie was yelling.
    "Get up you lazy pig, and get your-self a snack. You're going to become a fat slob."
Annie tried to smack me, but it was to late. I ran into the kitchen. Annie wouldn't get a snack, but I could. I walked over to the cupboard, and when I opened the cupboard door, the cupboard was empty. Well this is great, I thought. No food, and a evil sister ready to get me. What to do, what to do.
    To hide from my sister, I went to the wardrobe. Inside was something amazing, something that was mine.

100 Word Challenge: Steven

Today when I am doing my homework, my mom calls:"Come down and do housework with me." "No, I am not."I said.  Then, my mom said:"come here, get a cup for me, please." "OK  mom." I walk to the kitchen and when I open the cupboard door, and nothing happen.  So I take one cup normally, and walk back to my mom.  I give the cup to my mom and go to my room do more homework. Then, a boring thing happened.  "come here Steven, let me check your homework." "OK, but why do you do that?" "You do not have to."my mom said. "Yes"I said to myself.

100 Word Challenge: Eva


                              "C'mon mom where is it just tell me!!Ooohh found it, found the other egg""there's one more"I looked and looked and looked by my mind kept leading me to the wrong place!I looked in the living room I looked in the dinning room looked in the bathroom,my room my moms room....NOTHING!!So I decided to go look outside.When I got out there all I could see was grass and trees.And bushes.So I went back inside to get a drink of lemonade,on my way up I saw a pink fluff ball.I went into the kitchen and opened the cupboard door.But when I opened the cupboard door...I saw nothing...Dust!

100 Word Challenge: Abby

100 Word Challenge

    I was just standing there. Watching TV. Then I heard the noise. And when I opened the cupboard door I saw her. My sister eating our box of German chocolate. I was mad and confused at the same time. She was not allowed to eat the chocolate and I was wondering how she could fit in the cabinet. Before I had the chance to ask any questions she jumped out of the cabinet onto the floor and raw away. I didn't know what to do but to follow her. Then I saw what she was hiding. I could not believe my eyes.

100 Word Challenge: Grace

  I was baking a magnificent cake in a haunted house.Yeah,I knew it wasn't a good idea,but I so wanted to do it.Also the cupboards had every thing I needed.My last ingredient was in the scariest cupboard...and when I opened the cupboard door....THERE WAS THE WORST CREATURE EVER!!!
It was wearing unmatching clothing,it had spiders or some sort of bug all over its tangled hair with"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"I screamed at the top of my lungs."You are not supposed to be here ITS MY HOUSE"the creature told me.I didn't need to be asked twice,I took the cake threw it at the creature and ran out of the house.
         by grace

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

I prized the solid gold egg that I owned. You're not going to believe me, but it started raining eggs from giant animals that were hopping, somehow, on the clouds. So, it started raining eggs, and everyone was grumpy and miserable after the tractor incident, then solid gold eggs cheered them up. Until they started crashing through the roofs, and knocking people out. There was another problem. My egg got lost. I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find the egg! I was doomed. That was until a golden egg hit me on the head, and I blacked out immediately. I never liked eggs again. The End.

100 Word Challenge: Shane

I go to the kitchen and when I opened the cupboard door a rat climbs out and jumps on me. I freak out and the lights turn on. "They heard me!" So I run the window and jump through the window, then someone tries to grab me but I'm to quick and run away. I start to see flashing lights and run faster and faster. I'm out of breath and hide behind a tree and sit there. Then before I fall asleep I start to hear footsteps so I stand up put my hands behind my head and give up and know its time for slammer for me.

100 Word Challenge: Shane

"Mommy!Daddy! it's Easter!" The little boy said jumping on the bed. The parents got up as the little boy rushed down stairs to see what he got for Easter. "Mommy Daddy look what I got!" As he held a bag of candy. Then he goes back to the basket to see what else he got and found a note. It said dear little boy. I know you love Easter so I have hidden a bunch of eggs around the house. The boy closed the letter and went on search with the help of his parents. Hours went on still searching but I couldn't find the egg.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Concert

Spring Concert by Manny 

    On Thursday of the 24th, the school chorus got to perform our concert to the parents and a few siblings! I had a great time performing and I loved it! I thought that we all did exceptionally well and we should be proud. It was only 5 songs, but it was nerve-racking! I had to face singing a very fun song in Spanish, and someone singing next to me being very loud! It was difficult going through those hard things, and I just can’t believe it was our last concert!
    I had a great amount of fun and excitement performing “Cantar!”, “Why We Sing”, “Seize the Day”, “Joy in My Heart”, and last but not least “Sing With Jubilation.” I loved all the songs, some were fun while some were very serious. It was a nice mix of great songs. And I loved performing! Did you come or perform?

