Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kind Acts for the Day

Kind Acts For the Day by Manny 

    Before me and my little brother go to sleep, our dad asks us what kind thing we did today. I usually answer by saying that I congratulated people, or that I did something kind for someone. My little brothers’ kind acts are SO NICE! Like, he walks up to someone alone at recess and asks for them to play with him. Isn’t that kind? I love doing kind acts for the day and sharing them with my dad and brother. It makes me feel like I did the right thing, and that’s a good feeling!
    Kind acts for the day are something that you can do that don’t only make other people feel better, but you too! You can really focus on doing nice things for some people. I made a BEST SUBSTITUTE EVER collage in art for Miss Juergens. I mean, she actually is the best sub I’ve ever had! So I’ll probably share that with my dad and little brother.
    Kind acts for people, and sharing with them with family members is a really, a great thing to do! You’ll feel so good about it once you do them!

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  1. Manny,
    Mrs. Juergens is one of the best subs ever!