Wednesday, April 30, 2014

100 Word Challenge: Tim

I started to search more and more.  I hoped the the battery was somewhere in the cupboard, where I had last put it.  I saw the cupboard door open.  Maybe I left it open, I thought to myself, and I opened the cupboard door.  There was no battery.  I knew that the person would starve if left him/her alone, and I also knew the portal would close soon.  The portals have a timing device and automatically close after some time.  I needed to build another battery now.  I knew that if I clipped together some 9-volt batteries, I could potentially receive enough power to fire off one portal.  I needed about 7000 volts to do this.  I did some calculations, and figured out I needed about 200 batteries to do this.  I had exactly 10 batteries.  I also had a 10-hour time limit.

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