My Curiosity Project

My Curiosity Project by Manny
    I have finally decided to do Google Presentation for my curiosity project. It didn’t take a lot of thinking, I just decided an iMovie would be too hard so I picked something interesting and fun. I think a Google Presentation would be easy, yet very planned out so I could my research down in an organized way.
    I started working on it on Thursday the 24th. It was very fun because I got to work on it a little bit and I have a lot of time before we have to present it to friends and the class. I had a great amount of work time on our last genius hour and I’m confident I’ll do well. What format are you doing for your curiosity project?

100 Word Challenge: Steven

Today when boy trying to pick up Easter eggs in a park, he could not find any. His mom said: “ What is the matter?” “Nothing” he said, “but I couldn’t find the eggs.” and then he climb the tree try to get an egg, but it is too high and he is scared, so he start crying. His mom saw it she wants to climb the tree, but she is not good at climb trees and she is afraid of high, then there is a man who is good at climb go up the tree and helped the boy.

100 Word Challenge: Bing Bing

100 WC
 I woke up,it was Easter!I jumped off of bed and raced to the kitchen,My mom was cooking breakfast.I asked my mom when we could have the Easter egg hunt and she said,”After breakfast.”So I ate breakfast,we got in the car and we drove off.The egg hunt was at my friend’s house;who lives an hour away.”Are we there yet?” I asked.”Nope.” My mom answered “How about now?” “Nope.” “Now?” “Nope.”......................

 Once we got there,my friends mom said the Easter egg hunt was starting.There was 1 REAL  egg and 25 plastic eggs.They where all hidden around my friend’s yard.The winner will get a great prize.Everyone wanted to find the real egg,including me.We all searched around the yard,intell finally someone found the egg,it was not my friend nor me,it was someone else. “But I thought I could find the egg!” My friend said. “Me too” I say.

100 Word Challenge: Diniti

In my house, Easter is extreme. We have an Easter egg hunt, Easter costumes, and to. Why? My dad is the Easter bunny. The eggs my father hides aren’t lucky finds.
Anyway, my dad holds this Easter hunt for the whole family and the person with the most gold eggs wins. The eggs are hard to find.
I ran inside the mansion. There was a 7 layer cake. It was a white cake with colorful patterns. On the top of the cake there was an Easter egg, all pink. I it and set it back, all gold. It exploded. I searched, but I couldn’t find the egg.

100 Word Challenge: Tim

Part Two

Someone had used the warp device.  I should have closed the garage door, but I forgot when my mom called me to dinner.  Someone had scattered the pieces of the device all around the floor.  The egg-shaped portable battery was gone.  It was the only one I could use to power my device.  Then I saw the portal.  It had been used.  There were footsteps leading up to it.  Since I could not create another portal, the person was trapped.  I searched everywhere, but I could not find the egg shaped battery.  Then a horrible thought came to me.  What if the battery had been taken into the portal?

To be continued...

100 Word Challenge: Quinn

I hate Easter. I love the meaning though. I just don’t like candy! It’s weird but it’s TRUE. I was looking for an egg once, I looked all over. But I couldn’t find the egg. It seemed non-existent but I knew it was there. I started to get into it. And I started liking it! I finally found it but it like took an hour! Literally! I was just so happy I found it, because it had $20 in it. I felt so rich, but knew I really wasn’t. In conclusion I actually kinda like Easter now. It’s actually really fun to find all the eggs.

Book Review: Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man

Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man by Manny
 I am a huge fan of Sammy Keyes and Wendelin Van Draanen. This was a very satisfying book to read, and I’m sure you’d enjoy the mystery and humor. This was my first official book that I completed for the “Reading Like a Fan” unit, so I got one down and a million to go! Now, I’ll tell you all about this spooky yet fascinating story.
    Well, Sammy returns from her previous mystery to solve another one. While Sammy’s trick or treating with her friends Marissa and Dot, they find a man tied to a chair in a frankenstein costume and his head is twisted halfway! And he might even be dead! When the dude waked up, Sammy and her two friends ask what happened. The man says that this guy in a skeleton costume barged into his house, stole a few things, and threw him against a wall! How scared and hurt would you feel? So Sammy’s off to solving another mystery, but the Skeleton Man may be closer to her than she thinks…
    You’ll love this suspenseful book that you can relate to. Other than the hardcore mystery this book brings to the table, Sammy gets teased and has to find ways to deal with it. Her character is believable, and is someone you’d probably want to be!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poetry: My Brother's Poem

                 My Dad
                 So Strong,
                 So buff,
                 So big,
                 So tuff
      I like when he fixes my toys and things.
I don't like it when your gone
Because your big,
and vary strong
and because we are a family

that is my little brother's poem.
What do you think?

100 Word Challenge: Sam

There once was legendary chicken, his name was Steve. He was the champion of champions, but once came along a spirit with a prophecy.
"The son of thee Steve, would be a great hero, and would save life it's self."
I had the egg. It was a gift from my great grandma who was friends with Steve. One day as I was walking my way to my secret safe to check on it. The safe was empty. Then I ran to the kitchen where the egg likes hiding. But, I couldn't find the egg. As I look onto the stove I see that egg.... COOKING.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Daboh

The little chick had just hatched after its mother had nursed the egg for more than a month. One day the mother was away and I got the chance to look into the nest. I looked for the speckled shell but I couldn’t find the egg. The chick was very small and fluffy. I put out my hand and the chick surprisingly snuggled against it. Its body was warm and I could feel its heart beating fast. When I got down from the nest, the mother returned with a mouthful of worms. The mother chirped something that sounded like “Jooey”. Its the perfect name I thought.

Poetry: Sammy Keyes

Sammy Keyes Poem by Manny 

            Oh, no, there’s been a robbery!
            What will we do?
            Our whole city is doomed!
            But wait, what’s that sound?
            It sounds like a girl!
            Oh, yes, it’s Sammy Keyes!
            Sammy Keyes will save us.
            She’ll find the robber,
            She’ll find the robber,
            Stealing nice gold and copper.
            Sammy Keyes is the town hero!
            She’s the one to be!
            Sammy Keyes saved the town!
            Wish I could be like Keyes!

            Have you ever read a Sammy Keyes book?

100 Word Challenge: Ethan

I prized the solid gold egg that I owned. You're not going to believe me, but it started raining eggs from giant animals that were hopping, somehow, on the clouds. So, it started raining eggs, and everyone was grumpy and miserable after the tractor incident, then solid gold eggs cheered them up. Until they started crashing through the roofs, and knocking people out. There was another problem. My egg got lost. I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find the egg! I was doomed. That was until a golden egg hit me on the head, and I blacked out immediately. I never liked eggs again. The End.

100 Word Challenge: DJ

    It was Ester morning and I was super excited. My mom said she put money in the eggs this year. I know I'm to old for Ester but when I heard MONEY, I was ready to get as much as I could. My mom said "every egg has $1 except for the egg with the polka dots". When I heard one had $20 I got excited. As soon as we started I found 17 dollars. My mom told us to stay out side while she hides the egg in the house. When she was done I went in the house. But I couldn't find the egg.

100 Word Challenge: Eva

I woke to a start.  It was Easter morning and 5:00.Immediately I started hunting for eggs.Found one,two,three.I looked everywhere but I still had only three eggs!Oh wait I have four now!"HI MOM,HAPPY EASTER!!,I'M LOOKING FOR EGGS"Suddenly I saw some thing on the fridge....AN EGG!!After a while I found 11 eggs but my said she hid 12.I looked and looked and looked,Finally I saw an egg shape in the fridge[I was hungry]I looked closer but it was an actual egg!!So I ate it.My mom was coughing by the fire place and I think that was a hint,so I went over to the fire place...But I COULDN'T FIND THE EGG!!

Book Review: Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash

                     Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash by Manny
        I finished my first Sammy Keyes book, and it was Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash. Well, this book was full of suspense, surprises, and excitement! It’s all you need in a mystery. I like the way Wendelin Van Draanen writes the mysteries. She really plans it out well, and the characters aren’t perfect. They have flaws, which makes it much more believable.
    In the book, Sammy accidentally scares an old man to death! She searches for heart medicine, but she finds money, and as the man is dying he tells her to get rid of all the $3,000! So instead of telling other people or listening to the man, she keeps the money. The book is about her dangerous and risky adventure with the money and strange stalkers.
    My favorite part of it was when Sammy was in a dangerous situation with the strange stalkers. I can’t tell you, or I’d spoil it! I recommend this book to you because you can relate to the characters in a very fine way and the mystery will leave dying to know more! The case is closed, read the book!

100 Word Challenge: Grace

100 word challenge
 I was going on an Easter egg hunt at church on Sunday and I found about twenty eggs.There was an egg that was the prize egg ...but I couldn't find the egg...I searched high and low far and close,nothing I look under and over through and around,nothing I looked till my legs stopped working and I dropped on the ground like I had my heart stop working and start working again.My mother came screaming and said"Where were you its been three days since the hunt.I was completely confused I had just fallen and that was all,or so I thought.You had a heart attack.

100 Word Challenge: Sofia

    Jon guessed there were about sixty chickens in the room. Well not exactly sixty. One of them was not a chicken, it was an emu. Not exactly a emu. You see the emu was filed with gold. Of course now the emu was dead. The farmer killed it, a fool he was. Now it was Jon's turn. He would find the golden egg. He would be the hero.
    Jon searched all day, and all night. The next morning Jon had not found the egg. He had run out of time. Many people tried to find the egg. I looked too, but I couldn't find the egg.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Notebooks by Manny

Notebooks by Manny
    Since Miss Dunlop gave us notebooks for a gift on her last day, I’ve been taking some time to write in them. I’ve had some creative ideas in my mind to write about things I could write in them. It really helps me to be more creative in writing other than 100 Word Challenges! You should really write in yours too, because it’s fun! You get to pour your ideas out on to paper.
    The notebook is really something I care about for writing and my memory of Miss Dunlop. Without this, what could I remember her by? In the notebook, I’m just going to write random stuff, and when I mean random stuff I mean book reviews, my feelings about something, and other things. These notebooks are very good to use when you want to write, and that could help with your creativity too!

Poetry: Get The Baby

Get the Baby! by Manny
        Get the baby
        Get the baby now, now, now!
        Get the baby out of town, town, town!

        Grab the baby and run
        Run for her life
        Grab the baby and go…
        To Point Comfort!
        To Point Comfort!
To Point Comfort!

As you may see, I got the idea from Blood on the River by Ellen Carbone. I came up with the song during the sprint in writing. I thought about Samuel and his decision in the book, and I thought, Hey, maybe I should write a song!

100 Word Challenge: Manny

  100 Word Challenge by Manny
I had my flashlight with me, and I was ready to search. But I couldn’t find the egg was the sentence that I was afraid of seeing if really couldn’t find it! I took a deep breath, and I went into the basement. It was scary, but I had to find the Easter egg with the Hershey’s in it! I just had to! My brother was begging for it to me. So, I had to make it up to him.
Suddenly, I tripped on the stairs, and screamed in agony. I hit my head on the last staircase, and decided to give up. I’ll make him something else.

100 Word Challenge: Sarah

Once upon a time it was Easter and I had already gotten two EOS's in my Easter basket earlier that morning. In about one hour there was a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, and my mom insisted that we give a few things to help out. When it was time for the hunt, which I was planning not to do so I wouldn't hog all the eggs. I then found out there were EOS in some of the eggs. I sprinted out there to try and find an EOS egg. I searched and searched, but I couldn't find the egg with an EOS, I still got candy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Emma

I run down the hill into the woods. “I’ve got this” I say. I’ve been entered in an Easter egg hunt from all of our districts combined. I was the kid chosen to compete. Us kids are to be searching for the grand egg! If we find it, it will help out our district a LOT! I look around the forest and spot a egg. I place it in my wagon and keep on going. “One hour left!” The speakers call. Time flies but I couldn't find the egg. “One minute left!” the speakers call. I run around looking and looking… and then I see it.

100 Word Challenge: Abby

100 wc

I was just walking down the street. I know I had left it there. It was 42ND street 5 feet from the trash can. But I could not find the egg! It was there in the morning. Now it was 4 in the afternoon. I could not belive it. I was mad. It was my favorite thing in the world. I had lots it. I don't know what mom will think. Maybe I should not tell her. I would buy a new egg and she would not know. Everything would be ok. If nothing went wrong with the plan. The mixed up plan had to work.

Music: Guest Flute Players

                Guest Flute Players! by Manny
On the 18th of April, we had very experienced flute players come in and talk to us about the different instruments just like the flute. They even played for us little bit. Like the Pink Panther theme song!
    I thought they were very talented, and they showed us all the flute playing instruments, and we learned about the pitch of some. We even got to predict if the instrument was going to sound higher or lower. You have to really learn your flutes to do that!
    I thought that the flute players that came in were amazing! They are even in a flute choir! It was exciting hearing them play because they were so skilled at it, that it made it more entertaining watching them play the flute. I had a very good experience when they came in!

Ildiko's Card

 Ildiko’s Card by Manny 

    Everyone remember that when Ildiko’s card is due is that it’s due on the 22d! I can’t wait to write mine! I’m even gonna give her a book that I know she will like. Sammy Keyes! I think it’s important to make the card for Ildiko special because she’s been out for 4 months! We haven’t seen her for that long! It’s pretty depressing because she’s my friend, and I miss her.
    I think she will love how we all took time to give her something special. I mean, she misses us and Glenridge, so why don’t we do something nice for her? She really needs the support, too. No one wants to have their dad be diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s a really sad thing, and the fact that we are all helping her is so amazing! We should keep doing it for her! What do you think about that?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Series!

A New Series by Manny

I have begun reading Sammy Keyes, a very long and very entertaining series. Mya introduced me the “the first book”, but it actually turned out to be the 12th! But, it’s not confusing, thankfully! And you don’t need to read it in order to understand. Although, I am gonna read from the beginning after Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash. Even though I’m on page 73, I feel like I should’ve started this series before. It’s so exciting and mysterious. I really like the plot of the one I’m reading, Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash. I can’t wait to get further in the book and the series! It’ll be just great! And soon, I’ll be a Sammy Keyes obsessed reader!

The Anticipated Book #4

The Anticipated Book #4 by Manny
    Welcome to my 4th blog about a book I want to read, which I call anticipated books. Well, I’ve waited for Brunette Ambition, Enchantress Returns, Tunnels (which I gave up on), and now, Five, Six, Seven Nate by Time Federle. I read and loved the first one. if you had not known, it’s about a 13 year old who sneaks off to New York City from Pennsylvania, and auditions for E.T. The Musical. Supposedly, he got the part in the musical, because it said that in the preview on Amazon. But you don’t find out in the end of Better Nate Than Ever.
    I really hope I’ll own this book soon. I would like that because it also gives me info on Broadway, and other stuff I need to know. You know, you should read the first one, Better Nate Than Ever. It’s heartwarming, funny, and will leave you on the edge of your seat at the end of the book.
    Sometimes I just get so excited over new books I need to read that are out in stores, like this one. And Five, Six, Seven, Nate is one of those books. Tim Federle is a talented author who has written a great book. I can just hope that the next one will be even better!

Ms. Dunlop's Party

Ms.Dunlop Party by Manny
    On April 17th, we had to say goodbye to our beloved student teacher, Ms.Dunlop. To celebrate her time with us, we had to share our favorite thing about her and why. I said to her that she was such an optimist, and that I liked that about her. After, she would hug all of us, which felt good. I was obviously emotional, because I was sobbing over an hour! At least it showed I cared about her and her stay with us.
    And after we shared our favorite thing about her, we got to have popsicles, and not to forget we went outside and ate them. When it was time for recess, I was still crying that Ms.Dunlop would be leaving us, so I just hung around her, and talked with her and Eva and Grace. It was hard for me to say goodbye to her, but I managed it.
    I will always remember Ms.Dunlop, and her smile and her optimism. I have had to say goodbye to people close to me these past few months, but even though I’ll probably never see her again, I still have a memory of her in my heart.

Book Review: Better Nate Than Ever

Better Nate Than Ever by Manny 

    Don’t you just love when you find a book you’ve wanted for a while? Well, Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle is the perfect example for me. It was about Broadway, and a kid named Nate who’s desperate to be on it.
    Nate is an ambitious, funny kid who’s always dreamed of being on Broadway and knows everything about it! With help from his friend, Libby, he sneaks off from Jankburg, Pennsylvania to New York City to audition for Elliott in the musical version of E.T. He has a lot of adventures with it, including a giant cliffhanger at the end.
    My favorite part was when Nate peed in his pants. It was hilarious, because he’s 13! I recommend this book to you because it is hilarious, touching, and full of info on Broadway flops, because they replace swears with them. I am guaranteed you’ll love this book if you decided to read it, and I hope you do!

Biography: Jenna Ushkowitz

Biography 18:Jenna Ushkowitz by Manny 

    Jenna Ushkowitz is an American actress who plays the role of Tina on Glee. I am a fan of Jenna, and I think she’s a good singer, well, you have to be if you’re on Glee! I mainly wrote about her because I needed something to write about, but I also have wanted to write about Jenna for a while, actually!
    Jenna Ushkowitz was on Broadway as a young child. She was in the Broadway musical The King and I, and she understudied many roles in another Broadway musical, Spring Awakening. Then a few years after Spring Awakening, she landed a role as Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee. Her style is a little goth and shy. After her success in Glee, she wrote a book that’s titled “Choosing Glee.” It’s about her life, and motivational things. It seems very interesting!
    I really adore Jenna Ushkowitz. I think she’s very taleneted, and deserves the success that she has had in her career.

Poetry: Beautiful Day Outside

Beautiful Day Outside by Manny 

            The sun shines through the day
            Flower’s bloom and grow
            It’s a beautiful day outside

            Kids play to their delight
            They eat popsicles
            It’s a beautiful day outside

            Let’s go out and play
            You won’t regret it
            It’s a beautiful day outside
            And we can race!

    Did you play outside on Saturday, the 19th?

Poetry: Ms. Dunlop

Ms.Dunlop Poem by Manny 

            The smile, the laughter
            I’ll remember Ms.Dunlop
            The kindness, the jokes
            I’ll remember Ms.Dunlop

            Ms.Dunlop is
            One of a kind
            Ms.Dunlop is

            I’ll always remember Ms.Dunlop
            And in my heart I see
            That she’ll be smiling
            When she starts to teach

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Colony Journal Entries

Colony Journal Entries by Manny
    In writing time, we are working on journal entries. We have made our characters, and now we are doing the stories. Well, my character, named Artie, is a book freak. All he does is reads books.
    The first journal entry we were all supposed to write was about our charcter going on the ship. It was very fun, and what was even more fun, was that we got to read them with a group! That was very exciting for me, and I'm glad I was able to share.
    I like writing journal entries, they're fun and making the characters were even more fun! I can't wait to do the next one! They will be so fun! Do you like writing your journal entries?

Book Review: Tuki and Moka

             Tuki and Moka by Manny

    Tuki and Moka is a book by Judy Young that she read to us in her guest appearance at our school. I thought the book was good, and she did a lot of research on tamarins. Which was part of the book.
    It was about this boy named Eduardo, and Eduardo has these two friends that are orange tamarins. But when they captured by animal traffickers, Eduardo does all he can to save them. The plot in my opinion was well planned out and cool.
    I loved this book. I've never been read a picture book to in a while, and this book was a good start to picture books again.

Writing: The Storm

The storm

There we were. Stranded. Only with a little food and only river water. No other civilization in sight. I was scared. I was hiking up a mountain but a strong storm came in and I don't really know what happened from there. All I know is that I ended up here with only a blanket and my backpack. I am not where I left off. I guess the storm took me to a different spot on the mountain. All I have to do now I find help or my way home.
But before I do I might as well build a fire and find some dinner. I don't have much to protect my self if any thing attacks me but I have my mine to get me out of tough situations.
Do you feel like your mind came get you out of rough situations?

Poetry: Music

              Music Poem by Manny
        The music is enlightening
        It makes me feel so good
        The music is uplifting
        How beautiful the sound

        The music makes loud noises
        The voices are loud
        But it gets me pumped up

        The music is soft
        As the piano plays
        I love this music
        I love all the music
        That I listen to
        All the music is different
        All the music is good
        Someday you can make music
        And be great

    What type of music do you listen to?

100 Word Challenge: Sarah

"Sally come on down, it's time for dinner, and remember Hadley's mom is coming to pick you up in ten minutes."
"Ok mom, coming down. What's for dinner?"
"Pizza," she responds. I race down the stairs to the kitchen table and grab two pieces.
"Woah there, slow down and take a breath, stop eating like a pig," mom said.
"Ok," I say with my mouth full. I sit down and start to eat really slowly, showing her that I'm taking breaths.
"Come on Sally," she reacted. I hear the doorbell ring and my mom says "hurry up."
"What, but I thought I had enough time to eat."

100 Word Challenge: Sammy

i was told to do a 100 word challenge i thought ill wait till next week so i waited some more but the next day I really wanted to play out side my parents warned me but i didn't care i just ran out side to the swing my parents didn't stop me so i blame them even tough it was just me being an ignorant child so i waited even more to waste time it worked but I'm not really sure why i wanted to waste time and energy but i just slacked of and messed around and then it was due but i thought i had enough time

100 Word Challenge: Grace

100 word challenge by grace

It was coming we all knew it and we all had to be prepared.It was the season that was the worst for us.It was hurricane season, the season of  an unexpected emergency. I had to run to survive .....but I thought I had enough time......Run that was the only thing I could ,only thing on my mind running.I had no choice because if I stopped then I would lose and I don't want to die or lose . What about my family and friends,are they okay are they safe? These were other things that were going through my mind my overwhelmed mind.

   By grace

100 Word Challenge: Shane

The bells are ringing and the crowd is howling and all I could see was a bunch of slops of orange, yellow and black. I'm out on the court with the basketball in my hands getting ready to pass. And someone slams me down and runs down the court and makes the shoot. I'm steaming with anger so I grab the ball the moment the whistle blows and run down the court with only ten seconds on the clock. So I take a deep long step with my heart beating like a drum so I throw the ball and fall. But I thought I had enough time.

100 Word Challenge: DJ

I was excited because the intercom came on and said "we have late start tomorrow:. I yelled yes in my head. I was excited. I could get an extra hour of sleep. When I got home, I instantly started watching T.V. I knew I had homework but I figured I could do it on the bus. I watched T.V. until about 10:30 then I went to bed. I was dreaming about life without T.V. it felt like a night mare. I was also dreaming about life without video games, even worse. I woke up and felt sick, it's 8:40. But I thought I had enough time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writing: A Typical Tribute

A Typical Tribute, A Special by Manny 

    The fire was lit, and the flame was flickering. We all sat around four logs we gathered together, and spoke none. I looked up at the night sky, and found that the stars were very bright, and lit it up perfectly.
    “I have gathered you here today to talk about our favorite things about Brad.” After I spoke the explanation, I heard complete silence.
    “Goldilocks, why don’t you go first?” I suggested. She nodded her head, took a very deep breath, and began. “Brad was the kindest person I’ve ever met. Even though I was shy on the journey, he was a great leader of the group.And he took charge in a calm way. I’ll miss him.” A few tears sprinkled down her face. It was an emotional time for all of us, not just for Goldilocks. “Okay, Happy, you’re next.”
    “Brad was the person who saved me from the cold danger of the snowy mountains. He was my best friends, and the fact that he’s gone is just-” Happy couldn’t take it anymore, he just started to sob. He scurried to his tree hole to his family, not too far away. The emotion of it all was hard to bare.
    “Well, Elsa, it’s your turn.” Elsa also nodded, like Goldilocks did, and also took a deep breath, like Goldilocks did. Then she began with,”Brad was amazing. He was adventurous, dashing, and brave. He was great at what he did. And sometimes, I just get so mad at myself that I killed him-” Elsa broke off. She started to bawl, loudly! She threw ice balls at trees, and in every direction she could! She fell to the ground sobbing, and then ran away. Far away. Where no one could see her again. “Oh no, she fled!” I screamed. “Maybe she’ll come back, who knows.” Goldilocks and I decided to move on with it, no matter how hard it was.
    “I’ll miss Brad’s smile, the way he laughed. And everything about him. He, like Elsa said, was adventurous, and very, so brave. I can’t believe he’s gone.” Then, just like that, I started to sob. I couldn’t stop, and Goldilocks came over to me where I could rest my shoulder on hers. I continued, as the fire went out. There was silence, except that I couldn’t stop crying, and I tried to stop. But, I couldn’t.
    “Shhh, it’s gonna be okay.”
    “Yes, it’ll be o-okay.”